Your Lifestyle Dental Practice Manifesto ─ Part 3

Scott J Manning, MBA
Weekly Report: Life Prosperity and Practice Profit

This is the third part to my discussion about your dental practice lifestyle manifesto.

Ultimately, everything we do together and inside your office comes down to the one aspect that matters most…

It’s the foundational reason why you wake up, go into the office, sacrifice, grow, learn, develop, practice…

Your Patients.

I’ve yet to meet a Doctor who didn’t want to help more patients. That’s the name of the game. And it is also one of the most pivotal components of your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto.

You might consider this concept somewhat strange. How do your patients fit into YOUR lifestyle?

That’s just it – your patients are the critical piece of this entire puzzle and they have more to do with your dental practice lifestyle than you could possibly realize.

Imagine going into the office, leaving your family behind, spending your days with patients, and then returning to the comfort of home, whereupon you reflect and think back on the day… And feel like it just wasn’t enjoyable.

This can have a lot to do with the dentistry (which we talked about last week), but it really comes down to the patients.

If you want to feel invigorated and as though it was worth it (sure money helps, but no amount would ever be enough), it will be because of the patients you have served.

Just as putting patients first means money follows (which is how we’ll culminate your Lifestyle Practice structure over the next couple weeks), from a business perspective we have to do the same thing.

This is why I am calling the next component of your Lifestyle Practice structure…


In fact, appropriate patients for you would also be appreciative patients. But just because someone appreciates something doesn’t make them appropriate for you. It requires both to be a perfect match.

This doesn’t happen by accident, which by the way, is how most practices are set up. They simply deal with the patients they get, instead of attracting and creating the patients they want.

It’s a bad idea to take what you get with no discernment or accountability placed on your practice, your team, yourself. You picked the patients you have. You let them in and you either accepted them as they are or took responsibility to grow them into appropriate patients for you.

When I talk about “A” Patients, it really means “appropriate” patients for your practice culture, philosophy, vision, and objectives.

This is why you had to define your clinical philosophy and your overall vision of what meaningful dentistry is to you – all KEY to creating the kind of Lifestyle Practice you deserve.

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If we are going to ensure you are growing your practice into the lifestyle structure that you want, then we are going to have to have the appropriate patients.

The best part of this is once you have this component of your manifesto dialed in, you will be able to take specific actions to ensure your best patients replicate themselves and that your processes are designed to support your vision of what an appropriate patient looks like for you.

I’m not going to give you a cookie-cutter definition of what appropriate patients are for your practice. Trust me, it’s not the same for everyone and it shouldn’t be.

Every Dentist has a different perspective and opinion on the value of hygiene in an office, the view of insurance or lack thereof, the approach to full mouth, what comprehensive dentistry means, what procedures are in or out of the office, and the list goes on and on.

It is indeed ALL up to you – and this means you must sit down and really ask yourself questions like:

“What is our vision of the ideal patient?”
“What should we be doing to help every possible patient become that ideal?”
“Furthermore, how can we create a practice that is more appealing to the most appropriate patients for us?”

As for the appreciating part, not all people are. There are some who have a sense of entitlement – or worse than that – buy into the commoditization of dentistry. These patients think that all dentists are the same or that insurance should pay for everything or that nothing in their mouths are their responsibility.

Here’s the secret that I want you to let sink in this week…

People (MOST people), respond as a reflective mirror to how they are treated, to the culture they are in, and to the service they get.

The old Golden Rule never goes out of style. Treating others the way you want them to treat you simply because you believe it’s the right way to treat them in the first place.

Building a practice that has more appreciating patients in it has more to do with your culture, teamwork, communication, and consistency than anything else.

Next week, we’ll go there.

(In the meantime, you definitely should check out the replay of my Webinar detailing how to engineer your customized Lifestyle Practice: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE REPLAY)

To finish this part of your manifesto, I will leave you with this…

YOUR patients will only be as appropriate for and appreciating of you as you are appropriate for and appreciating of them.

So, if you want the relationships to work between you and the people in your life that make everything BETTER OR WORSE, then it all comes down to how clearly defined and committed you are to your own Lifestyle Practice Manifesto.

Know that and get to work on this, the most significant lifestyle manifesto component and the nucleus to your practice success.

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Scott J Manning, MBA

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