The Right Way To Do Morning Huddles (and all meetings)

Okay. Are you ready for this? One simple and yet profound concept that will literally change the entire buy-in of your team, level of accepted responsibility and follow-through. It’s going to seem so obvious and yet no one does it (and when they do they don’t do it right…which is another reason I ‘hate’ meetings). I like to think of them as Briefings or Action Initiating Sessions. They are about and should be about THE FUTURE not the past. Quit living in yesterday, focus on today and prepare for tomorrow.

Here you go…

Every Morning Huddle should be divided between the Team Leaders of the Practice or if in a small practice EACH person. They should each have specific items to report on for the day related to patients, opportunities, priorities.

Whatever is your decided Victory or Benchmark or Success point for them for the day should be directly tied to their reporting.

Treatment Coordinator reports on New Patients, when, who, why, what the goals are.

Hygiene reports on checks, big opportunities, commits to their performance for the day.

Restorative/Operative goes through patients who might have other options for treatment, same-day stuff, or upsells for the Treatment Coordinator. They guide the doctor as to where there might be challenges or opportunities in the schedule.

Front Desk identifies schedule openings, challenges on time, and places where everyone needs to be on the same page.

The Doctor says something inspiring, mentions a good thing about yesterday, states the goal for today and makes it very clear what the expectations are. They should finish by saying okay – it’s going to be an amazing day – each of you are a part of it – let’s make it happen – stay on track with our goals and opportunities patient by patient.

Remember every person is important and every minute matters.

“I’m giving out $20 dollar bills for Family Bookings today, anyone who secures a scheduled referral for a New Patient or Procedures gets $20 before they leave. And our Healthy Mouth reward for the day is 10% in the kitty…all new treatment created above and beyond our goal for helping our patients is going to be shared in this months bonus pot – all in.”

“Okay hands in everybody…until next time…one two three – SUPER SMILES or AMAZING or KICK ASS…or “we love our patients””

…I don’t care just have fun with it.

Now, you can laugh or roll your eyes or you can say you would never do that, and that’s fine, you would never do a lot of things like earn more than a million dollars a year, like have patients fighting to give you referrals because you’re so fun, like create life-changing memorable experiential dentistry, like keep your employees for life without turnover or going lame on you.

Here’s the reality you live in…
What you don’t force others to do, they won’t care about.

What you don’t delegate responsibility of, isn’t going to get done.

You must embrace each person and let them carry the ball for their role.
And you must motivate and refocus EVERY SINGLE DAY and you must share in the reward – otherwise – go work in a hospital, or get a job, if you don’t want to motivate the team and be a coach you really shouldn’t own a business, it’s that simple.

You could always have me help you do this…no one ever said you had to do it all, you just think that. Smart people do as little as possible and only fill their time with what ONLY they can do and that they are best at.

This week’s huddle is full of powerful practice-altering, patient-experience-transforming and financial-results-exploding concepts – study it, dissect it, devour it, and ask me questions if you have them. That’s the only way to really learn is to do, to participate.

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