Get Out Of The Way And Let Your Champions Play

If there is one major anchor that appears in every single Practice of all the Dentists I talk to every single week…it’s the Anchor of the DENTIST holding back the potential of the Team Members, especially the Champions of the Practice.

They do this unintentionally by unnecessarily carrying the burden of all things on their shoulders. They try to play SUPER-Dentist and this is the equivalent of trying to climb up hill in a blizzard, wind blowing in your face, with weights on your ankles and a monkey or sometimes an elephant on your back.

This takes many shapes and sizes, it could be you’re the only one who knows how to do everything. It could be you are the only one suggesting, creating, ‘selling’ Dentistry. It could be you are the only one pushing patients over the edge. It could be you are the only one, who you think, is going above and beyond.

Or you could have an amazing team that takes initiative and is more engaged in your Practice than you are. Either way it doesn’t matter, today, I’m not here to talk about You…I’m here to talk about –


I promised my “here’s what to do with your Champions” playbook and I’m going to give that to you right now.

There is nothing more liberating, nothing more capable of being a catalyst to growth than having EVERY SINGLE PERSON in your Practice focused, charging forward, removing the weights off of your shoulders and helping you accomplish your goals.

This begins by ONE Person stepping up and setting the example. I call it your Practice Champion.

There are 5 key things or “daily plays” that your Practice Champion should be running to help elevate the success of everyone else and breed a culture of winners.

1st – Your Champion should be Leading the Morning Huddle.

You can start, you can motivate, you can direct and talk strategy, but someone other than you should be focused on mastering the details of the day and knowing every opportunity.

Simply, you can’t run the team with your face inside a patients mouth or running from operatory to operatory, if you are the only one who knows what’s going on then you have a practice full of rooms instead of rooms full of opportunity.

The Champion is responsible to make sure everyone is on their mark and ready to make the most of every patient visit, personally and financially.

2nd – Your Champion should be scheduling brief mentor sessions with each Team Member on things they do not know how to do or do not have the complete confidence in doing.

If you haven’t not gone around to every team member and said, “hey, how are you, what’s new, what are you struggling with right now…anything you want to improve on or we can help you with…”

Then what I can guarantee you is this – THEY ARE SELLING YOU SHORT on TREATMENT because of their confidence. It’s a simple fact.

Your Team Champion should trigger point these things and help to hone the skills of every person. This can be having you work with them for 15 minutes a week, or sending them to a class, or assigning a study buddy between two team members.

Just make sure it gets done.

3rd – Your Champion should know every new patient coming in and be certain to control the outcomes of that patient. Even if this person is not the Treatment Coordinator or the New Patient Concierge or Advisor, that’s fine.

Still, they should be able to be called out at anytime to help bring a New Patient forward. They should also be your phone call closer where they can do any follow-up necessary if a Patient leaves without scheduling/paying for treatment.

You want this person to be your pinch-hitter whenever necessary to maximize every possible opportunity.

4th – Your Champion should know the numbers and the goals and report and present these to you. Even if they are not the Office Manager, or Facility Leader, they should be the one who is always on top of everything.

First in, last out type of a person. Not always, but basically your Practice Champion is like your Mini-Me. They are ambitious, they want more, and they want to see the Practice win.

They are dedicated and they want to see the results, in numerical format, the scoreboard of making patients healthy is MONEY flowing into your Practice.

The Champion understands that and wants to win.

This should be DAILY reviewed by them, ought to be by you too, but at least weekly you are meeting with them to review and discuss.

5th – Your Champion tracks the vital signs of the practice in advance. Week over week and a month ahead.

This is the most critically debilitating problem in every practice I see. They are built to focus on the past.


The only thing that matters TODAY is how much production was created and placed into the schedule FOR THE FUTURE. How much cash was in the door.

By the time you wake up and walk into your Practice your Production is a trailing indicator not a future indicator of success.

Your Practice Champion knows that the schedule must look a certain way one week from now, they know your production for the month AHEAD and they have their finger on the pulse of everything going on.

This is different from the Reports for the Day about “where we were or where we are” this is about where are we going to be.

There you have 5 Key Plays for Your Champions to Thrive on and manage.

Now, here’s the biggest breakthrough for you…it’s a darn sure bet that not all and maybe not any of these things are being done right now today in your practice and if they are they are not consistent and systemized.

They must be. To get to the next level to get away from frantic reactive driven practice management.

Your Practice Champion will agree and welcome this challenge and opportunity.

As I like to say…with all Champions, just give them the ball and get out of their way. They’ll make magic happen and now instead of just you everyday you’ll have two. And next we’ll be bringing on the whole team. Coming next month…I know you just can’t wait for my big announcement.

Have a great week!

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