A Practice Battle Plan to Beat the Recession

Last week, I provided advice as it relates to the recession… you had better go on offense, not play defense. Right now is not the time to sit back, watch things play out, wait for it dissipate, discount your fees, or further commoditize yourself.

Really, there’s never a time for any of those things and certainly not right now.

The secret to success is always to do the opposite of what everyone else is saying, thinking, and doing because most will try to hide from the challenges instead of face them.

The only way to survive is to lean into threats, take on the task, and make the most of the opportunities left behind by those who scatter. That’s how you will ultimately conquer these times and win the day.

Okay, so you say, “I get it Scott, so what’s next? What’s the plan?” Well, I going show you how to win, and win big.

In my upcoming Masterclass we are going to craft your personalized battle plan for victory

For the very first time since 2008, I’ve painstakingly gone through every single one of my leading Inflation-Busting, Recession-Destroying, Economy-Reversing, Profit-Saving Practice Protection Strategies that will have you doing more than just getting by, hunkering down, and outlasting these difficult times…

In this powerful, updated, intensive working session with me, I’m going to literally customize for you a real time Implementation Plan and Blueprint for your success, preparing you for the unpredictable and volatile times ahead.

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Beat The Recession With Your Personalized Battle Plan

How can I be so confident? Well, for the last 20 years, two decades, through 9/11, the crash of the 2000s, the housing catastrophe, crazy elections, pandemics, and everything else, I have been helping my doctors thrive no matter what is going on around them, no matter what worldly or economic circumstances exist, and no matter what forces have been mounted against them.

How is this possible? There are three main reasons.

First, it all begins with…

A decision to have the proper mindset and attitude.

A mindset that’s based on unwavering commitment to focus on the things you can control…

The positive (you get more of what you focus on, like attracts like, yes all of that wonderful touchy feely stuff); the resourceful list of what can be done, not what can’t be done; an inventory of assets for protection and maximization; and the choice that my doctors always make and that’s to not sign up for anyone else’s agenda or being at the mercy of what’s going on around them because they take responsibility for their own lives.

This is actually more critically important than any practice model, fee schedule, types of procedures, location in the country, patient volume, insurance, or anything else.

That’s the decision to win, no matter what.

Have you made that decision? Are you focusing on problems or possibilities? Struggles and frustrations or opportunities and prosperity?

This mentality and life philosophy is the most valuable thing you will always get from me, consistently without fail every week. It’s the ‘way’ the only way to win, to live, to practice.

In my upcoming Masterclass, I will give you the one switch in thinking you and your team must make that will ensure your patients continue to invest in their health – even now.

This is the secret code heading into the recession that makes it all so much easier and rids your life of unnecessary frustration because your patients will eagerly accept treatment while every other practice will complain about price resistance, the hording of every dollar, and everyone wanting to delay.

But not you. You’ll collect like never before by motivating patients with this one simple mindset shift. It has to happen first with you.

Select One of Two Dates For The Upcoming Live Masterclass…

Secondly, one of the most powerful forces in all of dentistry (that most doctors fight against rather than use it as their ultimate advantage), is the economic principle of…

Supply and Demand

The math is actually in your favor. You have limited capacity to provide to your community of patients. In other words, you don’t need them all. So why would you try to appeal to them all by being everything to everyone.

Instead, you focus on optimizing the capacity you have by more precisely controlling your fees, your time, your value, your dentistry, and yes, your patients.

This is true all the time but especially right now. You never want to fall for the volume trap but the consequences during a recession are even starker.

You want to slow down the pace with your patients even more, you want to be more selective and discerning of what gets added to your schedule, you want to elevate your positioning, and you want to employ all of the principles for quality over quantity.

It isn’t and won’t ever be about how many people you see, only how much dentistry you do.

Resist the urge to do anything other than continue to become more premium, more exclusive, more concierge, and more of the dentistry you’ve always wanted to do. You will be amazed at what happens to your practice.

Everyone else will be begging for more patients as they simply can’t survive without endless volume because they are getting a little from a lot. All the while burning themselves out and churning through patients with zero focus on nurturing, relationship, cultivation, and retention (or even optimal patient health).

Even if they have some good runs they will do it at the expense of everyone’s sanity as they dig not just a figurative but a literal bigger hole they can’t possibly see enough patients to climb out of – because with all of this comes…

Diminishing profit.

The one thing, the only thing that actually matter during these wild and crazy times where your money doesn’t go as far (at least when you are spending but boy-oh-boy does it goes so much further when you are investing.

Did you realize that you could actually accelerate your path to financial independence, lessen your clinical days, enhance your lifestyle, and speed up your long term plans by years during a recession?

And that is exactly what you will do as a result of my Masterclass. This is for you if you want to turn a recession into your own acceleration of ambitions, goals, objectives and wealth creation.

You were sitting there expecting to worry and be concerned, instead you should be excited and confident when you…

Join Me for the 4-hour Live Masterclass…

Commit to that now. Make the decision today. Set your practice up to focus on less being worth more and capitalize on the opportunities presented.

Lastly, I did say there were three reasons. Well, I’ll give you the third one next week. You’ve got a lot to think about between now and then. I’ll share one thing no one else will ever tell you about the recession, you’ll get from me right here, next week.

In the meantime, you can stock up your bunker for the long wait if you want, but me and my band of ambitious doctors will be working to actually get better, stronger, more profitable, and more in control than ever before.

Here, at Dental Success Today, we always find ways to win because it’s the only option we accept.

Many will contemplate, few will decide, even less will act. The challenges will arise either way. The only real uncertainty is the outcomes you experience at the end of it all…