DOCTOR: Celebrate a NEW Birth of Freedom by Declaring Your Independence from Decreased Reimbursements and Profits, Increased Competition and Overhead, and More Stressful Demands On Your Life and Time.


This is Your Opportunity to Create…

Your Ultimate Practice & Lifestyle Freedom Blueprint

For Achieving True Independence from The Daily Grind That Robs You of Prosperity and Peace of Mind

I invite you to discover a revolutionary new practice independence formula that frees you from insurance, nets you 50% profit, guarantees you more days off than on, and establishes a zero-turnover team.


One thing there’s no shortage of these days is doom and gloom, especially concerning the economy.

All that negativity is threatening to crash the thriving dental market you’ve been riding high on over the past 12 months.

Increasing corporatization, shrinking insurance reimbursements, sky rocketing wages, and rising inflation are starting to catch up with dental practices across the country and if you haven’t begun to feel the squeeze, it’s coming. With the volatile economy and global uncertainty, many fear it could all lead to the end of the independent practice.

In response, many dentists find themselves in a reckless race to keep up. They’ve fallen for “The Myth of MORE” – an outdated notion that the solution lies in an endless pursuit of more patients, more team members, more insurance, and more hours in the office spent bent over a chair.

But you can’t overcome rising costs, unrelenting inflation, and nosediving reimbursements with ‘more of the same,’ including working harder for far less income.

Instead, I say it’s time to go on offense and get out of the grind by going against the grain. You can leave the worries of the economy and recession behind forever with a radically better way to practice by embracing an entirely NEW practice formula...

One that provides you the freedom to practice dentistry in a way that enables you to make more money doing the dentistry you love, while spending far less time doing the things you don’t. And – in honor of Independence Day - I’m gifting you the blueprints you need to make that happen.

First, you’ll receive a FREE copy of my brand-new book...

A Radically Better Way to Practice
That’s Proven to Unlock Your Ultimate Freedom

The Four Freedoms of Dentistry

Here’s just a hint of what you’ll discover inside:

  • 6 specific ways the four freedoms will transform your practice into an engine of success and prosperity. (Page 20)

  • A 3-pronged approach to achieving total independence from reimbursements... you can free yourself from the clutches of Big Insurance FOREVER. (Page 43)

  • How to scientifically design your practice to achieve Profit-on-Purpose... a level of ROI that's repeatable, predictable, and impervious to the headwinds of the current economy. (Page 80)

  • A proven strategy to increase your profit margin to 50% or more (it’s simple and effective, yet probably the last thing any doctor ever thinks of doing). (Page 86)

  • The Ultimate Time-Freedom Formula... a simple equation that will finally release you from the pressures of feeling like you have to work endless hours to get ahead. (Page 126)

  • How to calculate your Magic Number – this will be the single most liberating thing you've ever seen for your practice. (Page 120)

  • A proven system to instill a "zero turnover mindset" in your team - you won't have to worry one moment more about staffing shortages. (Page 155)

  • The secret ingredients of success for the 7 key roles that MUST be filled inside every dental practice. (page 161)

  • Why AUTONOMY is the Ultimate Lifestyle Freedom and the fastest way to achieve it according to the precise terms and condition you set. (Page 192)

  • And that’s only scratching the surface…

This book lays out the keys to designing a radically better Practice that’s the envy of all your colleagues... they'll be kicking themselves wondering how you managed to escape the "Drill and Fill" VOLUME trap of DIMINISHING RETURNS and instead craft a schedule, a practice, a formula, and an overall BUSINESS MODEL that fulfills your dreams.

And that’s only the beginning of what I’m committing to provide at no charge and no risk to you to help solidify your path to true private practice independence.

Because a book – no matter how great – can only do so much.

That’s why I’ve decided to set aside time to help you create a customized plan to implement your Four Freedoms, where we work together to craft an...

Ultimate Practice and Lifestyle Freedom Blueprint:
Your Personalized Gameplan To A Radically Better Recession Proof Practice

It starts with the two of us, you and I, connecting on a live one-on-one Practice Strategy and Freedom Blueprint Call. During this tightly focused discussion, we will design your personalized gameplan to reap the full benefits of the 4 foundational Freedoms in your practice.

Important - this will not be based on generic, cookie-cutter templates or rehashed mushy tactics.

Instead, your “Ultimate Practice and Lifestyle Freedom Blueprint” will be based on YOUR Priorities, Values, and Dreams – custom built to deliver tangible results that measurably move your practice closer to the reality you want it to be, where you can:

  • Remove Insurance Dependence
  • Achieve Your 50% Profit
  • Substantially Reduce Your Time Working In AND On Your Practice
  • Give You More Life Outside Of Your Practice
  • Make Your Time More Valuable Inside Of Your Practice
  • Make Your Practice Worth More To You All The Way Around

History has shown that I have this down to a science; the only variable is your unique vision for what YOU want your practice and lifestyle to become.

When we invest that time together, I’ll listen to you, get to know you, and conduct a powerful deep-dive discussion with you to set up your personal strategy. I guarantee you’ll find it transformative, insightful, eye-opening, and enlightening as we deliberate over your highest-value priorities and create action steps to achieve them.

Of course, there's no risk or obligation whatsoever. This is my gift to you.

Doctor, together, we can rebuild and reestablish the growth, profitability, and control of your practice to unleash a star-spangled future like never before! Don’t miss this chance to shift your practice in a way that provides the greatest possible benefits to your patients, your team, and to you.

Right now is indeed a difficult, uncertain time. But the future you experience - whether one year or twenty years down the road - depends upon the attitudes and actions you carry out TODAY.

Make sure you don't allow the concerns of the moment to sabotage tomorrow's dreams. You’ve earned your right to finally experience FREEDOM, and your time to light up the sky for brighter days ahead is NOW.

So grab this book and seize this opportunity while you can.

Scott J. Manning, MBA
Founder, Dental Success Today

PS: Now you’re probably wondering why I’m going out on a limb to provide a full hour of my personal time with each book I send out.

There are a couple reasons.

First, my goal with this book is to help doctors like you achieve the lifestyle and practice of your dreams. And I know the best way to help you get there is by creating a real plan to take what you discover and put it into immediate action.

Second, it’s a way for the two of us to test the waters to see whether we both might find it valuable to move forward together on a deeper level of engagement. Of course, there’s no pressure, no obligation, and absolutely no risk.

If you want more out of your practice (without having to give more of yourself) in order to generate greater wealth from practice ownership, then why would you not hear me out and see what value I can bring to your life? My reputation precedes me by way of the countless doctors I’ve helped practice dentistry on their own terms and more importantly live life on their own terms.

The very least result you can expect is a highly profitable practice that prioritizes comprehensive health for your patients by doing the kind of dentistry you enjoy while getting paid what you are worth and having more fun along the way! Who would want to miss out on any, let alone all, of that?

"I wanted more life than work and Scott exceeded my expectations. Within the first 90 days I was making more money, working less days a month, and most importantly, was having fun doing it. He lit a fire that was much needed and has helped me sustain growth in not only my practice but my life." - Dr. Schmidt, Jackson, Wyoming

"Honestly, initially I was skeptical about the lofty goals we had set for our practices and the short window we had given ourselves to meet these goals but, we doubled our practices and met every goal planned with relative ease. I can say with utter and complete confidence that my practices would have never reached this level of success without training from Scott."- Drs. Afshar & Afshar, El Dorado Hills, California

"I know I'm on the right path with you and what I would say if there's anybody out there listening that's kind of on the fence about should I or shouldn't I - I would say absolutely get on board."

- Dr. Hunt, Roseville, Minnesota


Lastly, To help you prepare you for our conversation, I’ll provide you with several incredibly valuable resources. You'll want to watch your mailbox for the delivery of my: 2022 Practice Prosperity Package. The real value of this resource kit is easily over one-thousand dollars, but I’m happy to ship you this valuable information for free.

RESOURCE #1: The Dental Practice Shift: You'll receive a copy of my most popular (and highly acclaimed) book. In it, discover how to avoid the 7 deadly sins that sabotage your profits, peace of mind, and production growth. Arm yourself with these 3 Powerful Practice Mindshifts that help you restore prosperity, reach your potential, and accelerate your success.

RESOURCE #2: Dental Super Powers: Armed with your second book, you won’t need a utility belt or even a cape to achieve the lifestyle practice of your dreams. Deep within you lies 12 SUPER-HERO POWERS waiting to be unleashed. Powers that will enable you to finally claim victory to schedule autonomy, financial independence, optimal team performance, and a balanced life.

RESOURCE #3: The Definitive Guide to Practice Transitions: This exclusive report and accompanying audio CD interview offers the perfect preparation for your next career phase; whether adding an associate, moving away from high volume, bringing in a specialty, or preparing for retirement. These incredible resources will help you choose the optimal transition, ramp-down, or exit strategy without taking a hit on your income.

RESOURCE #4: Plus, inside your Practice Prosperity Package, you'll also receive an expanded selection of bonus CDs, DVDs, interviews and reports to further your progress to achieving complete financial liberty and scheduling freedom.

"Revolutionized The Way I Practice"

“Scott’s methods have revolutionized the way I practice. We do more big cases, our cash flow is improved, and team morale is higher than ever before. As the practice has grown, I have also managed to decrease my clinical days by over 25%. Without Scott and his DST team, I wouldn’t be where I am today."

- Dr. Vickers, Flower Mound, Texas

“Just Call Scott.”

"I’d just tell you to call Scott… Anybody who’s at a crossroads of, “Okay, what do I need to do?” and they want something more but they don’t necessarily know how to get there, that’s what he’s great for. So my advice to anyone would be if you have a lot of ideas and you know you want to do more but you don’t know what that is or how to go about doing it, having a business mentor like Scott is what you need."

- Dr. Klauer, South Bend, Indiana

“You will never meet a more positive, confident and charismatic leader to guide you through whatever the world of dentistry can throw at you! Take the time to listen to what he has to say because there is no one who will make a bigger impact on your life both at home and in the office than Scott Manning.”

- Dr. Connolly, Sewell, New Jersey

“Much More Rewarding”

“Scott offers a wonderful outside view… It is very very much a ‘Let’s define what you want your practice to be and then figure out a way to make it a viable economic business and a viable personal business so that you go home energized rather than worn out.’ Through Scott, you defined what you want your practice to be and I find that much more rewarding than when I was chasing someone else’s dream."

- Dr. Moberly, Seattle, Washington

"Scott's Doing Something Different."

“Scott’s doing something different than everybody else. He’s really listening to you…he’s coming up with a complete blueprint that’s specifically for you, not for every office…I think his perspective is far different and gives you an opportunity to be far more successful."

- Dr. Tieken, Houston, Texas

You’ve been worth $300/hour in collections’ increase... Anybody who tells you they don’t want an extra $300 in every hour of every day they work, they’re crazy. And the best thing is it’s all profit.”

- Dr. Bartish, Cincinnati, Ohio