Your Dental Lifestyle Practice Manifesto ─ Part 5

Scott J Manning, MBA
Weekly Report: Life Prosperity and Practice Profit

This is the fifth part to my discussion about your dental lifestyle practice manifesto.

Your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto – Part 5

Freedom is a wonderful thing, a thing we should never take for granted.

As the U.S. wraps up the celebrations, the parades, the fireworks, the hot dogs, and the family get-togethers all across the land, it’s good to reflect on what freedom means to every one of us and how to ensure that gift remains strong and everlasting for the generations to come.

With that in mind, let’s get down to the serious business of creating unlimited freedom in YOUR practice and YOUR life.

Today, we finally bring this whole thing – your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto, a declaration of independence for Private Practice Dentistry in five parts – full circle.

If you want to know the truth about most dentists (maybe you), it’s that they have no real idea at all what their actual profit is.

Some doctors pay themselves a paltry salary at the advice of their accountant (who hasn’t ever and won’t ever reach the level of income that a dentist makes).

Now, I love accountants for what they do, but they aren’t business strategists. They are counters of money already made – not money makers, but money organizers. It’s a shocking tragedy that anyone would intentionally pay themselves less because of taxes… or worse still, cap their own incomes.

On top of this problem, dentists actually think that spending endlessly on CE trips to nice places and the latest technology (that is ironically and intentionally obsolete every few years), is part of the “Doctor Lifestyle” and how it’s supposed to be done.

Of course, I am, as you know, all about education and all about advanced technology – with a purpose, with a return on investment, with appropriate strategy, and always with a PLAN that first incorporates the most important payment every single month… YOU!

This is the money for you to show up, the money for your expertise, the money for your sacrifice, and the money for your investment.

There is no portion of the money more important to your practice success than the PROFIT part.

The piece left over. Sadly, you won’t have any leftover if you don’t plan for it.

The Lifestyle Practice Manifesto says that it’s not enough just to have “income” (which you will spend, or at best you will fund your 401K which is insufficient to make you truly financially independent), but instead the point of owning the practice is to make a PROFIT.

And it is only with PROFIT that you can truly have the autonomy, freedom, peace of mind, financial independence, and overall control of your LIFESTYLE PRACTICE!

That’s the deal. That is what separates the winners from the losers, the hobbyists from the professionals, and the just-a-dentist from a dentist-and-business-owner.

Now, profit doesn’t “just” happen. It has to be created, orchestrated and made possible.

This is what engineering a Lifestyle Practice is all about – and it requires the bringing together of all five key pillars and foundational principles to achieve the kind of practice success that you absolutely deserve and shouldn’t allow yourself to settle for anything less.

There should be no other kind of practice. Certainly not for my followers. My Doctors deserve better, the best, more than just practicing on your own terms but finally having your own Lifestyle Practice structure throughout all aspects of your life.

Go ahead ask yourself…

Where do you settle? Where do you compromise? Where do you give in? What haven’t you achieved? What have you been putting off?

When is the last time you let yourself dream? When is the last time you gave yourself permission to want more, without guilt?

Whatever your answers are, I’m about to challenge you to step up and expect greatness for the one who has put it all on the line – YOU. Because you absolutely can, if you choose, make your practice more profitable than ever before.

Remember, if you are letting profit happen on accident, if you aren’t intentionally built for profit. If you don’t understand the uniqueness of profitable growth, and if you don’t have a foundation of consistent profitable operations in your practice…

Then the other four pillars of your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto will be completely and frustratingly elusive to you.

Rest assured, I’m not talking about being cheap. I’m not talking about being small. I’m not talking about squandering opportunities to pad your own bank account.

I’m talking about making smart strategic decisions about your life and practice that serve your ultimate purpose. Where everything serves your greater vision and objectives, as it’s supposed to. Where nothing in your life is at the mercy of your practice – especially not your prosperity and lifestyle.

As I always say, dentistry is a vehicle capable of taking you anywhere you want to go. Most doctors ruin their opportunity to have an even more limitless lifestyle and achieving financial independence much faster simply because they don’t know any better.

It is not just about the money you make. It’s about how you make it (pillars two, three and four), it’s about the path you use to get there (pillar one) and it’s about the methodical structure you have put in place to make certain “success” by your own definition is your reality (pillar five).

Now, understanding what to do is one thing. Making it HAPPEN is quite another.

The good news is that you’re just one simple step away from the fastest, easiest, surest way of making Your Lifestyle Practice a reality…

I’m inviting you to (virtually) come into my office, pull up a chair, and for a full hour over the phone, pick my brain on how you can make your practice more profitable while seeing fewer patients, spending less time in the office, and enjoying life outside of dentistry.

I’m going to duplicate the exact process I go through and provide exclusively for my inner circle doctors – where together we’ll craft a Customized Lifestyle Practice Blueprint to get you to the kind of lifestyle-driven private practice you’ve always wanted.

Schedule Your Lifestyle Practice Blueprint Planning Session Now…

Here’s how the process will work…

FIRST, to ensure you get the greatest possible value from our conversation, you’ll receive two key resources immediately:

Lifestyle Practice Prosperity Package – a tool kit valued at $297 that’s rich with info, facts, and examples revealing how the most profitable practices actually operate. It will open your eyes to important questions you would otherwise never consider, including the 7 “hidden” profit leaks bleeding away your bottom line.

Lifestyle Practice Blueprint Guide – provides a framework for our conversation we will have, including key questions you want answered and the immediate action items to generate greater Income, Impact, and Independence. This ensures the call focuses solely on YOUR goals and objectives.

THEN, shortly thereafter, during the call we’ll “roll up our sleeves” and get down to the serious business of transforming your practice into all it can be – resulting in you walking away with the following:

Your Customized Lifestyle Practice Blueprint – a personalized roadmap based upon your unique circumstances (your values, talents, team, and dreams) to creating a Lifestyle Practice that delivers greater income, impact, and independence free from the constraints and limitations imposed upon you by
volume-driven dentistry.

Imagine having an actual PLAN to engineer a far better future based 100% on your goals and anchored in reality by taking maximum leveraged advantage of your current skills and resources. No fluff. No pie-in-the-sky. Reality based, transformation focused. Practical. Actionable. Achievable. This is what you will take away once our 60 minute call wraps up.

There’s no fee, no strings attached. Totally my gift to you. It’s easy, risk-free, and will provide you with invaluable information AND a customized path to experiencing the kind of practice you’ve always wanted it be – guaranteed.

All you need to do to begin that journey to the lifestyle practice you’ve worked so hard to achieve is click here to schedule your Lifestyle Practice Blueprint.

Your future and your opportunity and your Lifestyle Practice that you want to have for every tomorrow that will ever come and ever be is indeed up to you.

That freedom is yours to fully embrace and experience. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.


Scott J Manning, MBA

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