Make More Working Less: One Quick Exercise for Results

Hurry. Get out a pencil and piece of paper…ready.

Now write down every Procedure or Treatment that you can schedule in an hour or less, or 5 units or 7 units or somewhere in the range of 50-70-90 minutes.

Okay, step 2, write the value or fee or dollar figure of collections (keyword) that you will earn from doing those procedures.

Finally – and the point – you want to very specifically and concisely know all the ways you can fill up an hour or some other block of time in order to get the most production value out of your time, energy, and effort.

There are three or four different exercises and activities I could take you through to prove the point I am making and to help you figure out how to achieve your personal financial objectives and overall Practice Production/Growth Goals.

Right now I’m only focusing on what You or your Primary Dentist might do, if you have Associates, talented Assistants, or other combinations of income producing personnel, there are many ways to configure this –

AND THERE IS NO, I REPEAT NO Cookie-Cutter way to do it. It is different for every practice, every team, every dentist, every office format, every schedule.

Any person who tells you they have an answer to your problem before they listen to what your problem actually is, before they get to know you personally, and fully grasp what a VICTORY is for you – in all areas of your life, they do not have an answer.

There is no way to disconnect one aspect of your office from another or your office from the direct impact on your life, peace of mind, health, stress, or any other aspect.


In this Profit Report I am only providing an example.

Private discussion can be had by following my process at where I will do exactly as I just described above.


Back to our little exercise.


The #1 Reason why a Dentist, perhaps such as yourself, would not be achieving their potential, in terms of financial success, growth month to month and year over year, and enjoy an accelerating wealth and personal income – – –

Is NOT because of the Practice Potential.

Rather it is because you are expecting and hoping for results that are not possible given the Structural Systems and Architecture of the way the Practice is run or runs it self.

Case in point.

If someone wants to have a $1,000,000 practice which is above average but really the very basic basis of what anyone would want to be worth of their time and energy unless they are working only two days a week or very part time.

That means your weeks have to be worth $20,000ish in collections.

Break down by 4 days on average, some only 3 days, which changes it significantly.

Your hours have to be worth $20,000 / HOURS CHAIRSIDE available in your schedule.


Now – let’s double the number to $40,000…it changes your number.

If you have decided or have the luxury of Two Producing Dentists or use an Associate Strategy to elevate the value of your time, then you have an advantage.

However. The key point is this –

What are your rules for yourself?
Because it’s NOT just about the Money.
No dentist has ever come to me and said, I am willing to work as much as possible just make me more money…NOPE NEVER NOT ONE.


They conversation goes like this.
I want to work less.
Make more.
And do the cases I love.
With Patients that appreciate it (oh, and pay cash…or otherwise not insurance).

There are many ways to grow your practice.

This is my favorite approach to take.
1 – achieve your production goals by Noon

2 – which makes EVERYTHING ELSE Gravy

3 – and makes Hygiene a BONUS – as it should be – any person basing their “personal income” off of Hygiene is crazy, it should be RUN LIKE A SEPARATE BUSINESS MODEL inside of the Practice You own. You earn money from Hygiene as a Practice Owner not a Dentist – it should not count towards your PERSONAL INCOME. Living off Hygiene is the most basic and elementary and unpredictable way to grow your practice. No rich dentist or elite successful Dentist I know bases their success and income off of being dependent on something they technically control.

4 – fill 70% of your time with what you are passionate about

5 – remove all office management, stress, and headaches from the Dentist

6 – create systems that fill your schedule with the highest valued hours possible

Which brings us full circle to HOW YOU FILL YOUR HOURS.

You are limiting your results and your potential because you are limiting your possible value per hour. When we break through that glass ceiling we can achieve extraordinary results, often times far and above what you have ever thought possible.

I know, because I do it every day.

Tell me, how many hours you want to work per week or per month and what your ideal “feel great about yourself” income would be per year and we will make it happen.

The way we get there is unique and different, individualized for your personal style, approach, beliefs, principles, desired practice model – but the Math Formula, the Leverage points we have to take into consideration DO NOT CHANGE.

You can have a roller coaster of days throughout the month and not feel sick at the end of the ride…then be forced to get back on it again and again.

That is a choice. By default most Dentists make.

You do have control over your schedule, you can create higher value days, and not just by doing big cases, those are extra, golden tickets, fun times, when they happen, you want to establish and build a foundation in your practice that supports your IDEAL and desired and deserved Goals and Objectives at a minimum.

Then you have autonomy, peace of mind, you can relax and know

EVERYTHING is going to ADD UP and work out exactly the way you want it to.
A – An Effective Schedule System that serves YOU

B – Patient Value that makes your Day a Victory by Noon

C – New Patient Process that creates a true experience and sells complete dentistry

D – Treatment flow and sources, Hygiene Systems, and Niche Procedure Education

E – Satisfaction of Staff, Peak Performance, Accountability, Quality Communication

F – Internal Income Streams, maximizing the value of each person, operatory, hour

G – Independence from your micro management or stress, or babysitting by anyone

7…not difficult, but not a la carte, can’t be ignored or missed or left up to chance.
Core areas that make up your Potential in your Practice
Guess what.
I have a surprise for you tomorrow that you won’t want to miss.

Subscribers only. Be on the look out.

And next week…a whole bag full of goodies, TRICKS and TREATS for Halloween to help you with each of these 7 Core Areas of Focus.

If you’re up for the challenge and you dare to be great, you can go to and get my entire Package of Resources Complementary that will walk you through the important mindset and shifts you need to make to embrace the structure, principles, and philosophy I have shared with you today.

Of course, these are already things you know and believe in, it’s implementing them, bringing them into reality, getting the results that you deserve, that’s the hard part.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t.

Whether you blame yourself or have a long list of excuses, doing nothing never gets you anywhere. Follow someone who speaks your language, who understands you, who wants to help you get what YOU want.

Isn’t that what you do for your Patients.

Why not for yourself?!