You Are Trying To Do Too Much: EMPOWER YOUR TEAM With These…

We are getting very advanced today. And very actionable. In fact, this may be the single most “cash in hand – do this today” Huddle I’ve ever written.

Included right here are 3 daily, visit by visit, individual patient experience habits your Team can embrace and it will (overnight) at least double your production.

The clients I work with, who meet my 3 criteria, quickly understand that there are very specific things that are holding them back every day, primarily their vision.

But, there is one thing above all others that gets in the way of you achieving your goals. That’s not empowering your team to promote more dentistry.

It’s a very simple concept, if it’s just you, just one person that’s promoting dentistry then you are at a disadvantage. You have the least amount of time with the patient than anyone else and usually your time with them is hands in mouth; not looking them in the eyes dialoguing about what they really WANT and making the emotional connection to YOU.

You must have a team. If two people “promote” then you’ll do better, but if EVERYONE promotes YOU win big.

Do this little math problem for me please that proves my point and then I’ll give you the goods.

Take your dollars-per-day that you want to create (not produce, that’s history, CREATE and place in the schedule for the future) and divide it by the NUMBER of PEOPLE on your TEAM. If you want to be extremely conservative about it, divide only by the clinical team, though that’s shortsighted and foolish.

NOW, how much PER TEAM MEMBER PER DAY is each of them responsible for?

I mean. Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

Say your goal is $10,000 and you have 6 people, that equals just $1,667 a person. If you aren’t included. They need to only create one implant, a quad of composites, some basic crown and bridge, a quality crown with some bonus. Each.

Seriously. If each Team Member can’t help ONE SINGLE patient move forward everyday with ‘that’ then we have much bigger problems here.

Now, take your daily goal and divide it by the number of patients you will see each day, in and out of your Practice, so 2 hygiene columns and a half dozen or so in the doctor’s schedule. Whatever.

Maybe between 20-30 patients a day. Let’s say 20.

If still $10,000, that’s $500 per patient of new dentistry to help them achieve optimal health.

It’s really very extremely conservative and simple.

The reality is, it will come with a few patients doing some bigger things and some patients doing nothing. If it’s up to you, you aren’t going to be able to consistently pull it off.

That’s why I say you have to empower the team to embrace the THE 3 MOST DYNAMIC New PRODUCTION Creators that exist in your Practice.

This goes with my philosophy which I have presented many times to you before, EVERY PATIENT SHOULD be “seen” as a NEW PATIENT in terms of looking at their mouth for the first time…so you do not prejudge them in any way and you always share with them the ultimate dental experience to make them healthy.

Here they are:

A: Teach Your Team To Ask More SMART and PERSONAL Questions to engage your patients in their dentistry…because, remember, they really don’t care otherwise they would be working for you…they want to understand only after you make it relevant to them. QUESTIONS are the most powerful use of words on earth.

B: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Take More Pictures. Yes, they are worth a thousand words and thousands of dollars of dentistry. Pictures are proof. Don’t let your team be lazy and don’t you be cheap, shoot em up and show em off and let them see it like others do.

C: You really must have a specific educational focus going on in your practice all of the time to ensure your Team is always focused on your initiatives and desired procedures. It doesn’t take time to say…”Mr. Smith, did you know Dr. SO AND SO has recently been helping a lot of our patients with implants. You are an ideal candidate for these because of A, B, C, and I’d love to share a little more about them with you and then if it’s a good fit we’ll let Dr. SO AND SO explain the best way to make you healthy.”

Or, “Mrs. Jones, we have been doing some incredible things recently for our patients with invisalign, are you familiar with this process. I’m asking because I know you have thought before about taking your beautiful teeth and aligning them to give you a more natural smile that you deserve so much…I’d love to share with you about his…”

You see. Give everyone a focus. Tell EVERY SINGLE PATIENT about something NEW you are doing, or making something NEW every month, this helps make every patient visit individualized and different. Plus, it teaches and trains your team to DIALOGUE.

The best part is, even if the patient doesn’t need something done or it’s irrelevant to their mouth you can share and EDUCATE to help convey the opportunity for referrals.

It’s about a culture and relationship of education that promotes dentistry long term, cultivates a referral practice, and keeps your team on their toes to always be creating opportunity to make patients healthy and grow your practice in the best way possible.

Please. Empower your people to create, promote, sell dentistry for YOU.

Most often the Doctor is too busy “doing” dentistry to actually promote, educate, sell any dentistry…

To be continued… Now, do the math and know your numbers to realize: when you focus on making Patients healthy, treating every patient as an individual, and breaking it down by each Team Member’s responsibility, your goals should be easily exceeded on an every day basis. Divide and conquer please. It just makes sense.

Right now you are expecting your team to “do their jobs” not to create more work for the practice, not to make patients healthy by being the LEADERS in promoting Dentistry. No wonder the score is always so close at the end of the day, week, month; because only one person is making any points – you.

Next week, I’ll open up my playbook and show you exactly how to double your daily collections and cut the number of patients required to fill your schedule in half.