What You Should Do Tomorrow (and Other Advice)

I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving celebration with your family or you are just tucked away maybe by a fire with a good book.

I want you to try something for me, even though I’m very grateful for the fact that you read what I write, participate, respond, and share every week.  It does mean a lot and it’s why you are a high performer because you are committed to staying focused and not relenting in the pursuit of your goals.

None the less, try something for me, at least one day and ideally over the weekend…  Do NOT look at a screen.  That means no computers, no internet, no phones, no tablets.  Just being with yourself and the people around you.  If you’ve got nothing else to do READ A BOOK – a real book, that you hold in your hands and turn the pages.

I’m not really joking about this.  Now, maybe you already do it, but maybe it’s not deliberate or scheduled.  I’m telling you though, it will make a big difference in your mind, in your eyes, in your clarity of thought, and even in your stress levels.  

If you can opt out of using a phone or texting or doing social media for at least one day a week, it will be one more thing you will be THANKFUL for.  By the way, you’ll have a lot more to be thankful for when there is less noise and fewer distractions – at least for a day.

Now, on to another important topic.  While I do not like the phrase “Kill ‘em With Kindness” necessarily, the meaning is a powerful one.

And I can’t think of a better way to be than Kind.  It truly does more for you than those you are being kind to.  Of course, everyone else appreciates it and benefits. 

Being kind can make a difference everywhere you go…

Kindness does KILL evil.

Kindness does KILL bad attitudes.

Kindness does KILL negative energy.

Kindness repels people who choose not to be happy.  It’s just like two magnets placed on opposing sides refusing to connect.

I’ve talked about gratitude and appreciation a lot lately.  If you are here with me regularly, then hopefully you have incorporated these feelings and ACTIONS into your live and culture even more so.

That would be something I’d be more proud of you for than just financial gain or practice improvements.  In fact, it’s really the place to go back to most often; not the numbers, the schedule, even the case acceptance percentage (though I fixed that last week in a big way).  

While I use our time here in our Weekly Reports to talk about the business principles, the real power in your business is no different than in your life.  When you further embrace and create a culture of gratitude, appreciation, and kindness you win more ways than you can count.

Thanksgiving is a Day, as I wrote about earlier this week.  The Giving of Thanks is a way of life.  A modus operandi.  

And I have to say and remind you what you already know…

When you are kind to your team, they will work harder for you.

When you are kind to your patients, they will comply more with you.

And it’s not about pandering or flattery or just smiling.  Deep, authentic gratitude and appreciation are tangible.  They are words but more than words.  They are actions, but more than actions. They are feelings but more than feelings.  They are energy and this energy spreads, it’s infectious in the best kind of way.

I hope, with this little break, you reflect on all that you are grateful and thankful for.  You can also do an even better job of keeping life in perspective; not by slowing down or expecting less but committing to being the best version of yourself by making the principles that you believe in front and center everyday in your life and practice.

We can’t wish and hope or think and ponder your way to greater success or prosperity.  Things have to be done, changes made, improvements felt, decisions executed, and commitments followed.  What I am saying though is done with an abundance of gratitude, appreciation, and kindness.  

With these actual human super powers on your side, you will be amazed at how everyone will rally around you to help you achieve your goals and carry out your purpose.  

And to that I say, don’t question it, just be Thankful for it, it’s well deserved.

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll get back to business the next time around.  Now, give your mind and eyes a break, your family with thank you for it!

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