Dentistry During a Recessionary Economy

Remember the good old days BEFORE the pandemic and economic uncertainty dropped the hammer on so many independent practices? Sadly, those days are long gone and aren’t coming back.

Providing comprehensive care, inspiring a team, and running a profitable practice is simply more challenging than ever before. Time, resources, and money are at a premium. All too many Doctors are working longer hours for less money.

Even though you were promised a return to normal, doctors continue to battle against a sputtering economy, gasoline at near-record highs, staffing shortages, and inflation going through the roof – all with no end in sight. And to top it off, that nest egg you’ve worked so hard to accumulate over the years is at risk thanks to a roller-coaster stock market barreling towards who-knows-where.

Yet, there is a small group of determined doctors that are setting profit records, breaking production plateaus, and elevating their practices to new heights – all thanks to proven principles that flip the script in your favor. These include some of North America’s highest income-earning Private Practice Dentists, who come from a wide range of specialties and patients they serve.

Having this kind of practice is no accident. It’s something that must be designed and carefully crafted to adapt to the shifting economic realities of 2022, which now demand a different mindset and a radical approach to the Business-of-Dentistry.

An approach that allows you to be insulated from economic uncertainty, protected from rising inflation, unshackled from insurance reimbursements, safeguarded from high turnover, and perfectly positioned to succeed for years to come.

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Building Upon the Principles of a Prosperous Practice Where You Work Less and Make More

Every moment of these 4 hours will be focused on enabling you to get more money out of your practice as quickly as possible… Put yourself in a position to work how you want & when you want… And finally experience the lifestyle of prosperity and freedom that you dream of and deserve.

It boils down to shifting the paradigm of what it means to be a truly independent practice owner by designing your practice to earn EXACTLY what you want. And scaling growth intelligently by optimizing your practice in a way that makes inflation irrelevant and puts you on the path to financial freedom.

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To Your Dental Success Today
Scott J Manning, MBA