Start by Turning the Right Screws in Your Practice

[This Is a Time Sensitive Announcement]

But first, I want to tell you a story.

It’s an old story. Actually, I’m quite sure it dates back much further than the version I’ve heard. It was told about the founder of FedEx whose main plant was experiencing some technical difficulties and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So, they called in a highly sought after technician who had more experience than anyone else. He had been presented so many challenges and had solved the most complicated problems that he had become a legend.

Upon arrival to the plant, in no more than a matter of minutes, looked around, walked over to one specific part of one specific component and assessed the situation. He then confidently with stern focus and deep contemplation took out his trusty screwdriver and turned one particular screw. In doing so the entire conveyor belt of packages (the lifeblood of FedEx’s operation) instantly restarted and all was well again in the world.

The story continues that a few days later an invoice was received for the total sum of $10,000 for what took a mere turn of a screw driver and a few minutes of time.

Fred Smith called up the technician and said how could this be, there must be a mistake, why so much for so little? And the technician responded back with a breakdown of the bill: $1.00 turning the screw driver, $9,999 for knowing which screw to turn. FedEx paid the bill.

There’s a lot of lessons here in this story. First and foremost, FedEx could not operate without this screw being turned. They were losing countless dollars but more importantly they were losing countless minutes. Is there any amount they wouldn’t pay to get their operations running at optimal levels?

You must know your value and the value of your minutes.

The other big lesson is you can’t just go fixing random stuff in your life or your practice that will make no difference or worse than that it will make all the wrong difference.

You must know exactly what screws to turn to make things better, more profitable, give you more freedom, and make a bigger impact.

Of course, you are getting my drift here.

I am ‘that’ technician for you. I know exactly what to turn, to adjust, to realign, to fix, to free up, to set you up for the best year of your life in 2024. For two decades, doctors have come to me to help them live their best lives, build their greatest practices, achieve their deserved prosperity, and discover a liberating freedom unlike any other they’ve imagined.

More than anything though, my doctors are proud of what they’ve created. They are enjoying their lives and loving their every-days.

Today, I’ll be inviting you to save your virtual seat for my newest and most time sensitive Whiteboard Strategy Session to ensure you make 2024 the best year ever, but…

I do want you to know something!

I care more about making this your best life ever than I do just making it your best year ever. I want 2024 to be a different year for you, a transformative year of personal growth, of professional development, of profitability, prosperity, peace of mind, purposeful progress in every way.

Because if you aren’t ready for that then you are in the wrong place… maybe the wrong life.

You won’t ever find what you don’t set out to discover. You may not know at first what that is, I will help you, I will guide you, I will show you the way. I will help you determine which screws need adjusting to find your optimal balance.

And your life as a business owner, leader, entrepreneur will ‘work’ better, faster, smarter, with greater autonomy, and joy than any other time in your life.

Yes you will earn more too. But it’s never really just about ‘making more’ it’s about ‘making more… more enjoyable’ and with less effort, stress, time, frustration and cutting out all the bullshit.

Here are the details…

“The Formula For Making 2024 Your Best Year EVER!”

A Paint-By-Number Plan to Experience Time Freedom, Economic Prosperity,
and the Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted In 2024 and Beyond – Guaranteed.

Live Practice Success Whiteboard Session:
Friday, Dec. 22nd at 11am Eastern

Bluntly, I’m here to challenge you to step up to the opportunity in your life. To stop settling for less than you deserve, for less than you are capable of, for less than you know is possible.

Be the leader, the private practice owner, the independent doctor, the entrepreneur you were born to be.

I will guide you through a paint-by-number plan to custom-create and design your BEST YEAR EVER in 2024 in lifestyle freedom, financial success, and autonomy of choice! I will prepare you to remove all barriers that have been holding you back from your greatest potential!

Let me serve as the catalyst for your ambition, the technician of your practice, and the architect of your unique practice success blueprint.

Let’s get specific about what all this means in my brand-new free-to-attend 2024 Whiteboard Session: The Formula For Making 2024 Your Best Year Ever…

You see, very few doctors ever actually go to work on making themselves, their team, and the practice CAPABLE of being worth more in production and collections for the time in the practice.

Everyone believes it takes more time, more patients, more volume, more space, more of everything. In reality, what it really does take more of…


People who just make up goals rarely achieve them. In my most recent “Prosperity Letter” reserved for the alumni in our elite Wealth Group, I talked about how nothing will happen randomly and just wanting more doesn’t mean you will get more. You have to do something to make every part of your life and practice WORTH MORE before you can have and achieve more.

The difference between people who achieve incredible success and those that don’t goes beyond just belief to whether they have embodied the notion that they HAVE TO ACHIEVE this goal. An unwavering conviction that they must succeed.

When you don’t have THAT feeling inside of you, you become a product of personal self-deception and use justification to make “less” feel good enough.

Instead, the 2024 Formula For Your Best Year Ever has to be what you are committed to and determined to succeed at because it is what has to happen for you to win in your life.

You can underestimate the significance of what I’m telling you here, but do so at your own detriment. I’m telling you, if you don’t want it bad enough you won’t achieve it.

In order to do better than average, to break past the status quo, to build a practice to its (and your) potential… you must be willing to do the work.

This work we are talking about is where we pick up on our Leverage Points for Growth and Profit.

In my Whiteboard Session, together we will layout my exact method for reverse engineering to figure the numerical value you need your practice to be capable of in order to achieve the goal you have.

Once we have a realistic and tangible dollar value we have to create this in Treatment Value every single day that gets paid for, accepted, and then produced.

Too many practices see collections as a result of production instead of seeing production as a result of collections. This is a drastic 180 degrees flip.

We’ll go in-depth on my approach to controlling practice growth through diagnosis and acceptance leading into collections and production.

The power behind this removes all accidental success and puts every aspect of your practice (including all the people inside) in the “helping patients get healthy” business.

So, depending on where you are today versus where you want to be, we can start putting together the plan that I outlined and explained to you last week around all of the variables and preferences you have in your practice and life.

We’ll pick up here next week as we dive deep into the details. I’ll show you with total x-ray vision and transparency how the formula comes into focus. You’ll gain clarity over “the how” we bring your goals into reality.

Once all of this is established, we now can go to work on making your patients more valuable to you and designing an experience that nurtures them to be worthy of fitting into your daily flow at the values necessary to hit your goals.

The exact same thing goes for your team and systems. Every component of your practice has to be worth more and contribute to the overall success in order to achieve your 2024 Formula For Your Best Year Ever. You’ll get leveraged growth through first increasing the value of these components.

The reality is if your profits are less than what you want and deserve, then you know there are parts or people (maybe you) that is worth less than they should be. We will determine which components are in need of a tune-up.

This is the equivalent of knowing which screws to turn in your practice to maximize your profitability without adding time, effort or anything else. What’s even better, we could very well figure out how to do it in less time and with less overhead too.

But, don’t miss the point: it’s not just about the profit. It is about your life that makes the profit worth it. You can have the best practice with all the money but no time, energy, freedom to actually enjoy the life you are creating along the way.

Maybe, just maybe, you are putting too much into your practice and not enough into your life. There is a ‘balance’ to all of this that once you become completely aligned you are the best version of yourself for all the people you care about most.

And that’s the most worthwhile reason to tighten the right screws and go to work ON (not just IN) your practice.

We will fix your formula and make 2024 your Best Year Ever…

Next week, we’ll get started setting the groundwork for the thought process behind your Best Year Ever and determine the exact number that makes your life work.

“The Formula For Making 2024 Your Best Year EVER!”

A Paint-By-Number Plan to Experience Time Freedom, Economic Prosperity,
and the Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted In 2024 and Beyond – Guaranteed.

Live Practice Success Whiteboard Session:
Friday, Dec. 22nd at 11am Eastern