Practice Ownership in Recessionary Times

It keeps gets crazier out there, doesn’t it? Just when you thought everything was smooth sailing and nothing could stop the momentum – then BAM – another headline crashes the party.

However, no matter how positive or negative the news become, the truth is neither good or bad, it’s just news. What matters is what you decide to do with it.

Know this: life, business, and dentistry are never without struggles and challenges. The difference is in those that turn obstacles into opportunities and problems into progress by choosing to make the most of everything that is happening, regardless of what that is.

Think about it… we are all feeling for the families dealing with the devastation in Florida from the Hurricane. Losing everything you own sure puts inflation and the stock market in perspective.

In reality, not only can it be worse, it will, someday. And it won’t be a new story, it will just be a different version of the same story. The better mindset is that it can and will always get better.

Let’s choose optimism and determination, rather than negativity and defeat.

With that in mind, as we shift our focus to your practice specifically, there is a recession looming. The severity is up for debate but what isn’t are the still-rising costs, the ever-increasing interest rates, and the volatile stock market that gives you whiplash if you try to follow along.

So, those are the headlines, but what really matters is what are you going to do about it?

Run and hide or hunker down?

Put your life, your goals, your dreams, your plans on hold?

Be under the influence of everything and everyone else?

Give in to the fear, the paranoia, all the what-ifs, and self-serving agendas of everyone else?

Are you going to let your practice be at the mercy of the economy, the recession, the competition, the insurance, the government… or…

Are you going to fight to protect what you’ve built, defend what you stand for, hold true to your principles of patient care, show the true meaning of team leadership, and rely on the foundation for which you’ve established your practice, your life and your reputation on?

Right now, you have the single greatest opportunity of your career to differentiate yourself. To expand your profitability and to maximize wealth building. To go on offense while everyone else around you is running scared, playing defense, and waiting for the tides to turn.

I want you to find conviction in your vision, confidence in yourself, and belief that everything you can control you will. We do that by focusing on what you know, on what you can do, and on the prosperity you can create for yourself and others.

The best news I can deliver to you is (to borrow from the famous quote): wealth, businesses, practices, and riches in all forms are made in recessions – you just don’t know it at the time.

Boom times are easy for all. Everyone wins but not to any lasting degree. Lean times instead are those that separate the winners from the pretenders as you tap into hidden opportunities, you learn to be more resourceful, you take nothing for granted, and you find ways to thrive like never before.

This is going to be your reality. Let me tell you why.

Because you are NOT alone! I am here with you, the Dental Success Today community is here with you. We have lived and done all of this before, and I am ready to do it with you again, right now, during this recession.

That is why I am presenting a live masterclass dedicated to helping you craft a recession-busting, practice-building, prosperity-producing Battle Plan for Your Practice.

The fight is here; the only uncertainty is whether you will win. I’m going to show you exactly how to do it, step by step, each and every maneuver, strategically and methodically to ensure you come out on top in every way.

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It is the uncertain, trying, difficult times that determine your greatest victories, that you are most proud of, that bring you the most significant rewards.

You, your team, your patients, and your practice are capable of more than you think. You have the ability to be resilient so that you never have to recover or rebound because you will never falter or fail in the first place.

You might be surprised by what I’m sharing and saying here. “Mr. Optimist,” you might say and I retort to you, “No, Mr. Confident – in YOU.” We are coming prepared and I assure you no recession has anything on any of my doctors.

Now is the time to have greater resolve in your mission and be more committed to your purpose than ever before. Now is the time to refine and refocus your life and your practice, your dentistry and your team around your ultimate vision. Now is the time to work less and make more by scaling up the profitable 20% and minimizing the lesser productive 80%.

Remember this, the rewards in life go to those who pursue them, who are willing to challenge the status quo, and who are willing to fight for what they want. And the same goes for your patients.

There is a segment of your patient base that is ready to get healthy – now. They won’t let any economic uncertainty delay their dreams either. They want to do exactly what you are doing and live life on their own terms; not to be held back by external factors.

Your mission is to find, attract, create, and develop these patients. To give them a home and a path forward to optimal health.

It is also your opportunity to become even more influential with your patients. It could very well be the time for you to expand services, to further diversify without dispersing focus, and dial in exactly what you want your practice to become.

Once you have the recession-busting, practice-building, prosperity-producing Battle Plan for Your Practice, you have a practice that is quite literally ready for anything solidly on a foundation that makes it unbreakable, unshakeable, unbeatable by any outside forces – recession, inflation, hiring, or otherwise.

You will find hope, clarity, and most of all predictability for your success in this very training, perfect for this moment in time we are going through together, customized for your practice…

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If you are tired of excuses (whether yours or others), naysaying from around you, and you never again want to be at the mercy of circumstance then this is an important, timely decision. This masterclass will not repeat and the virtual attendance will be limited.

I invite you to join the fight with me against the recession for the betterment of your life and practice in every way.

Here’s the thing… regardless of how you are feeling about everything going on right now or even about what I’m saying – you have a responsibility to protect home base, to fortify your practice, and to care for your patients.

This is your most important asset and calling. It is the lifeblood of everything else you create, enjoy, and make possible in your life.

We will not let decades of sacrifice and hard work (to say the least) be all for naught. I will not let you succumb to government mismanagement, wall street greed, watered down insurance, corporate dentistry or anything else.

It’s time to rally your team, it’s time to check your gut, it’s time to ensure you are not just prepared for battle but you are prepared to win.

There’s not a minute to spare as the effects have already begun to impact your patients, your team, and soon your practice. But not for long.

Because we are going to prosper now and come out of the recession stronger than before. With the right approach and mindset, this could be the single greatest opportunity of your career to take your practice to a new level, to have more fun, to make more money, and to do it all with powerful economic leverage that occurs when you decide to do the exact opposite of everyone else.

Let your attitude, mindset, philosophy, and energy overcome the negativity of the situation others surrender to and fill yourself up with the belief of prosperity.

Your life is too valuable to delay your goals, your mission is too vital to take a pause, and your patients too important for you to sit idly by.

We got this, together. Let’s protect what you’ve built.

Get ready to embrace new business principles and growth strategies designed precisely for this moment in time. We are going on offense but pack light because we’re moving fast. Your future is at stake, a lifetime of wealth is ready for the taking, and your practice is primed for new heights of success.

Let’s win the battle…