A Greater Return on Your Practice Investment in Time, Money, and Freedom

If there is one thing that is woven through the fabric of my doctors is the very soul of a true Entrepreneurial Private Practice Owner. They embody the commitment to strive, achieve, fight the norm, go against the grain, and breakthrough any and all limitations.

This is like blood through their veins.

And it is brought to life with one of our core fundamental principles that nothing has to be wrong in order to improve and nothing has to be bad in order to be better.

The hunger for growth, in pursuit of excellence, desiring of more, rising up in potential, and raising the bar on expectations is what makes you, you. That is what makes this place right here so special and sacred!

It goes with the idea that winners win, no matter what, regardless of the obstacles in their way. They make no excuses, rather they create opportunities!

Here’s the bottom line: whether you are feeling it personally right now or not, doesn’t matter. Your team is, your patients are, and likely you soon will be too. Surely you have seen some indications already that say the obvious signs say that the future is anything but certain.

Yes, that’s sort of a tongue in cheek statement. The future, of course, is never certain. And yet yours very much can be. Let’s treat the future like a weather forecast; you hedge your bets against how to prepare for what’s coming…grab an umbrella, an extra jacket, and your rain boots…you’ll be bone dry even in the strongest downpour.

The weather, much like the economy, happens around you—not to you. You literally get to control what happens in your own life, if you are willing to accept the responsibility.

Most don’t. They don’t want to be future focused because it’s too much work to put off short term gratification for longer term stability. Shortsighted is a bad habit and an even worse one to break.

This is one of those perfect times for a precisely placed clinical analogy. Think of it like putting new crowns on teeth that don’t line up. No matter how great the crowns are in the moment, they’ll be beat up because they aren’t in the right position. The tendency will be to blame the crowns (the newly introduced variable), when in fact that’s not it at all.

It was faulty foundation. The short-term fix of dressing up the outside without attention being paid to the long-term solution of addressing the integrity of what’s underneath. Which matters far more than anything else in order to have a successful, sustainable outcome.

Today, we are going to talk about the foundation of your practice.

This is the reason you can live with peace of mind, you can practice with confidence, and you can profit with predictability. You are insulated from economic uncertainty; or at least you can be.

That’s right, protected from whatever comes your way. No matter what lies ahead, poor economy or otherwise, you can continue to thrive.

Your next decision is very simple: choose now that you are capable of more and your practice can provide to you a greater return on your time, energy, and sacrifice.

By now I am sure you are wondering, “But Scott, why would you, Mr. Optimistic and all things abundance and prosperity, be talking about the economy?”

Well, I expected such a keen question from the clever doctors here, reading along. It’s simple. It’s because I am an opportunistic realist. I believe if you pay attention and are aware of things happening around you, you can take advantage of them rather than be disadvantaged by them.

So, don’t get the wrong idea about this. I am not talking doom-and-gloom, the sky is falling, it’s all going to s*** type of thing.

If you know me, and you should since you are here, then you know I’m talking about the exact opposite. I am preparing you to make the most of the situation, to capitalize on the impending events, and position your practice for whatever comes next.

You have at this moment in time an unprecedented opportunity to build a stronger foundation than ever before, put up a fortress of wealth unlike you ever imagined (or thought you would need), push the limits on your beliefs, and engineer your practice to profit more than you have thought possible.

When I say insulate yourself, I am talking about three distinct functions…

First, you don’t have to work harder and harder to keep up. To do what you are doing now, certainly better and never worse, it doesn’t require more of what you don’t want.

Being insulated from uncertainty means you don’t have to start sacrificing and compromising just because everyone else is or everyone else says you have to.

Second, you absolutely do not have to take a pay cut, shrink your income, or reduce your expectations. You do not have to cheapen yourself, you do not have to slash your quality, and certainly you do not have to lower your prices.

In fact, it could actually be the opposite is the best strategy for you. And that means that you will always be able to attract, convert, and retain the value of patients you need in order to achieve your goals. This might be the time to actually continue growing your practice and your life in whatever way you deem appropriate based on your goals.

Third, and above all else, you don’t have to put your life on hold, your vacations on hold, your bucket list on hold, your hobbies on hold, and you absolutely without any doubt do not have to put your practice future on hold either.

The opposite is true. When everyone else slows down, you speed up. When everyone else plays passive, timid, scared, hunkers down, and holds ‘em tight—you do the opposite. The result is an acceleration of progress unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in your career whether years or decades. You can capture more A patients, more market share, more high-quality team members, and especially more prosperity, more freedom, more independence.

Insulation from uncertainty is about picking and choosing your patients by knowing your numbers so you can only do what is most profitable and fun for you. This allows you to be confident in your message, proud of your philosophy, and passionate about your dentistry.

You’ve worked your whole life to get here to this point. You’ve given up so much already but look at all you have to show for it.

Are you going to stand by and let external factors dictate how you live, practice, earn, invest, enjoy, plan, chase your dreams, and create your future? You didn’t come this far to rollover now, did you?

I didn’t think so.

Look, it’s true that many will cut and run, think they are selling at the top and get out of the game now while they still can. Every year, I have many who do this but they are at the right time in their life, wealth, career, or age to do it. It’s not reactionary to circumstances: it’s proactive, on point, planned out long ago.

The fact of the math is if you are profitable you always earn more income in a couple years of holding the asset and then still having an even more valuable asset to sell at any point of your choosing.

Some will just use this as an excuse…as the times get tough they start to retreat and go into massive reduction mode. In other words, just give up and accept a slow dejected fading into the abyss succumbing to the pressures around them.

Others, I hope you, will see this as the greatest time in their lives. When everyone else is hiding their heads in the sand waiting for the storm to pass, you will spring into action serving as the rescue crew saving those left behind.

The reality is, when you insulate yourself from the uncertainties of tomorrow, you are actually creating your own economy where you have full control. You turn the negative forces into positive counters for good that set you up for the ultimate victory and ability to earn what you deserve, multiply your wealth, do meaningful work, and the best part is you can still practice on your own terms.

This is just the beginning when you follow my approach to engineering your practice on a solid foundation that’s built to thrive no matter the challenges that await.

The choice is, as it always is, yours to make.