Are You a Climber, or Just Waiting for the Apple to Fall?

Welcome Spring Breakers

Are you getting some great time away, relaxing, or picking up steam and pushing harder? I never forgot this saying I heard in a movie once…a basketball movie, it has stayed with me for the rest of my life. Well, my life is over yet that goodness, so up til now I have always lived by this…

The best players practice when others don’t.

In other words, while some people sleep, play, waste time… the best get ahead. It’s really easy to out work the competition, just be smarter and work when they rest, do what they won’t, go where they don’t.

Think about it.

Of course you deserve a vacation…once in a while. Heavens, my clients take more vacations than any Dentists I know and yet they out earn the industry standard (not that I care about industry standards) 3 to 1, on average. 3x most income earning Dentists in North America.

I don’t brag…there’s nothing stopping you from becoming one of these Dentists other than your own beliefs and actions. Perhaps your desire.

Why would you want to triple your income…
You can work a third of the days or hours.
You can take 3x the vacations.
You can donate and give back 3x the money to the community.
You can do 3x the free dentistry.
You can go on 3x as many mission trips.
You can spend time with your family 3x as much.
You can have 3x the peace of mind.

And besides, who cares about money. We can gauge your success by ease of lifestyle, stress-less office operations, self-managed staff.

You remember what I talk about and believe it. It’s not HOW MUCH money you make it’s about HOW you make the money.

My preference is working smarter AND harder than others. That’s what really gets you ahead.

Now back to my point.

The reason I love referral marketing concepts and strategies so much are because they bring you more of the patients you want, they say yes faster and pay without question, and because your competition won’t do it.

Anyone can send out a direct mail postcard, run a TV ad, Radio, newspaper…EVERYONE is online using google and blah blah blah.

VERY VERY few are really focusing on the relationships they have with their patients and cultivating care, concern, commitment within their practice and creating referral relationships.

You know something, my community network concept is practice transforming, literally, it can deliver more new patients to you in the next 2-3 weeks than you have ever received before. If that’s your goal.

You know the problem. Most won’t do the work, take the time, see the big picture. BUT – the bad news is…the early bird gets the worm, so unless you are early forgetaboutit.

This is why you must do what others will not do, go where others will not go, and don’t delay or hesitate.

Here’s another one: Patient Follow-up…or for that matter, looking at your Patient Experience as “before, during, after” not just inside the treatment room.

No one does this.

I’m telling you. No one really takes time to get to know the patient. They rush through it, try to get any little “yes” instead of a really meaningful optimal-health beautiful-smile “yes”. They accept less than they should and do a disservice to the patient.

And worst of all NO ONE FOLLOWS UP.

The Dentist who does – wins, every time. You build a raving fan following of patients in your community who pay, stay, and refer as we like to say.

These are just 2 BIG examples of doing more than anyone else and while I don’t really care that much about competition, there are plenty of patients for every Dentist – just you watch and see – another one’s coming to your town soon, I’m sure of it, and they will do just fine.

The difference between the ones that just get by and those that really thrive is always up to you, whether you settle for what you get or you go after what you want.

My Grandmaster in Martial Arts from Korea (who is like a surrogate Father to me) used to always say…

“Scott, the ripest, juiciest, best apples are at the top of the tree…if you wait until they fall out of the tree they land on the ground, get bruised, and they are no longer ideal…if you want the best apples you have to be willing to climb up the tree and go get them.“

The winners in life are climbers, they get what they want because they do something other people won’t do. The losers in life are those that lay on the ground with their mouth open looking up at the tress waiting for the apply to fall.

So, when it comes to your Practice (the business success of your practice and the health success of your patients), let’s be tree climbers, go getters, and do what others don’t, go where others won’t.

I’ve given you two powerful concepts today and examples to think through. Where else do you see opportunity to do more, be better, move faster?!

I’ve got a whole box of apples I’d be happy to hand deliver to you, just say the words, type in your address, and I’ll get you started winning bigger, helping you work harder AND SMARTER right now.

Next week…a crazy surprise…a behind the scenes look at my most recent Private Retreat of Prosperous Proactive Forward Thinking Action Taking Dentists who are doing amazing things, I’ll share with you their breakthroughs and how they are having the year of their life so far in 2015 (and in more ways than you can even imagine).

Have a great weekend.