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To Become An Entrepreneurial Dentist You Must Be…

Here’s what you gotta know.  Your belief about your potential and your desire for your own success is your greatest assurance to achieve something bigger, better, different than what you already have in your life and practice. I often tell my doctors I’ve never seen anyone achieve something that they did not intentionally set out… Read more »

Things That Should Frighten You – Part 3

Way back in the old days when I was teaching martial arts and earning a respectful living while still in my teens, I learned very quickly that the greatest challenge in every business is ONE key factor. It’s called: SHOWING UP. I used to compare the challenge of getting a patient back to your practice… Read more »

Things That Should Frighten You – Part 2

The scariest part about what is going on in Dentistry today is the continued commoditization of what you do.  Leading to the frightening reality that patients believe that they can get the same thing anywhere they go.  A dentist is a dentist is a dentist. You and I both know that simply isn’t true. In… Read more »