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A Practice Battle Plan to Beat the Recession

Last week, I provided advice as it relates to the recession… you had better go on offense, not play defense. Right now is not the time to sit back, watch things play out, wait for it dissipate, discount your fees, or further commoditize yourself. Really, there’s never a time for any of those things and… Read more »

Practice Ownership in Recessionary Times

It keeps gets crazier out there, doesn’t it? Just when you thought everything was smooth sailing and nothing could stop the momentum – then BAM – another headline crashes the party. However, no matter how positive or negative the news become, the truth is neither good or bad, it’s just news. What matters is what… Read more »

Practice Success Made Simple – Part 2

Picking up from last week, I will start with one of my favorite observations about true ‘Masters of their crafts.’ That you can’t tell whether it is work or play because it all looks like one in the same. Ultimately, for the real Masters, it is. That said, doing anything for the sake of just… Read more »

Practice Success Made Simple – Part 1

Last week, I shared with you the 3 most important success principles to achieving your goals with great certainty. I also instructed you to make a list of things that you or your team were reactive with instead of proactive. I do hope you have that list. Inside of that list are critical factors that… Read more »