The Truth About What’s Really Holding You Back

I have a question for you? It’s a question I ask myself. Probably every day if not a few times a day. And it’s the question I believe all ambitious, successful, smart professionals always ask themselves too.

Today, I want to ask you…Where do you feel plateaued in your life and practice?

There is always, at least, one somewhere that is in the way of you breaking through to a deeper level of success, wealth, health, and dentistry.

And it always begins in the very same place: your thinking. Your mind plays tricks on you. Mostly it self-justifies your acceptance of less than optimal, of settling for less than you are capable of, and letting things go that otherwise require more discipline, effort, focus than you want to take to see them through.

It also can warp your sense of self-worth, cause encumbering doubt, and allow insecurities to creep in.

The only way to identify these things is to be willing to face the music in your own head by asking questions to self-reflect and assess where you are compared to where you want to be.

So, have at it!

Where are you: Stagnant? Frustrated? Wondering what’s next?

What would achieving more, better, faster look like?

In your health, your wealth, your time freedom, your family relationships, your other interests?

It’s much more important to me you are willing to do this work and ask these questions personally first.

Then we can break it down inside your practice related to the following:

More: Money, Time, Acceptance, Procedures you love

Better: Profit, Team Involvement, Follow-through, Execution, Patients Engagement

Faster: Goals, Bucket list, Schedule Control, Correcting Mistakes, and Manifesting the Future.

Above all else… more, better, faster DECISIONS.

As you ponder these questions, I’m guessing I know the answer. Because anyone who cares about outcomes, who wants productive use of time, and who has a feeling of great significance often feels plateaued.

Let’s get ready to practice what we preach and really go deep on these…

Sometimes it’s a plateau of motivation, even desire. Sometimes it’s a plateau of excitement where boredom sets in. Sometimes it’s a plateau of results. Sometimes it’s (if you can imagine this), a plateau of vision.

A loss or lack of clarity is catalyst for all the rest. Like knocking down the first domino. If you lose sight of your goals and vision or have no plan to achieve them, you will quickly become frustrated maybe even experience a feeling of helplessness.

Or, I hate to even say it, you might feel a lack of deserve when things get tougher… and they always do. Success certainly does. The higher up the mountain top you go, the harder it is to hang on let alone keep climbing. That is when you start to let doubt creep in.

And my friend – doubt is what stimulates all the worst things in your life and business. It doesn’t happen second, it happens first. Then after doubt, you start getting distracted searching for easy solutions to complex problems or you start questioning whether it’s all worth it or not. Or you stray from everything you know has been proven to work and you stop doing the right things.

The greatest athletes have slumps. Feel plateaus. Get frustrated. Even lose in big moments.

And then they do what all great players know to do. As the only way out of a slump, the only way to breakthrough a plateau is…


Right now, in your practice, I don’t care how many millions of dollars you make or even how big your net worth already is … or on the flip side, I don’t care if you have no money at all and are struggling, or if your practice has gone up or down or stayed the same this year.

No matter what you are experiencing right now (your perception of things, the feelings inside of you, or the actual legitimate plateaus in your practice), you’ve got two choices.

To give in, be complacent, settle, and stop striving for more.


To commit to conquering the challenge, to grow personally, and to thrive by deciding to breakthrough whatever is holding you back from the next level, from your potential, from your highest income or your ideal dentistry.

If you choose the second, I can tell you more of the same isn’t going to get you anything more, better, or faster of what you want. You must build up momentum, regain your confidence, double down on the stakes, ignite your fire, lock down your focus, and prepare to explode through your plateaus.

That’s right, there is no such thing as a ‘gradual’ breakthrough. You must…

Explode Through Your Plateaus

This includes using your super powers from your verbiage and psychology to your reversed engineered math to your mastered patient experience and triangles of trust.

If you and your team are just motivated by hitting daily numbers you aren’t going to find the consistency you desire. Instead, if you are challenging yourselves to make the most of every opportunity to help your patients and you see yourselves as leaders and facilitators of health then you will be amazed at how much you can run up the score day in and day out.

And here’s the real secret…you’ve got to go first. The doctor must be the most focused, most on fire, most responsible, most caring, most determined one who is going to resist the urge and human tendency to just go through the motions day to day.

Becoming a better, faster, stronger, more confident, more committed and ambitious practice owner, independent dentist and most of all life athlete is the only way to rally your players to achieve your potential at its highest level.

That’s how you breakthrough and achieve more, better, faster…results, success, goals, profits, wherever you desire to go next with your practice and your life.

First, you must make the list. Ask around if you have to, but figure out what’s holding you back, right now.

And then I challenge you to accept no excuses from yourself or anyone else and to arm yourself with the greatest advantage I can offer you.

If there is one definition of what I do: I’m a plateau conqueror, a breakthrough exploder, a potential expander, a ultimate success achiever. I am the assurance to your ability that allows you to work smarter not harder and to get more out of all you’ve got.

You are here in the right place, but just reading won’t get you anywhere you want to go. Action only does that. The final question of this Weekly Report is very simple…what are you going to do with all the power, pride, and profit that remains untapped and pent up inside of your practice?!

To make the decision to leave anything hold you back in the dust, to kick gradual anything to the curb and step up to the goals that you have, exceed them and set even bigger ones.

But you can put down the shovel and leave the jackhammer at home because I’m bringing dynamite. There won’t be a single wall holding you back anymore.

I’m inviting you to essentially (virtually) walk into my office, pull up a chair, and for a full hour pick my brain to uncover exactly how to make their practice more fulfilling and profitable.

This is the exact analytical process I provide exclusively for my Inner Circle Doctors: where together, we craft a Strategic Action Plan to create the kind of lifestyle-driven private practice you’ve always wanted.

I don’t care whether your plateaus are in your head, in your team, in your patients, or even in your finances. Bring me your toughest challenges as long as you are ready to win like never before. Now is the time.

This is no leftover April Fool’s joke. This is about you stepping up and going all in on your potential and reaping all the rewards that are possible through Private Practice Dentistry.

The decision is yours and it’s very simple. Get my help crafting a Strategic Action Plain and conquer any and all obstacles holding you back…

Reclaim the Pride, Power, and Prosperity of Private Practice Dentistry