How to Defeat the Recession: Understand Patient Behavior

If you didn’t know before, you certainly found out last week that you will only get hard-hitting, straight-shooting, truth-telling when you hang around here. Good for you (not everyone can handle it). But you are smart, powerful, proactive, courageous, and ready for the fight against the recession and all the forces trying to rob you of the prosperity you’ve worked for.

Last week, I gave you the two most critical pillars that you must embrace, own, and accentuate in order to do more than just get by and take the crumbs the economic destruction is going to leave in its wake – and instead soundly defeat the recession and triumph spectacularly.

This, as we continue to build on our profound and fearless mission to… Prepare. Protect. Prosper.

This is precisely what my upcoming Masterclass will do for you, your team, your patients, and your practice. You’ll be charging ahead like a bulldozer through the recession plowing your own path to prosperity. You’ll be lining patients up, converting, closing, and collecting on treatment like never before.

This isn’t going to happen on accident, of course. There are real tangible and specific strategies that are very different during recessionary Times.

If you are tired of sitting around and waiting to see what happens. If you are ready to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to elevate your practice, your lifestyle, your financial independence, and your autonomy – then…

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Here’s the deal… I’m not sitting here talking pie in the sky as if everything is sunshine and rainbows. Sure, I am an optimist but only because I take responsibility for outcomes and refuse to let others dictate my reality. If I were at the mercy of everything going on around us and accepted a fate decided by others, then I would be the bleakest of all pessimists.

To ensure I remain in control, I always begin with the end in mind and then reverse engineer an exact, sure-fire, can’t-fail plan to achieve exactly that. That’s the point of business. It’s not meant to be unpredictable. In fact, it just might be the most predictable thing there is.

You want to know something else that is predictable. It happens to be our third pillar for beating the you-know-what out of the recession…

Patient Behavior and Psychology

The worse the media, government, wall street, and everyone else make the economy out to be, the more people are looking for hope, for positivity, and a place full of people that are looking out for them.

And patients are no different. While some might be complainers with long lists of excuses… if you make them feel safe, secure, protected by your environment, culture, and relationship, then you will continue to change their lives for the better.

It all begins with the most important promise to your patients – and the same promise I make here to you and began with today – to tell them the truth.

They will trust you and they will be looking for places and things and people to invest in because, while they might have less income or greater expenses and probably both, they will want to do something positive for themselves and their family.

Believe me when I tell you that it is much more about doctors and teams giving up, giving in, playing bashful, being timid, and thinking they are doing patients a favor by feeling sorry for them – than it is the patients actually not wanting to take care of their health.

Whatever you do to combat the recession, don’t sympathize with it.

The truth is: you can beat the recession. You can create your own economy. You can continue to thrive, triumph, profit during the worst inflation in generations. You can come out of all of this stronger and in a better position while at the same time enjoying your life and practicing on your own terms.

The way to do it is to go after it as aggressively as possible by having a concise, clearly mapped out, actionable, realistic plan of attack to prepare, protect, prosper in your practice right now.

Take a look at every single detail I’m going to be covering in my upcoming Recession-Proofing Masterclass where we’ll craft your practice battle plan together…

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My promises are bold, my objectives well defined, your results absolutely certain.

See for yourself and know there is very limited room for this opportunity. Get in now or be left out forever. The recession separates the serious and savvy Practicing Owners from the hobbyist and naïve. Now is the time to take action…

Beat The Recession With Your Personalized Battle Plan

So, yes, your attitude and mindset matter most. Decide that you are going to conquer the recession. Commit now to have record months and the best finish to any year.

Then get it done by building out, elevating up, focusing in on that top 20% cultivation of meaningful dentistry from A+ quality patients and get where you want to go with as few patients as possible by making as big of leaps in collections possible.

Don’t get sucked into the discount volume trap.

You will lose that game. Because a little from a lot is the surest way to destroy your profit and burnout everyone in your practice – including yourself.

Alternatively, now is the time to calibrate lifestyle, refine and master key systems, focus your effort on what is most valuable, and create as much leverage as you possibly can.

When you drill down on the 80/20 rule in every area of your practice, with every team member, with every patient you will be amazed as how easily you will exceed your goals and set new records.

This is all possible because patients will be more influence-able. As susceptible as they are to the economic woes and worries of the world, they will be even more open minded to your positive recommendations about being proactive and preventative with their health.

Don’t be apologetic about what you believe in. Right now, responsible decisions with their money and their health are going to matter more than before.

If you don’t value yourself and what you do for your patients health – and believe it’s more important than any other decision in their lives that they could be doing with their time and money – then you need your own gut check.

Every patient will be looking to you for your leadership and guidance for your unconditional decisive direction about their health AND their money.

You are looking out for their best interest; I know this about you. Other places and people they will turn to, do not; I know this about them.

If you want to prepare, protect, and prosper then why not help your patients do exactly the same.

You have the ability to help your patients like no one else can. You shouldn’t feel conflicted about that. Instead, you should feel empowered by knowing if you commit to taking care of your patients – as you always have – they will reciprocate and take care of you.

In my upcoming Masterclass to recession-proof your practice, we will cover the exact switch to make in your communication to keep you from being defensive or justifying your recommendations to your patients.

I will also give you the three things to never do (and one thing to always do) with every single patient to avoid coming across as though you lack confidence or are unsure about the importance of your treatment plan.

Let’s build your battle plan and prepare to win. Because the strong, smart, serious doctors don’t just survive they thrive…