How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Team & WHY!

Is Your Staff ‘really’ Engaged – With You, Your Practice, Your Patients, Your Future?

Or are they just going through the motions?
When is the last time you asked them that question…what makes you tick? Why are you here? What can we do better? What can I do better? What can you do better?

It should be LAW in the industry that the first thing a Prospective Team Member does, is gives You an Exam…and the first thing YOU do when a Team Member is being considered is give them an Exam.

You should know each other.

They should know You, your philosophy, your methods, the way you talk, think, educate the patient, and what you expect of them, clearly, precisely.

Look, I know, this is going to make you uncomfortable…but I promise, to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that is why I am here, why you are here with me, reading this right now. No fluff only fact.

It’s not that most Staff’s are really that dysfunctional…they are just without direction.

Face up to reality, if they wanted to run the practice they would have become a Dentist, thus they aren’t you. They need different things than you do. They have a job…and they chose you…they didn’t have to, be grateful, and give them the respect of leadership and care.

Last night I had the great pleasure of meeting a new friend and client for our Practice Prosperity Blueprint day for dinner the night before and I watched as he said to his 2 Key Practice Leaders how much he appreciated them, that they sacrifice 1/3 of their lives in HIS practice and he wants them to feel rewarded and to be excited about the future and that actually this is THEIR practice too…

He acknowledged that he seldom gets this time to sit down and just talk “life” with them and he shared his 3 goals for their relationship, none of which related to Dentistry. He was genuine.

And you know what.

Today is going to be amazing because I know he will listen to every word I say and take it very seriously and together we will double his practice faster than any one reading this right now can imagine.

It’s not because I’m magic, although, you could say that, it’s because he is committed. Commitment without my support and strategies just leads to frustration, but my strategies, support, perspective and implementation into your practice without commitment is pointless.

When you learn to take your Team more seriously they will take you more seriously, when you are loyal, they will be loyal, when you show you care they can’t help but care more. It’s just the way it is…don’t fight it, embrace it and be one with it.

You serve your patients and you serve your team, you go first, you lead by example and understand that you have a leadership role and a mentorship responsibility with them whether you like it or not… and if you don’t, then sell your practice go work for someone else, or let the staff run it and you become the employee.

Start by bonding with each person. Take them out to lunch or coffee, ask about their life and goals and plans and future. Play patient with them and vice versus. When you reinvest in them, not just in training, but in time, genuine attention, sincere interest, personal development then you weed out the losers (and there will be those), much faster.

Yes, they should respect you, they should be appreciative that you gave them a job, no question, but let’s remember WHO their bad performance affects…you and your patients, when they leave or don’t show up… you and your patients, and who’s attitude and frustration is detrimental when you are worrying or being angry about your Team…yours and your patients.

So. Don’t ignore it, don’t settle for less than you and they deserve, be proactive and work on these relationships as much as you do any others in your life.

You will never realize how much return on investment you will receive from taking this message I’m writing today serious until you do it. Invest in the people who take care of your patients and who’s performance takes care of you.

Make your list today of ideas generated from this and action items you will commit to doing to strengthen this important and often neglected relationship and interaction within your practice.