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To many Dentists, it seems like the war against BIG Insurance is over. It’s the age of Wal-Mart and the commoditization of dental care has become an unstoppable locomotive – steamrolling over the dreams of independent practices across North America.  So why fight it?  Why not submit, give in, give up?


Don’t fall prey to the dispensers of doom, gloom, and misery.  Even in today’s chaotic health care marketplace, open-minded and resourceful Dentists CAN forge a new path through the wilderness.  A path that leads to freedom from corporate control, cookie-cutter procedures, and low ball compensation.

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But fear not - because as you read he’ll be right there with you holding your feet to the fire to make sure that happens. This book not only unveils the SECRET, it gives you the exact tools you need to put that SECRET into action

So, if you’re ready to move beyond yet another “book of rehashed advice” for something raw, real, and powerfully transformative – then “The Dental Success Secret To Having a Vibrant Practice That Thrives and Grows Year After Year After Year” is the one book you need no matter where your practice is today.

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"“Scott offers a wonderful outside view… It is very very much a ‘Let’s define what you want your practice to be and then figure out a way to make it a viable economic business and a viable personal business so that you go home energized rather than worn out.’ Through Scott, you defined what you want your practice to be and I find that much more rewarding than when I was chasing someone else’s dream.”"

~ Dr. Moberly, Washington


"I think one of the things that I've been thinking about since meeting with Scott is that as dentists, we’re professionals. We’re highly trained. We’re highly skilled. We’re professional, but so is the third baseman for the Toledo Mud Hens. He’s a professional. So the question is, what league do you want to play in? Do you want to be a minor league professional or do you want to play for the Yankees? What vision do you have for yourself? Do you see yourself as a utility infielder on a Class A team or are you going to strive to make the majors? That’s what we’re doing with Scott."

~ Dr. Ferris, Illinois

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