Achieving Predictable Success in an Unpredictable World

First, I have an important announcement for you about a can’t miss live interview I’m hosting with one of America’s highest performing and most prolific practice owners.  This Doctor has been through hell and back, lived to tell about it, and is experiencing unprecedented success in times of incredible uncertainty (not to mention in one of the most chaotic cities in the country).  You won’t want to miss this special discussion happening next Wednesday, August 19th, at 8pm Eastern.

More details to follow on Monday.

Now, I have a question for you…

Where are you stuck right now?  Well everyone’s stuck to a certain degree in some aspect of their life at any given point in time; otherwise they just don’t have big enough goals and ambitions.

More often, Doctors get stuck and simply get used to it without even knowing it.  They lower their expectations to match their reality instead of improving their reality to exceed their expectations.

It’s true that done right life really is always under construction.  The journey never really ends as long as you are still kicking.

But, there should be a giant difference when it comes to your business.  It’s not supposed to always be under construction, in fact the more unstable your practice is the more you don’t get to go to work on your life in the ways you want to.  Your hobbies, your family, and your life goals take a backseat and might even get neglected, which we talked about last week.

It is about arriving at a place where your practice works for you, so you don’t end up frustrated and constantly starting over.

Once dialed in, the key (and really the ultimate point) is to maintain and sustain it so you can enjoy the ride as your practice serves as the vehicle driving growth in all aspects of your life.

Yes, this is the Weekly Practice Profit Report, the most consistently written with definitive purpose to serve and represent private practice doctors in the industry.  My entire objective here is to help you build a more stable practice that matches and lives up to what I call your “state of ideal.”  I want to put you at the pinnacle of where you want to be in dentistry, as a business owner and a clinician, and then get to work on the other parts of your life…








Some people are just needing a project and often breaking things in order to fix them again.  They can’t believe that your practice – your business of dentistry – really can be predictable once you’ve got it fine tuned.  Like a mouth fully restored, it requires just some good maintenance along the way to keep it in optimal condition.

This is what I call your system for success.

My doctors get excited about growth but not just growth in their productions or their collections or even their profits.  They get excited about the growth of their people, of their family, of the ambitions that dentistry allows them to pursue.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the most important pillars that give you both leverage and stability in your practice to get it where you are able to run it so it doesn’t run you.

There are two parts of your practice, represented by both the owner and the doctor hats you where.  You can have the best schedule and best patient experience in the world, but if your team’s mindset is not in complete alignment with your philosophy (let alone your objectives), then it’s going to go off the rails.

The thing is, before we go to work on theirs, we have to work on yours.  Your practice can never really serve you until you have served yourself by increasing your own mentality around the fact that your practice – as a business – doesn’t have any limits in terms of its capability and performance.  Anything can be engineered as long as you have clarity around what you actually want.

If your mindset is limited in any way on any part of what you believe is possible with your team, your patients, and especially yourself, then you will be starting with less than your desired outcome from the very onset.

I gave you examples about the utilization of time last week illustrating the difference with the same hours and all variables created exactly equal.  How we can have differences by a 10x multiple from the lowest doctor to the highest on any given day in any given city – how can this be…

It can be only because of the greatest limiting factor of them all: the Doctor’s mentality.

If I picked apart your brain right now and dived into your feelings about success, could you articulate with absolute clarity, confidence, and conviction (and without guilt):

What do you really want to achieve?

How do you want your practice to work for you?

What do you want it to deliver to you?

How do you really want the rest of your career to play out?

What do you want your practice to be worth to you?

How do you want to experience your practice in order to make that so?

These are deep questions for the right entrepreneurial-minded Doctor who embraces the fact that there is no one more important and valuable to the over all enterprise than You.

And then we have the ultimate equalizer which is how you connect your mentality to the value of your time by the actions that you take.

Again, I gave you some specific examples last week about elevating the value of your time and where your focus should be in order to gain leverage over your dentistry, value to yourself, and your practice’s value to you.

We all agree in the fundamental truth that actions speak louder than words.  It is ultimately “what you do” that matters most and how you bring to life your mentality to accomplish your goals.

Case in point, you might manage your clinical schedule with great strategy and ruthlessness, and yet the things that make your clinical schedule possible and more valuable – you don’t block, manage, or organize at all.  They happen when and if they happen; instead of valuing the ‘creation’ and ‘management’ as much as the ‘doing’ and the ‘dentistry’ – it takes both sides.

This is no different than having the practice that runs you or the practice that you run.  Once again, the dichotomy is ever apparent and real.  What and where you focus is a direct indication of what you get as result and outcome.

Elevate your mindset

Elevate your actions

Elevate your value

Elevate your outcomes

In that order.

Then and only then have we earned the opportunity to shift the focus onto your people and thereby on your patients.

By the way, this is what leads to a practice that can withstand anything that comes your way.  With the uncertainty that you are practicing within right now, it’s more important than ever to have confidence in yourself that you have what it takes to lead the way.  That gets easier when you have confidence your practice is stable, predictable, and reliable.  Following my advice here, you will have no doubt, no matter what.

I have a surprise for you that I’m doing next week.  It’s a special Great Dental Comeback Story that I want to share exclusively and specifically with you as a reader of my Weekly Reports.

Let me just say, if you think you had it rough during the 2nd quarter with all that transpired in our Country, you won’t want to miss this story Wednesday, August 19th at 8pm ET

It will be a behind-the-scenes look at how a Doctor (who could have easily chose to close up shop, sell out, walk away, and move on with his life), decided to fight the good fight and come back bigger, stronger, and more profitable than ever.

This Doctor is the epitome of mindset, action, value, and outcome.  He’s living proof that you can build a practice to serve your life while still doing what’s best for your team and your patients – that you really can have it all.  No matter what is happening around you, success is yours create.