Team Resolutions For the New Year

New Years Resolutions ConceptHere we are my friends…the New Year is only days away. How and what are you going to do differently, better this year?!

Let’s be clear about something, different for the sake of it is no good, pointless and often the problem with successful people who plateau and end up with mediocre results because they are chasing bright shiny objects instead of focusing on following a plan.

I always say The New Year is not meant to add more, to complicate your life, rather it is designed to shed the old skin, get rid of baggage, to refresh and renew and eliminate waste, inefficiency, chaos from your life and the operations of your practice.

If I were to give you advice on the New Year and some resolutions you should consider, it would be the following…

1. Better, more consistent, routine communication.

2. Remove and avoid meetings for the sake of meetings.

3. Empower and delegate “supervision” over each department in your Practice by installing Team Leaders and actually letting them Lead.

4. Focus on each individual team member’s daily performance and stack up the goals for a given day, week, and month; do not let some monthly statistic be the only thing that is tracked. What you follow, measure, and hold accountable for will get done, this needs to be everyday to make each person responsible for their own results.

5. Pre-plan your vacations so you have something to work for, look forward to, and your team does as well.

These are all very simple things but their impacts will be substantial because it will liberate and free up your mind to do what you do best.

Reality says that you are either micro managing or not managing at all, unless you have specific structured systems in place where SOMEONE else is responsible for them.

I hope this adds some peace of mind to your life this January.

Get excited and be sure to read the Profit Report this Friday, it if doesn’t fire you up, I don’t know what will, this is YOUR YEAR if you choose it to be.

Happy New Year