The Way To “Outwitting the Devil”

You wake up every day deciding what to do. You have a need to build the future but a necessity of working the daily grind. You wonder what’s best, what’s next, where do you go from here.

In the business of dentistry we struggle between chasing income and creating wealth. We choose between attending to the patients we have or going after patients we don’t have.

We fight between speed and preparation, between decisiveness and thoughtfulness, between chasing shiny objects and capitalizing on fleeting opportunities.

And this my friends is only our profession / business / work / career.

In life our choices multiply by the moment. Resting versus working, reading verses doing, eating versus exercise. Family time and attention or working to provide for the family.

Having fun, working hard, travel, enjoying, staying focused.

Here’s what I believe we all know and can agree on…

Your decisions are your life.
In every moment.

Stacked up, compounding, usually interconnected, certainly one impacting another.

So then, how do we understand the dichotomy of life and the pushing and pulling of almost every decision you make? How do you go about knowing how to be, what to say, what to do, how to act? What money to take, patients to get, practice to build?

More importantly, how do you choose how you invest your time, your energy, your attention, your love…your self?

The answer is this – definiteness of purpose!

In the book “Outwitting The Devil” Napoleon Hill writes about this explicitly. The book is about a conversation, more like an interview Napoleon Hill has with the Devil where the Devil opens up and shares all of his secrets, his ways, his beliefs, and tells exactly how to beat him at his game.

The point of course is finding yourself and living the most successful fulfilling life possible and avoiding all ways and means of sabotage, which by the way, you understand that is what you and I and the rest of the world do, don’t you!

Sabotage ourselves.

With words, actions, beliefs, people, shortsightedness, diversion from your definiteness of purpose, from what you want most in life.

This is the ultimate fight. The fight against self-sabotage. The disparage between your ambitions and your actions.

Yes of course there is always a balance to be had, but not in all things. You can balance a workout a day with a dessert a day, or two or three. That’s the most innocent kind of indulgence there is, and the sweetest to, truth and pun intended.

But, in life, balance is overrated. I’m telling you. It’s true. Because of this reason – your scales must tip in the direction of your purpose, of what you are setting out to achieve.

…Of what you want for your life, more weight must be given.

Balance as a person, internally, but not in the world outwardly.

Balance is called indifference.

Balance is about not having preference, and to have no preference is to have no soul.

An example, if you want what’s best for your children then you would not nor would you allow someone else to smoke around your kids. That is not something to balance or be in different about.

If you want wealth and prosperity from your practice there is a time when work and play can’t balance, at least not if you ever want to get to a point in your life when play out weights work.

If you want love in your life, lasting, committed, love you can count on, trust in, live for and with, then other things are going to sacrifice for that. Just ask your spouse if love is a perfectly balanced act.

Not a chance. Some times its 90/10 and others its 10/90, seldom is it 50/50, not even while you’re sleeping…thinking about it, who gets most of the bed (and covers).

The bottom line is this, you must know in each areas of your life and your life as a whole what is your definiteness of purpose and then weigh everything against that.

Oh yes, I do believe you live in “the now”, you savor every moment, but, savoring and fulfilling to the fullest degree, getting all you deserve out of it, can only happen when you are clear, certain, and committed to your future.

I didn’t say it’s easy to know, find, discover, believe…that’s the unwritten journey, always the next chapter in your life and sometimes it changes as you change, however, when you sit still, just “being”, your definiteness of purpose will be clear, its your inner most desire, what you want most, what you’re willing to sacrifice all else for. There is you and your life as a whole, and then all the parts that make it up.

The dichotomy of life is that there really is no dichotomy when you are charting your own course, it’s just a matter of whether you are being true to yourself or not, acting, living, being with integrity towards your definiteness of purpose.

One thoughtful point of so many taught in this book: it is your sole and primary duty in this life to satisfy this purpose fully. You deserve that, but only if you do what is deserving of it.

What is your purpose…

For your life
For your love
For your family
For your practice
For your patients
For your future
For this moment