Speaking the same Language… Team Vocabulary

This week I’m going to give you a little break in the action. I have had such incredible feedback about identifying Champions and pretty big ah-ha’s from a lot of Doctors realizing that maybe, just maybe, they might have been holding some of their top players back.

I promised my “here’s what to do with your Champions” playbook and I’ll give that to you next week.

For Today, I always like to write in real time, what happens, what I think about, what deep discussions occur during last week’s Practice/Doctor Lifestyle Blueprint Days, I want to share with you.

What’s on my mind is this…

If your Patients hear one thing on the phone, another thing in their Hygiene visit, and another thing from the Dentist, and they all might be saying the same thing but they use different words or different severities or different approaches it really throws the patient off.

They say the “confused mind doesn’t buy.”

They don’t buy your treatments, your trust, your ideas, your nothing.

It’s more important than ever before that you have 100% congruence with your Patients from start to finish this is what I call the ‘before-during-and-after’ of the New Patient Experience.

This is going to be a big and important topic in my live webcast Training session next week all about getting acceptance on higher fee, large case comprehensive dentistry.

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All of these details matter.

When you are looking to grow your income, your practice, help your team win big, and make sure they are helping you, there is nothing more important than being on the same page.

This begins with your communication, your vocabulary, the words you use to educate, present treatment, and sell your patients with.

Your homework this week in your weekly Team Building and Practice Growth Session is to make a list of the words you want to use and how you explain them to your patients. And make sure everyone speaks the same language.

Walk through each type of patient visit, your most common conversations, the major procedures and frequently recommended treatments, and have everyone practice and ensure the communication with your patients from each team member is congruent and living up to your standard and expectation.

Have fun. Details matter in Dentistry and Life. Your Patients will trust you more, appreciate you, and be better patients because of this.

Have a great week.

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