What Practice Freedom Really Means

The point of last week’s message was to get you to challenge yourself and to really assess whether your practice has delivered the independence and freedom that you initially desired when you first chose to become a practice owner. In reality, most doctors are at the mercy of their practice, not actually in control over it.

This is precisely what my newest book was all about. The Four Freedoms of Dentistry outlined all of the tactical tools, the specific strategies, and the actual components of your practice that will lead to greater independence, freedom, and autonomy.

Of course, part of the equation here is loving what you do because at the end of the day it is still work. You do still have to show up and execute.

However, everything you get out of doing that work (meaning the money, lifestyle, freedom, and fulfillment), is directly tied to the engineering of the business model to purposefully, reliably, consistently, predictably deliver the outcomes you want.

As I mentioned last week, true freedom goes beyond owning the practice and into how the practice is serving as a catalyst for the life you want outside its walls.

I have talked a lot about freedom both in concept and in reality. Now, I know you might be facing real challenges today with even more uncertainty about what tomorrow brings, but now is still the perfect opportunity (as it always is) to take full advantage of the freedoms your practice provides by designing the type of life you want.

It boils down to whether you want to achieve success by your own definition or you are completely content with just more of the same. Since you are reading this, I can surmise that you are still in pursuit of a better, faster, smarter, more profitable way to practice dentistry by utilizing the key leverage points that already exist.

In dentistry, you can leverage your time and schedule, you can leverage your team and patients, and you can leverage your profits and business model.

The fastest way to maximize that leverage is by short-cutting learning curve with the knowledge of other people who have done what you want to do.

So many doctors let their past experiences get in the way of their future potential. This is a real shame because nothing in the past matters; not failed experiences nor successes. You can craft a future of your choosing and you don’t have to do it alone.

I’m setting aside time to help you create a customized plan to reach new these levels of prosperity and independence, where you and I will work together to craft…

Your Ultimate Practice and Lifestyle Freedom Blueprint

You will soon see why my approach is so unique. Because every doctor is different, no cookie-cutters or one-size-fits-all (better title one-size-fails-most) solutions ever work. They don’t breed independence. In fact, most everyone else trying to sell you things have the exact opposite agenda in mind – they want you dependent upon their boxed-up solutions that have no impact on your success because they are not customized for you.

Do not make the mistake of thinking I am like them or this is just ‘more of the same.’ That is exactly why I offered a customized Independence Call Opportunity, so you can see first-hand what I am all about and how I can help facilitate your goals and objectives.

That is a key point, I said YOUR GOALS not someone else’s. Not mine – YOURS. This is what independence in life, and certainly business, is all about. The reality of results not the illusion of activity.

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Achieving freedom in your practice goes much further than any one concept or idea in that you can reliably and systematically have predictable results without any of them being completely dependent on you.

You’ll remember my philosophy that you either have a team-driven practice or a doctor-dependent practice. However, arriving at a place where your team members are creators does not happen on its own.

To paint a more vivid picture for you… nearly half of my doctors come to me originally because they are either burnout by dentistry and the effort required; they are stuck in a rut and feel plateaued; or they are ready to leave, prepare for the exit and sell their practice.

In every single case, I can tell you that no matter how great their team is they have a practice that is so reliant upon them that they feel as though the practice is a weight on their shoulders that they are carrying around everywhere. Instead of a vehicle they are driving and getting somewhere meaningful; it is more like a car without wheels and a gas pedal pushed to the floor – it will never get them anywhere other than just burn up the engine.

Once we have restored (or sometimes for the very first time established) clarity of vision, systems integration, and performance-based accountability through team ownership of responsibilities, it is as if the weight has been lifted. The relief felt makes dentistry fun again. As you might imagine, clinical excellence and financial profitability tends to have that effect.

This is the ultimate liberation from the burden of production and management.

If this describes you then you owe it to yourself to take action right now and find your freedom with… Your Ultimate Practice and Lifestyle Freedom Blueprint

The other half of doctors are doing well and consider themselves at the top of their game but feel completely stuck in that the only way to grow beyond where they are at is a way that they don’t want (with the addition of more of everything). They feel lost and stagnant as if there are out of options.

The “more of everything” is often seen as expansion of hours (and expansion of overhead), building out more space, and adding volume on top of volume. This all sounds ridiculous when you are already stressed out and running full throttle. Some, heaven forbid, are considering adding insurance plans to get more patients when the problem is not with having enough patient opportunities, it’s with not being able to cultivate enough dentistry and case acceptance.

These doctors soon realize that more volume, hours, patients, space, team, and sometimes even production is never the right answer.

If this sounds more like where you are at, then you already understand that the peak performers get better by constant and never ending improvement, not multiplying more of the same. You are looking for my wisdom (knowledge through compounded experience) to ensure you reach your next level of independence…

I’ll Help You Create Your Ultimate Practice and Lifestyle Freedom Blueprint

Regardless of what type of practice you have today and how you would categorize yourself, going against the grain is what being independent and experience freedom is all about, not having to conform to ‘norms’ or ‘trends’ or ‘others’ ideals’ just for the sake of it.

So, when I ask you what do you want to be free from, what do you want to actually achieve, how would you define success? It goes deeper than just the ‘what’ to the ‘how’ you want to practice and most important to the ‘why’ of your goals.

Most private practice owner doctors stay completely imprisoned by their practices and the industry as a whole. This stems from their lack of belief in what’s possible and usually from their either doubt or skepticism or lack of exposure to anything but what they already know.

The entrepreneurial doctors I work with have the qualities of asking questions, being curious, challenging the status-quo, prioritizing ingenuity and innovation, never wavering on their resolve, relentlessness pursuit of excellence, and achieving their definition of success that yields everything they desire, dream, aspire, and want it to be.

Nothing is guaranteed except the opportunity to take action, to make tomorrow better than today, to define your success, and to take control of your life.

My challenge to you is never settle, never stop being true to yourself, practice on your own terms, and realize the greatest freedom in dentistry is never having any “have-to’s” but everything because you want to.

During Your Practice and Lifestyle Freedom Strategy Call I will personally walk you through your own roadmap to achieving a practice-on-your-own-terms business and share with you specific strategies that are easily put into place without you having to incur any additional stress or overhead.

Through my experiences, I have worked through every possible scenario, practice style, and doctor objectives. Together, I can take your preferences and build a practice profit blueprint to match without sacrificing your lifestyle or compromising your principles.

I suppose, to put it bluntly, you’ll only know how I can help you if you give yourself a chance and take me up on this unique opportunity. For every doctor, they can look to experiences, knowledge, and mentors that guided them and opened their eyes to things that were not taught in school. I will prove to you that working smarter, not harder, is achievable.

I say to you: do you dare to discover what is possible? Do you want to know what you are truly capable of? What if you could really have it all: fun, rewarding, and profitable all at the same time while reducing stress and hours? Are you ready to experience true dental practice freedom?

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