Creating Magic for the Day Begins In Your Morning Huddle

1 – Connect with your team

2 – Review the “playbook” – your schedule for the day

3 – Identify patient touch points, opportunities, and responsibilities

Here’s what we know, once your day starts it’s often hard to make personal connections with your Team Members, so it’s important to do it here, or if your team is large enough Your Team Leaders must make these connections.

Someone should ensure every person is on point and ready for the day.

Often times this comes from checking-in after a weekend asking questions, showing interest, it doesn’t take long, and it’s important enough it shouldn’t matter, to pause and get everyone focused on the day’s objectives and reminding everyone to make every visit matter.

Next, you walk through the day, know where the Doctor is going to be, what patients need extra attention, hold sacred the New Patient Experience Appointments and double check each person’s core measures of success for that day.

Finally, and perhaps the most overlooked aspect of what a Morning Huddle is really suppose to be about, give each person a goal or goals to achieve during the day based on the patients they are seeing. Ideally files would have been reviewed if memories aren’t fresh. You should be prepared for the patients coming in and everyone should be on the same page of (at least) the major opportunities to create a WOW experience and to ‘sell’ dentistry where it’s applicable and warranted.

These meetings should be about anything and everything but “admin” stuff…it’s a “huddle” before a Play…your day…not a corporate rendering of BS and updates.

By the way it doesn’t have to be the Doctor, it needs to be the person BEST at focusing everyone and creating accountability for making the most of the results that are possible for the day – and creating magic – in your office, if you don’t expect it, plan for it, deliberately organize and empower people for it, it won’t happen.

Those who get this right achieve extraordinary results day in and day out.

Think about it, how many “clinical” days do you have planned for your year, it doesn’t take very many of them to slip by to set you so far behind of your goals it’s depressing…make every day count, begin with the end in mind, and prepare, plan, execute for success. Making magic happen during your day starts with making magic happen in your morning huddle.