What Scares You?

Last week, in my Weekly Report, I wrote to our Doctors about that which they are afraid of, what is holding them back, and what fears exist in their minds that is keeping them from realizing their greatest potential.

I ask you the same question.

A question that everyone should challenge themselves to face at any point in their lives.  This is especially true when you come to a crossroads or indecision about where to go, what do to, how to proceed in life.

One of my most favorite books from a long time ago was called “The Road Less Travelled” and so often you should go against what everyone else tells you.  You simply have to trust yourself, be brave, have courage, and go for it.

Since we reserve these Monday Morning Huddles for discussions about how to better improve your influence and motivation over your patients, I want to specify the parameters of the question for you and your team today…

What scares you when it comes helping patients get the outcomes you know they deserve and that you know is what is in their best interest?

Are you scared of tough money conversations?

Are you scared of your fees?

Are you scared of insurance objections or disagreements?

Are you scared to be held accountable?

Are you scared to share openly with your team?

Are you scared to give your doctor direct feedback?

Are you scared to provide your patients with tough love?

Are you scared to honestly assess how you are doing?

Are you scared to fail?

I could expand this to your personal life, perhaps another time.  You undoubtedly get the point.

And let’s say you have no fear.  Then what is holding you back from doing everything you can to do be your best?  What is holding you back from committing to the necessary actions to perform at the highest level you are capable of and your practice, team, doctor and patients deserve?

You might use a different word than “scared,” if you like.  You can insert resistant to, worried about, afraid of, uncomfortable with, whatever you want.  The point is the same: something is stopping you from achieving more.

If you really want to challenge yourself and if you truly want to be at your best at all times, then you must strive to overcome and conquer those things that scare you in your position in the practice, in your role with our team, in your engagement with your patients, and above all else in your relationship with yourself.

The most important person to never be afraid of asking tough questions to should be – YOU!

If you embrace my advice today then you will be able to have all the treats you want in life because you will stop tricking yourself to think you are not capable of more and remove any preconceived ideas that get in the way of your potential.

So, with Halloween just a few days away, I will say so many people are more scared of themselves and their own self-imposed limitations than anything hiding in the dark.  More people could achieve their next breakthrough if only they had the confidence to embrace the scary every single day as they do on this fright-themed Holiday each year.

Of course, in addition to your own personal reflection, you have many things to discuss as a team about what is so fearful and horrifying about promising to help your patients become healthy.

And when you do this, the only thing you’ll have to be scared of is how you are going to handle all the success that’s going to come your way!

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