“The Undeniable Power of Private Practice Dentistry”

Discover Why There’s Never Been a BETTER Time To Abandon Insurance-Bound, Dentistry-as-a-Commodity By Embracing a Lifestyle-Based Private Practice.
Live Practice Success Whiteboard Session with Scott J Manning, MBA

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Private Practices today face an ongoing, relentless attack from forces that conspire to turn the profession you love into yet another commodity where low prices are all that matter. While some may throw up their hands in surrender, others see this moment as an opportunity to reassert their unwavering determination to provide comprehensive health through independent dentistry.

It’s time to double down on your purpose, beliefs, and commitments… the reasons why you made the bold choice to engineer your dental career as both Business Owner and Private Practice Doctor. So join Scott J. Manning, MBA as he addresses today’s challenges head on, in a hard-hitting, potentially controversial whiteboard session, where he’ll explain:

  • Why having an independent, private practice is your ONLY certain pathway to prosperity (and how to ensure you navigate that path in the fastest, most efficient way possible!)

  • The secret to spending fewer hours in the office, while still taking home more income – all without burnout, stress, chaos, or turnover (but it all hinges on private practice ownership).

  • Corporate Dentistry’s hidden “Achilles Heel” used to keep Dentists from abandoning DSOs and opening their own practices.

  • How to design a private practice based on how you want to define YOUR life, instead of allowing your life to be forced to fit other agendas.

  • The absolute best way to transform your private practice into a long-term financial asset that generates wealth for you long after your final day at the office.

  • Why owning your own practice is the only way you can make certain your patients receive optimal dental care throughout their lives.

  • And that’s only the beginning...

Even though there are threats to private practice dentistry… even though you see fellow doctors compromising their philosophy… even though there are times you question yourself – stay true to your mission, embrace the reasons why you became a doctor, and rely on your purpose and passion to chart the course to a more fulfilling, prosperous tomorrow.

About Scott Manning

Scott J Manning, MBA Founder Dental Success Today

For more than 20 years Scott has been a champion for Independent Doctors and Practice Owners. He’s personally facilitated and created customized business models through his PROFIT and LIFESTYLE blueprints for hundreds of North America’s most successful Dentists.

Scott will share his most closely-guarded secrets, principles, and ways of thinking with you, enabling you to have the very best of all worlds – a life you enjoy and a practice that rewards your decision to be among our industry's greatest leaders:

The Successful, Independent, Private Practice Dentist.