The Invincible Dental Practice



Specific Steps to Take NOW to Get Your Practice Back on Track


A 5-part video training series and toolbox for independent dentists to put their practice on the fast track to recovery and success.

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Discover a practical step-by-step action plan and toolbox to quickly get your dental practice back on track from the current Covid-19 crisis, rebuild revenues over the coming months, and protect it from any future setbacks – establishing a solid foundation for success for the remainder of 2020 and far in the future.

Video #1:

The #1 Thing You Can Do to Make Your Practice Invincible

Having an invincible practice able to withstand all challenges requires a recommitment to serving patients in multiple ways at the very highest levels possible. This video reveals a simple way to restore lost connections and a tool to make sure they know they can trust you’ll be there providing superior care for them today and tomorrow. [In Toolbox #1: Quick Recovery Patient Templates]

Video #2:

The Power of the Invincible Practice Triangle

Engineering and history have taught that the pyramidal structure of the TRIANGLE is the strongest, most structurally sound shape ever created – indeed, capable of enduring centuries. This video explains the 3 sides of an Invincible Practice Triangle, along with a tool to help you diagnose exactly how your practice measures up against others. [In Toolbox #2: "Invincible Practice Triangle” Self-Assessment]

Video #3:

Safeguarding Your Practice From Its Greatest External Threats

Even moving beyond our current crisis, there are a number of very real, very serious threats to your practice and to the freedom and security it should provide to you as the business owner. This training describes those threats and offers a simple toolset to use to safeguard your future from the single greatest threat of all. [In Toolbox #3: Overcoming Insurance Objections - Audio & Script]

Video #4:

How To Revitalize Your Practice and Achieve Financial Freedom

The mistake many make is thinking that financial freedom has to happen before you have an Invincible Practice. The truth, however, is the reverse. Revitalizing your practice to make it invincible inevitably leads to true Financial Freedom – and this training reveals what’s involved and provides a simple tool to guide your way. [In Toolbox #4: Financial Freedom Resource & Worksheet]

Video #5:

Taking Command of Your Future with the Invincible Dental Practice Blueprint

In this final video, you’ll discover how to pull all the pieces together into an Invincible Dental Practice Blueprint that will put you on the fast track to recovery and success – not only when this current crisis passes, but for years to come. [In Toolbox #5: Invincible Dental Practice Implementation Blueprint]

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Scott J Manning MBA
Scott J. Manning, MBA
Founder, Dental Success Today

Scott Manning has dedicated nearly 20 years of his career to helping Dentists across North America create successful businesses based around their values and goals - with a focus on transforming Dental Practices in order to maximize the degree to which Dentists experience happiness, fulfillment, and of course, profits.

He’s the author of a dozen dental industry specific books, including The Dental Practice Shift: How To Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins That Sabotage Your Profit, Peace of Mind, and Production Growth and The Essential Elements of Dental Practice Differentiation. He has created specialized formulas and protocols that form what he calls the Practice Profit Blueprints - a suite of integrated business systems designed to help Dentists optimize their time in the office. These principles are now the key to quick recovery and creating your own Invincible Dental Practice.

"FANTASTIC!!!!! I took pages and pages of notes and love the ability to listen again!""
- Dr. Hamilton , IN

You will discover "how truly special Scott is and how much his exquisite insight into the workings of the dental mind" will benefit your practice.
- Dr. Ferris, IL

"He knows his stuff. Very knowledgeable. He’s got the experience. A brilliant guy and a great teacher.""
- Dr. Browning, TX

“Exceeded all expectations... He delivered much more than I could’ve ever anticipated.”
- Dr. Mulder, MI

"Anybody who’s at a crossroads of, 'Okay, what do I need to do?' and they want something more but they don’t necessarily know how to get there, that’s what Scott’s great for."
- Dr. Klauer, IN

“This has been spectacular. We’ve taken away things I've never imagined before, things we can implement right away in ways that will build our practice and make my staff incredibly happy.”
- Dr. Handel, PA