Posts By: Scott J Manning, MBA

Your Dental Future: Fearless or Frightened

There are two sides to everything.  The good and the bad, the risk and the reward, the hope and the anxiety, the liberty and the responsibility.  We’ve got one such example next Tuesday. And then there’s tomorrow, Halloween, with both Tricks and Treats.  Everyone loves the surprising, mysterious, magical, and unexpected when hidden in a… Read more »

The Greatest ‘Trick or Treat’ Of All

Last week, I asked you to think about the things you let influence the way you think about and talk to your patients.  In other words, the tricks you play and the spells you are under when it comes to expecting the best possible outcomes. I’m sure you have heard of the book “The Secret”… Read more »

How to Effectively Manage Your Patient Experience Workflows for your Dental Practice

When was the last time you had an exceptional experience with a business? Think about the experience at a high level: how it made you feel, what you remember, and how you shared your experience with the people you know. Now break down the whole of your experience into its fundamental ingredients: the interactions you… Read more »

The Tricks You Play, The Spells In Your Way

On Friday, in my Weekly Report, I referenced all the “tricks” we play on ourselves and “spells” we might be under that are keeping us from seeing clearly, believing in what is actually possible, and otherwise achieving our goals. We could take this conversation two different directions.  The one where you think about your own… Read more »