3 Magic Moves To Close More Treatment

This week’s Profit Report is all about “THE PATIENT” – oh of course they all are…today though I’m going to provide you with very important psychological tools to help you education, influence, and present more Treatment to WILLING and INTERESTED Patients.

Last week we dug deep into the MOST IMPORTANT ‘number’ of your practice and truly the lifeblood, the pulse of a Healthy Practice. We establish the fact that your production is like looking in the rearview mirror – it’s old news and yet that’s what everyone tracks. What you must begin doing to truly get ahead is focus on CREATION of Production in the future. For every dollar “produced” today another dollar has to be diagnosed, presented, accepted, schedule, and paid for, for tomorrow.

And if you are working on growth then you have to OUT Create your Daily Production otherwise you are going to run into a brick wall or continually ride a roller coaster.

Change your focus to this ONE thing and you will change the entire culture, prosperity, patient experience, and personal satisfaction with your life and business being a Dentist.

So…we are going to work Backwards today…on how to make sure Your Patients are comfortable and ready to “invest” in the Treatments you Present.

And finally next week I will unveil to you the most complete and yet easy-to-follow Treatment Diagnosis strategies that will more than double your daily diagnosis, often time my Dentists are quadrupling their Treatment Diagnosis and then even if your case acceptance stays at 50% you will double your Production and Practice overnight…without adding an hour to your day or a patient to your schedule.

To prepare you for that – I’ll give you 3 things, mentioned last week, specific tactical ways to help your Patients feel comfortable and follow-through…

1st: From the very beginning of the Patient Experience, whether this is your New Patient Coordinator, an Interview/Greeter who sits with the Patient, or an Assistant or Hygienist who specializes in working with New Patients, you want to establish what I call the Patient Advocate. Someone who is on the Patient’s Team – now – technically YOU ALL should be on the Patients Team if you want to sell full mouth cases, pay special attention then this is very important.

However, for any Practice on earth most Patients walk in skeptical, anxious, and otherwise concerned about what they will hear. They have their guard up. Plain and simple. They are protecting themselves and you have to show them that you are here to make them comfortable and you are on their side.

You want everyone to be warm and friendly…but that’s not enough, you want one person dedicated to showing the Patient EMPATHY from the start. Available to answer questions and helping ease the Patient into the Experience.

This is an art form no different than making a child engage on the first day of school or meeting a stranger. You can tell 100% if you have a comfortable engaged patient or not. You can’t wait until your hands are in their mouth to begin building rapport.

And someone should be doing it BEFORE the Doctor.

2nd: You want to create dialogue with the Team Member who is responsible for prepping the Patient, charting for you, and is a part of the Patient Experience when you are in the Room.

I call this working in Concert. It will become a little more clear next week, just think of it like this. Every time you say something they restate it for the Patient and ask a question back to you. Every time they say something you ask the patient if they understand what they said.

You and your New Patient Partner (I call it Batman and Robin) are like a team dancing and playing music. The best Dentist in the World at this, is my Super-Star Client and Dear Friend who has created the Ultimate Lifestyle Schedule where he “consults” with 2 new patients a day, 3 days a week, he takes somewhere in the range of 16 weeks off per year, and they have New Patients booked up months in advance waiting to get in.

He’ll Produce in excess of $3.0M this year with 10ish Clinical Days a month, 3 ops, 5 people, and net well over $1.0M in personal income.

He knows how to work in concert with these Team Members – he doesn’t try to do it all – he knows that when he forces or dictate Treatment it does make for a comfortable, willing, interested patient relationship.

The Team Member and You work together WITH the Patient, restating, asking questions, and ALWAYS allowing the Team Member to TRUMP YOU by being your conscience and making sure you are always listening to the Patient and never missing Treatment opportunities.

You are busy, doing many things, it’s okay to let someone guide you through the Patient Visit.

You can learn all about Dr. Mitchmore inside of my Prosperity Package I provide complimentary to you as a subscriber to The Profit Report. He tells his full story and how we made it all possible.


3rd: It is imperative that you follow my Triangle of Trust Protocol if you want to be successful at closing very high percentages of larger treatment plans.

Most of the time when you do produce $20,000-$60,000 Treatment Plans you do a lot of work and then you let them walk out the op or consult room to go talk to someone about “money”… what a bad idea… you have now just throw them into the Lions Den and did your Money person a real disservice.

It is as important for the Person who will present, collect, schedule to have authority in your Practice as it is for you. The only way this is possible is if they are IN THE OPERATORY when you make the FINAL Treatment Summary Plan and get agreement from the Patient in front of the person who will be asking for Money.

If you are doing same day treatment presenting, then they show up after you have completed and you sit back in the chair and say okay Patient let’s talk about what we are going to do. Treatment Coordinator (or whatever you call them anything other than financial please, no one wants to deal with the financial coordinator, they want to deal with someone who sounds nice not someone who wants to take their money, set them up for success) stands there and watches the Patient agree to the Treatment Plan and they ask the Patient if they have any questions and ensure they have full agreement and commitment from the Patient.

Of course they will ask “what about money” and you simply say, “at our office we put your health first not your money first, we know 100% we can help you achieve the goals you have as long as you agree with the plan and desire the outcome Doctor has presented to you today…money never stands in our way of doing what’s right for You Mrs. Smith.”

Then you take them to the consult room or place where you schedule and collect.

If you are doing traditional formalized treatment conferences or having them return on a second or third visit or leaving the operatory then You, the Treatment Coordinator, and the Patient would be in the Room together, you would present, get affirmation and commitment, ensure no questions, and let them take over.

I have just provided you with 3 very significant tactical adjustments and moves in your Practice that will literally create an instant impact on your Patient Experience and Production.

Make sure you have someone fulfilling the Patient Advocate Role

Make sure you have someone working in Concert with you in the Operatory

Make sure you have a Triangle of Trust with the Treatment Coordinator

If you have questions, need help, or want to accelerate your progress, achieve a Mitchmore Style Practice or design your own Lifestyle Practice or double, triple, quadruple, or 5x your existing Practice…

What are you waiting for??? Life’s short…don’t believe those fools…you really can get rich doing Dentistry, you can have it all, bake your cake and eat it too, you just have to structure your practice to achieve it’s fullest potential.

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Until next week…have a great weekend…onward and upward!