Are You the Anchor to Your Practice?

Would you like to know what I have realized throughout my 20+ years owning businesses and more than a decade of being on of the world’s leading profit consultants and experts in psychology of patients and staff systems inside of Dentist Offices and other Professional Practice firms…

There are two things.

First – the best always want to get better. Always.

Without exception, if you look at any industry, profession, sports, or other place where competition exist, the people who are over-achievers, ambitious, and serious about making the most of every day and every opportunity, these are also the people who work the hardest to deliver five-star service to their patients and are the most demanding on their teams to perform and exceed all expectations.

A+ Players are always the hardest on themselves because they live in the LARGEST ROOM IN THE WORLD – the room for constant and never ending improvement.

If you ask a successful Dentist this question:

“What are you working on right now, with yourself, with your practice, with your team, with your family, with your patients…”

They always have an answer. Usually a long list of answers.

And if they don’t, it doesn’t mean they aren’t successful it just means that maybe they have lost focus, motivation, become somewhat underwhelmed or overwhelmed or burnt out by their practice.

They just need re-energized, re-invigorated, re-ignited.
We all do. That’s life and human nature.

So – GO FIND YOUR FIRE, that intensity burning inside of you again that drives you and makes you LOVE DENTISTRY and yes, even, “the business of dentistry” again.

You deserve that.

This brings me to THE COLD HARD TRUTH.
Okay, so it doesn’t have to be such a “cold hard truth” but it is REALITY.

Are you ready. Can you handle the truth? Here it is…

…usually inside of the most successful Practices in any given city, based not just on finances, but rather based on life-style driven integrity, based on their willingness and desire and commitment to succeed: The Dentists who want to do their best realize…

& The anchor holding themselves back.

Yes, Yes, Yes.

This is true. And you know what. The most successful, honest, Dentists with passion, desire and integrity that I meet and talk with every week, they admit this reality. They tell the truth – that they know the next big breakthrough in their Practice has to come from their mindset.

The belief and “lead by example” mentality of the Dentist is what DRIVES the success of the Practice.

Recently, I conducted an in-depth Tele-Seminar Training related to this topic and the 7-deadly Sins that sabotage and rip the profits right out of every Dental Office in North America.

I find it so interesting some Dentists will actually have the nerve to question my ability in doubling their practice. I laugh. Common on. I do it everyday, well, let’s say every week.

Because I have a fresh perspective, outside view, I see the missing opportunity.

Also, I talk with more Dentists one-on-one than any other person in North America. Yes, that is a true statement, you know why I can say that – because I ACTUALLY TALK to You, the Dentist, the Practice Owner, I have no other agenda, I am not running around the country trying to sell hundreds and thousands of Dentists into some cookie cutter program.

Nope. I am listening, learning, getting to know more Dentists one-on-one and personally through my Practice Assessments for more Dentists in North America each and every week than anyone else – that’s why I have Super Hero like powers to make a change and see the opportunity and the realignment that can take place in your practice to TRANSFORM and TRANSCEND Profit, Autonomy, Prosperity, and Lifestyle inside of your Office, for the benefit of your team, yourself, and your patients.

And the number one commonality of the most successful Dentists I work with and those who aspire to achieve the best year of their careers in 2015 always say this….

“I know I am my own worst enemy, Scott, what can I do to change, to be better, to help my Practice grow, my staff perform, and my patients to accept treatment.”

And you know something, I respect and admire that question.

I love when Dentists take responsibility for their own success and their own circumstances. Those are my kind of people. Positive minded people who are proactive and look for solutions; not wanting to stay stuck or complaining about problems.

There are in fact 5 dramatic ways that a Dentist acts as an Anchor to their Practice, they stand in their own way, and hold themselves back without even knowing it.

They are…

Mindset: believing in possibilities, having faith, being positive and open minded
Money: tracking, following, asking for, learning how to become more prosperous
Lack of Leadership: ability, skills, or simply knowledge of how to do it better
Burnout: lacking motivation, no excitement to come every day, everyone can tell
Your Deserve Level: it’s true, over the years we get beat up a little, not fair to you

You deserve better.
Look, you are your own worst critic, and sometimes you have others holding you back too which result in you becoming an anchor or black cloud over your own head. It’s not your fault. No matter how great or desperate things are, we’ve all been there. You just need to put yourself back into a winning environment that allows you to be at your best and feel deserving of your best.

I will help you with that.

Last but not least, a little bonus and the big big big one, perhaps the biggest anchor of all is the fact that many Dentists are stuck in their ways, they believe the past dictates the future and they stop trying to improve, they actually give up on their goals, dreams and objectives of practice growth, financial reward, they forget to continue to evolve, they forget that if you aren’t growing you are dying. Everyone around you also feels and sees this, and then no matter how great of practice you have, how much money you produce, you get stuck, stuck, stuck in the routine of Dentistry and the cycle of seeing Patients instead of making it fun again and always having something to look forward to.

Okay, GOOD news, next week, I’m going to walk you through each and every one of these and help you cut off the anchor, breakthrough the handcuffs, and get back in the game.

You don’t have to be the anchor, you shouldn’t be letting yourself get in the way of all that is possible for you and for the investment you have made in your life and practice and the sacrifice you’ve suffered through with your time, energy, and family.

You can make the most of this, you deserve it. If you don’t want to wait until next week you can continue our conversation right here and I’ll send you a copy of the presentation I did about the 3 MindShifts in the your Practice that lead to a happier, more prosperous, lifestyle driven Practice and ensure that you avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Profit and Peace of Mind Sabotage.

See you here next week for the 2nd half and exciting and liberating part about how to “get the monkey off your back” and throw the anchor overboard WITHOUT you attached to it and make your practice flourish and achieve your greatest potential of success and significance…which you deserve.