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Discover The 4 Keys to Crafting Your Dental Practice Blueprint For Thriving in Today’s Turbulent Economy


It doesn’t take binoculars to clearly see there is a recession looming. Its severity remains in question but what’s certain are the rising costs, higher interest rates, and a rollercoaster stock market sure to give even the most stoic investor whiplash.

You’ve seen the headlines, watched prices rise, and consumer sentiment plummet. But here’s what really matters… What are you going to do about it?

  • Run and hide or hunker down?

  • Put your life, your goals, your dreams, your plans on hold?

  • Be under the influence of everything and everyone else?

  • Give in to the fear, the paranoia, the what-ifs of other's self-serving agenda?

  • Allow your practice to be at the mercy of the recession and inflation?

OR will you instead?...

FIGHT to protect what you’ve built.

DEFEND what you stand for.

HOLD FAST to those foundational principles of care, leadership, and excellence upon which you’ve established your practice, your life, and your reputation.

If that rings true to you, then I have good news.

For those rare doctors unwilling to accept the status quo, I’m now pulling back the curtain to reveal a recession-busting, practice-building, prosperity-producing Battle Plan for your practice...

The Recession Proof Practice Plan by Scott J Manning MBA

For the first time, this interactive and customized training explains exactly how to Recession Proof your patients, your income, your mindset, and your practice. It’s all explained over four short, focused videos:

VIDEO #1: Recession Proof Patients

Reveals how to get patients to invest in their health when times are tight and they’re trying to cling to every dollar. You CAN have patients ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to achieve optimal health and live their best lives – even now. You just need to make these necessary practice shifts.

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VIDEO #2: Recession Proof Income

Explains how to protect your income, counter-attack inflation, and make your practice more profitable than ever. Hiding and hoping for better days is a recipe for disaster. Instead, now’s the time for you to optimize your practice model, achieve more from less, and dial in exactly what you want your practice to become.

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VIDEO #3: Recession Proof Mindset

Describes how you can stay positive, upbeat, and focused on the future – protecting your mindset from the negativity, fear, and worry of turbulent times. By arming yourself with the proper perspective and attitude, even dismal economic news won't disrupt the single greatest opportunity of your career to reinvigorate your practice, excite your team, serve your patients, make more money, and have more fun.

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And finally, to wrap it all up...

VIDEO #4: Recession Proof Practice

Where you’ll find out your “Recession Readiness Score” along with the four top priorities you need to act upon NOW to protect your practice and position it for years of success. You don’t have to fight for your life as just another commodity dentist. Get ready to embrace these business principles and growth strategies designed precisely to create prosperity for THIS moment in time.

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IMPORTANT: Each of these videos includes a quick assessment instrument, enabling you to see how well-prepared your practice is in effectively combating the unique challenges dentists face due to inflation and recession. At the end, you'll receive your Recession Readiness Score along with the four top priorities to ensure your practice thrives no matter what.

Best of all... there’s no fee, no charge, no strings - you get the entire video course for free as my way of helping more practices prosper now. Just enter your information into the form below and you’ll get immediate access to the training.

Doctor, you CAN have a practice that is quite literally ready for anything – a dream practice engineered on a solid foundation that makes it unbreakable, unshakeable, unbeatable by any outside forces – recession, inflation, hiring, or otherwise.

Scott J Manning MBA
To Your Dental Success Today,
Scott J. Manning, MBA
Founder, Dental Success Today

PS: Boom times are easy for all. Everyone wins but not to any lasting degree. It’s lean times that truly separate the winners from the pretenders.

I’m inviting you to step forward away from the crowd… tap into hidden opportunities… and embrace an innovative path forward… enabling you to overcome any challenge that comes your way.

About The Presenter

Scott J. Manning, MBA has dedicated 20 years of his career to helping Dentists across North America create successful businesses based around their values and goals - with a focus on transforming Dental Practices in order to maximize the degree to which Dentists experience happiness, fulfillment, and of course, profits.

He has created specialized formulas and protocols that form what he calls the Practice Profit Blueprints - a suite of integrated business systems designed to help Dentists optimize their time in the office. He shares these principles in "The Recession Proof Practice Plan," revealing how you can thrive in today's economy.

"Scott’s methods have revolutionized the way I practice. We do more big cases, our cash flow is improved, and team morale is higher than ever before. As the practice has grown, I have also managed to decrease my clinical days by over 25%."

Dr. Vickers, TX

"It really can happen... I mean these things don't just happen by themselves, but it's not as hard as you think it's going to be. If you take one step at a time and keep the focus, and stick with the guidance it's going to work. It works better and faster than I thought."

Dr. Cioffi, FL

"Exceeded all expectations... delivered much more than I could’ve ever anticipated."

Dr. Mulder, MI

"He knows his stuff. Very knowledgeable. He’s got the experience. A brilliant guy and a great teacher."

Dr. Browning, TX

You will discover "how truly special Scott is and how much his exquisite insight into the workings of the dental mind" will benefit your practice."

Dr. Ferris, IL

"You’ve been worth $300/hour in collections’ increase... Anybody who tells you they don’t want an extra $300 in every hour of every day they work, they’re crazy. And the best thing is it’s all profit."

Dr. Bartish, OH


As an exclusive bonus, when you register for the free video course, you'll also receive an instant digital download to compliment the training: The Recession Proof Practice Plan Worksheet.

As you work through the videos and complete the Recession Readiness Scorecard, you will be able to determine precisely which priorities to focus on to better enable your practice to not only survive but thrive - no matter what economic challenges arise.


  • The #1 “recession-proofing” secret used by the most successful Dentists in North America – you CAN weather any economic storm, but you can’t rely on hope, you must take these critical steps before it’s too late.

  • How to make sure you’re not falling behind financially as prices continue to rise, while reimbursements plummet – you can overcome inflationary pressures WITHOUT scraping, scrimping, or cutting corners.

  • The no-lose way to effectively educate patients about your premium services and why they need them now even more – you CAN turn diagnosis into scheduled treatment without sounding even the least bit “sales-y.""

  • A simple technique to overcome price shopping and instead make comprehensive oral health TOP PRIORITY for every patient you serve. (Because it is and that never changes!)

  • What EVERY Doctor must know about creating powerful emotional connections throughout the patient experience. (Dentists who fail to do this are doomed to forever competing on price alone.)

  • The A-B-C Formula to banish costly distractions and negativity from your mindset, your practice, and your team forever – FEAR and DOUBT are self-fulfilling prophecies you MUST end NOW.

  • Finally stop worrying about making your monthly numbers – instead, you’ll have a proven system for predictable, reliable production and collections that you can count on no matter which direction the economy takes, good or bad.

  • An easy cure for RECESSION-INDUCED OVERWHELM – even with a to-do list 10 miles long, you won’t wonder what to focus on next because you’ll have clear priorities specifically identified to lay the foundation for a practice that can withstand any crisis.

  • Why the lessons of previous recessions may no longer apply to Dentistry today – and the specific actions you need to take NOW to safeguard yourself from the oncoming wave of bad news guaranteed to send many once-successful practices into the dustbin of history.

The Recession Proof Practice Plan by Scott J Manning MBA

Get Free Instant Access To
The All-New Video Training
by Scott J Manning, MBA

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