Posts By: Scott J Manning, MBA

The Greatest Return Comes From Investing In Yourself

Could there be a more important conversation or action plan than this?  There is not a worthier objective in your life than looking at yourself as an investment.  Bluntly, the more value you place in yourself the more valuable you will become. However, this doesn’t happen by accident.  The more casual you are about it, the less control… Read more »

Building Patients’ Value And Deserve Levels

There is always a lot more unconverted treatment plans in your practice than there is treatment that gets accepted and completed.  There is the obvious: patients that had exams, diagnosed, presented to, and do not move forward.  Then there are others you might not immediately think about… the patients that never make it to their first appointment,… Read more »

Your Single Greatest Investment

Last week, I gave you five of the most impactful leverage points for every practice.  Most doctors and teams simply leave allow too much leeway for themselves.  It diminishes (often without even being realized), the potential of your practice. When you take each of those five practice growth components and provide yourself, your team, and your patients… Read more »