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Keepin’ It Fun While Playing To Win

One often underestimated quality that you will lead to more success in your practice is having more fun.  That certainly doesn’t mean it will be absent of work.  There will still be some days you’d surely like to forget or at least can’t wait to end. Nevertheless, teams that have fun are teams that do… Read more »

The Ultimate Patient Success Secret [Part 4]

This week, we continue working towards building more value in the minds of your patients.  Now that I’ve armed you with the two most important foundational pillars to a truly patient-centric experience – making it about them and ensuring that you set the tone in every aspect of your communication – you are ready for… Read more »

Practice Luck Factor #7 (of 7)

Lucky Number Seven.  Here we are folks, at the final Luck Factor.  What I’m about to tell you, to help you become more successful with your patients, is about far more than just dentistry. There is a reason I chose this one for #7.  Mainly because most people won’t ever do it and the nature… Read more »

Practice Luck Factor #6 (of 7)

Today, we are going to combine two Luck Factors into one so that you can fully grasp the power of them both.  That way, you’ll experience this week’s Huddle in an applicable fashion as to what you live through and are responsible for every single day in your Practice with each other (team members, doctors… Read more »