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On this Private Strategy Call, Scott will work with you to layout the best Practice Profit Blueprint for your Practice.  You will receive complete answers, action steps, and value from this call.  He will provide you with the best solutions from the Millionaire Doctors that he works with personally.

Please bring your toughest challenges, your most burning questions, and take advantage of this unique and exclusive opportunity to talk directly with Scott J Manning, MBA.  Be prepared for a candid, frank, and intense conversation that just might be the most powerful talk you’ve ever had with insight into your practice growth. 

Here’s how it will work:

  • Scott will invest one hour with you to craft a personalized step-by-step Blueprint to enable you to experience a practice totally based around the lifestyle you have determined that you want.

  • It’s easy, quick, and will provide you with a customized path to move your practice forward free from the constraints and limitations imposed upon you by Insurance and Volume-driven dentistry.

  • And you will walk away with at least 3 specific actions you can take to increase practice profits as much as 30%-40% in just 90 days or Less – that's a clear ACTION PLAN to make your ideal practice a reality.

Plus, you’ll also receive the Practice Prosperity Package, which includes copies of his two most sought-after books: The Dental Practice Shift and Dental Super Powers. Plus a selection of bonus CDs, DVDs, and reports (including The Definitive Guide to Practice Transitions) to prepare you for your best year ever.

Recent Results from Doctors Who Requested Their Profit Blueprint Strategy Call & Practice Prosperity Package:
  • For one doctor, just a small change in the scripting language and fee presentation closed an $89,000 case that took the practice from $110K to $200K. That same practice employed Scott’s Treatment Follow-up Process and closed $16,000 over the phone. In total, they nearly doubled their practice in just 67 days after taking Scott’s advice.

  • In another office, Scott encouraged them to change the Value of the Procedures allowed to be scheduled in the morning and doubled the hourly value in 2 weeks. That extrapolated out over 6 weeks will double the Practice, just by applying simply techniques.

  • Here is what just a few doctors have to say about their experience...

"I wanted more life than work and Scott exceeded my expectations. Within the first 90 days I was making more money, working less days a month, and most importantly, was having fun doing it. He lit a fire that was much needed and has helped me sustain growth in not only my practice but my life." - Dr. Schmidt, Jackson, Wyoming

"Honestly, initially I was skeptical about the lofty goals we had set for our practices and the short window we had given ourselves to meet these goals but, we doubled our practices and met every goal planned with relative ease. I can say with utter and complete confidence that my practices would have never reached this level of success without training from Scott."- Drs. Afshar & Afshar, El Dorado Hills, California

"I know I'm on the right path with you and what I would say if there's anybody out there listening that's kind of on the fence about should I or shouldn't I - I would say absolutely get on board."

- Dr. Hunt, Roseville, Minnesota

100% no strings, no fee, no gimmicks or catches; this is your one and only opportunity to take advantage of the Most Comprehensive Dentist Lifestyle and Profit Consultation and Practice Prosperity Package ever...

*Discloser:  These calls are strictly limited to serious doctors, with a waiting list of up to 3 weeks in advance.

Let Scott Manning’s Experience Serve You.

It’s time dentists like yourself demand more from your practice.  You make the world more confident, healthier, and give your Patients beautiful smiles. Yet, often times, dentists sell themselves short, struggle to be true to your own goals and objectives, and let others (staff, patients, family and friends), dictate your future.  Being a Super Star Dentist is about more than just taking care of patients and paying your staff, it is about standing up for what you believe in, what inspires you, what you are about…it’s about being proud to be in this Industry and making the most of your Practice and living your dreams too!

It’s time you get what you deserve. That’s why today is the exact time to take advantage of what Scott J Manning has to offer and let him change your practice for good... 

“I am on a mission to reward you for your hard work and making owning your Dental Practice fun again.  Regardless of how successful you consider yourself now, you will benefit from my complementary Consultation and Strategy Call that will inspire you, inform you, and ignite your passion again for living out your dreams and putting you back in control.

Get started by completing the questionnaire on this page and begin the process of putting yourself first. You'll receive your free resources and schedule your complimentary Strategy Call with me. Now is the time, your time, to transform your Dental Practice, to serve you.”

Scott J. Manning, MBA

"Revolutionized The Way I Practice"

“Scott’s methods have revolutionized the way I practice. We do more big cases, our cash flow is improved, and team morale is higher than ever before. As the practice has grown, I have also managed to decrease my clinical days by over 25%. Without Scott and his DST team, I wouldn’t be where I am today."

- Dr. Vickers, Flower Mound, Texas

“Just Call Scott.”

"I’d just tell you to call Scott… Anybody who’s at a crossroads of, “Okay, what do I need to do?” and they want something more but they don’t necessarily know how to get there, that’s what he’s great for. So my advice to anyone would be if you have a lot of ideas and you know you want to do more but you don’t know what that is or how to go about doing it, having a business mentor like Scott is what you need."

- Dr. Klauer, South Bend, Indiana

“You will never meet a more positive, confident and charismatic leader to guide you through whatever the world of dentistry can throw at you! Take the time to listen to what he has to say because there is no one who will make a bigger impact on your life both at home and in the office than Scott Manning.”

- Dr. Connolly, Sewell, New Jersey

“Much More Rewarding”

“Scott offers a wonderful outside view… It is very very much a ‘Let’s define what you want your practice to be and then figure out a way to make it a viable economic business and a viable personal business so that you go home energized rather than worn out.’ Through Scott, you defined what you want your practice to be and I find that much more rewarding than when I was chasing someone else’s dream."

- Dr. Moberly, Seattle, Washington

"Scott's Doing Something Different."

“Scott’s doing something different than everybody else. He’s really listening to you…he’s coming up with a complete blueprint that’s specifically for you, not for every office…I think his perspective is far different and gives you an opportunity to be far more successful."

- Dr. Tieken, Houston, Texas

You’ve been worth $300/hour in collections’ increase... Anybody who tells you they don’t want an extra $300 in every hour of every day they work, they’re crazy. And the best thing is it’s all profit.”

- Dr. Bartish, Cincinnati, Ohio


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