The Path to Reclaim Your Private Practice Pride, Power, and Prosperity

Over the last several weeks, I have guided you through the best strategies, methods, and actions that help you to create more value in your patients’ minds and move them off their fixation on the investment for dentistry.

In fact, last week I hand delivered to you the 7 highest value LUCK FACTORS to Private Practice that will unlock your potential, give you true autonomy, and set you up for the path to actual independence in clinical dentistry, financial freedom, and above all else time liberation.

If you take those seriously (which means doing more than just “try” them but rather truly embed them into your patient experience and culture of care), you will see a dramatic impact on how patients make decisions.

I didn’t stop there though…

In case you’ve been hiding from your shadow – I have recently released my most provocative and comprehensive Private Practice Playbook for Success with my newest book.

You Can Grab Your Copy Right Here

The fact is most doctors miss the most significant part of being in Private Practice and that’s the choice to do it however you want, to practice on your own terms with a model of your own design.

Once this is established – the HOW you want to work, practice, earn, deliver, lead, etc. – then, using my proprietary formula, you can easily reverse engineer the HOW MUCH you want your practice to be worth to you. In profit but also in value of time and personal fulfillment.

In my book I talk about Pride, Power, and Prosperity. When you align these three you have a state of ideal and elevates all aspect of your Private Practice. In fact, it’s difficult to have one without the other two.

So, you ask, why does this allude so many independent dentists?

First of all, most of them are satisfied with the status quo. They settle, remain complacent, and accept their current reality because they believe they can’t do any better at least not without greater sacrifice, harder work, and more hours.

Of course, I prove out every day that actually the opposite is true.

When you simplify, you grow. When you focus more, success becomes easier. When you attempt to do less, you profit more.

This is all about being true to who you want to be and how you want to practice.

Obviously, the first thing is defining what that looks like. And in order to define it, you have to know what is possible so that you do not limit yourself.

How do you do that? Well, you start by reading my book. You start by looking in not out at what you really want. You start by becoming more and more clear in you preferences.

Our industry wants you to believe that you must be just like everyone else. They want you to believe you must take insurance. You must get an endless supply of new patients. You must become more like a commodity.

We call this trap the “Fallacy of Extremes.” A really bad idea. You see the industry (yes, our great and wonderful industry, which it is, but it can also be deceiving), sells you maximization – of everything… if one new patient is good then 100 is better; if one new procedure is worthwhile then a dozen are necessary; if adding one hour adds production then add as many hours to your schedule as possible; if one insurance is acceptable then take every other available.

It serves some industry objectives to have a practice cloning factory which is fueled by giving the same advice to every practice. Every journal, every new shiny object, and every trendy idea is driving dentists away from their core values and turning them into “one in the same” where each is indistinguishable from the next.

It’s prudent to grow, change, and adapt – with strategic purpose and intentionality. Of course, you do this as you keep learning, training, and finding new ideas to add to your practice (whether it’s new procedures to your mix or new ideas to run your business).


You do not ever do this at the expense of your philosophy, your principles, your own personal lifestyle, and your own practice design.

Instead, you have to choose who you are, how you want to practice, and what you want to be known for – you have to decide on your differentiation.

The foolish dentists looks to follow the crowd, to become like everyone else, and otherwise destroy the very reasons why a patient would want to come to you, be loyal to you, invest in you – because of you, your philosophy, your mission, your purpose, your relationship. All of these things are about more than just dentistry.

Falling for the extremes means volume, insurance, discounts, commoditization, marketing gimmicks, coupons, and becoming a convenience for everyone but yourself. Rather than becoming an exclusive practice that patients respect and feel privileged to be cared for by you.

Who would have thought corporations would try to take over dentistry. Who would have thought insurance would ruin patients, not help them. Who would have thought you could buy ortho through the mail.

What’s next? Amazon selling “do it yourself root canals” or “one size fits all dentures.”

The better question is not “what’s next” but instead “what are you going to do about it?”

Listen to the noise, get lost in the crowd, follow these people off into the abyss where there is no turning back? A place of no autonomy, no control over your profit, no ability to really be your own boss because you are answering to and at the mercy of everyone else?

Worse than all of that is: these things take the focus off of what matters most, what we are all here to do … care for patients by improving health.

That notion seems lost in this sideshow that distracts from the main point and ultimate purpose.

Fear not, I have specific steps for proven system.

I have the path and formula to finally and completely differentiate yourself from everyone else – so that you will rise above the competition, the corporations, the insurance, the discounts, and the extremes that muddies the minds of your patients and that takes away from your mission.

Today is the day… if you have been holding back, if you have been giving in, if you have suppressed your bigger dreams … to let yourself go all in on what you really want.

I’m here to rescue you from being another victim of the status quo, mediocrity, industry norms, peer pressure, and paranoia that leads you into unsustainable business practices and compromised dental principles.

Stand with me in embracing your uniqueness, in being who you are, in structuring your business and your dental practice to be extraordinary, to be truly independent.

This is my gift to you. It may very well be the most valuable one you have ever received (if you accept the responsibility that comes with it).

Go ahead, see for yourself, you be the judge. The choice is yours…

The Path to Reclaim the Pride, Power, and Prosperity of the Private Practice Dentist…