“Beware the Ides of March” — Dentistry’s Time for Choosing

Over the past two weeks, we’ve covered 8 of the most destructive myths ever created about Private Practice Dentistry – delusions, self-deceptions, even outright lies that hold you back from the unlimited prosperity your practice is capable of achieving and producing.

Today, in recognition of this date’s historic significance (more on that in a moment), it’s critical that I write and ask you quite seriously – have you been paying close attention?

Let me explain.

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the saying, “Beware the Ides of March.”

In case you didn’t know, TODAY—March 15th—is that actual “Ides of March” date.

The famous reference relates to a line from Shakespeare’s play, “Julius Caesar.” In the scene, the Emperor and his cohort are gathered before a great crowd. And while planning the weighty matters of Empire, the voice of a fortune-teller cries out:

“Beware the Ides of March!”

Several times this lone voice shouts the warning, but Caesar ignores the warnings, and thus wanders off to his doom – a moment that would change the Roman Empire forever.

Likewise, these past weeks I’ve been playing the role of YOUR soothsayer, fortune-teller, the voice crying out from the silent masses, explaining why now, more than ever, you need to heed that call and turn away from the confining path of conventional wisdom and status quo.

You can no longer afford to embrace any of the myths that have held you and your practice back for so long. Instead, today, THIS DAY, is the day to finally declare independence from limitations imposed upon you both by external forces like insurance and cut-rate competitors and – even more potentially devastating—those imposed upon you by yourself.

It is, as great leaders have likewise noted in similar moments where difficult challenges teeter with great opportunity, a Time for Choosing.

I have long said that dentistry is a vehicle to take you wherever else you want to go. It is a conduit for your life’s goals, whether financial or otherwise.

But just like a car, it takes work, upkeep, regular maintenance, and many other things. The most important requirement (one no good car can work without in order to function and fulfill its purpose), is of course its…


Unfortunately, most practices may have a dentist or an owner (in many cases, one and the same person), however, they don’t often have a driver.

They are sitting in the car idling going nowhere while not realizing how to step on the gas and use the steering wheel to take them where they want to go. That is often because they don’t know where they want to go in addition to not knowing how to get there even if they did.

But here’s the best part of casting off previous allegiances and declaring independence with YOU taking the wheel, helm, and control: you get to be the driver and you get to pick the car you want to drive. You can truly design and create exactly the type and style of practice you want.

If you are ready to do just that, I have great news because…

Something amazing is happening right now in Private Practice Dentistry…bigger than anything I’ve seen in decades…Private Practice Owners are thriving like no other time in history.

They’re doing it by serving patients at a higher level through personal relationships and individualized care. You can too by utilizing a tangible practice business model that puts you back in control of your life, your dentistry, your practice, your patients, and your future!

This is more than just a few outliers making waves, this is more than an industry trend that soon fades, this is more than a groundswell rebellion against the status quo…

This is a movement, this is a revolution. And TODAY I’m releasing my latest book in order to help more doctors join in…

Pride, Power, and Prosperity of the Private Practice Dentist

How To Save Independent Dentistry In America and Why Your Future Has Never Been Brighter

It reveals exactly what leading edge Dentists across North America are now doing to reinvigorate their practices, excite their teams, serve their patients, make more money, and have more fun.

Inside the pages of this book, you’ll discover:

Why having an independent, private practice is your ONLY certain pathway to prosperity (and how to ensure you navigate that path in the fastest, most efficient way possible!).
(Page 25)

The secret to spending fewer hours in the office, while still taking home more income–all without burnout, stress, chaos, or turnover (it all hinges on private practice ownership).
(Page 46)

Keys to having the ability to support and reward (i.e., PAY) a world-class, worthy team who’ll never want to leave for “greener pastures” because better opportunities simply will never exist!
(Page 116)

Corporate Dentistry’s hidden “Achilles Heel” used to keep Dentists from abandoning DSOs and opening their own practices.
(Page 65)

How to design a private practice based on how you want to define YOUR life, instead of allowing your life to be forced to fit other agendas.
(Page 153)

The absolute best way to transform your private practice into a long-term financial asset that generates wealth for you long after your final day at the office.
(Page 147)

Why owning your own practice is the only way you can make certain your patients receive optimal dental care throughout their lives.
(Page 199)

A proprietary formula for custom-engineering the most profitable business model possible for YOUR specific private practice.
(Page 135)

How to establish a clear, concise, financial cashflow structure and strategy that doesn’t require compromising your long-term financial goals (You CAN have your cake and eat it too.)
(Page 72)

Proven strategies to deliver uncompromising levels of dental care and patient experience at a standard of excellence you can take pride in and stake your reputation upon.
(Page 114)

The fastest ways to overcome the obstacles and self-limiting beliefs holding you back from your greatest potential, prosperity, and peace of mind.
(Page 29)

Keys to transitioning from an insurance-driven, Dentistry-as-Commodity Pricing Model to a Lifestyle Practice Model quickly and easily—without Stress, Turnover, or Chaos…
(Page 210)

The secret to designing a completely Self-Managed Practice…imagine the relief of knowing that things will “JUST GET DONE” without you being forced to intervene.
(Page 211)

In addition to grabbing a free copy of my new book, I’m also opening up my schedule to let you pick my brain to uncover exactly how to make your practice more fulfilling and profitable.

This is the exact analytical process I provide exclusively for my Inner Circle Doctors—where together we craft a Strategic Action Plan to create the kind of lifestyle-driven private practice you’ve always wanted.

Together, We Will Return the Pride, Power, and Prosperity of the Private Practice Dentist

Over the last several weeks, we’ve tackled the myths that stand in your way. Now, let me serve as your guide to help you navigate the rough waters so many dentists face by providing you with the best strategies, methods, beliefs, and actions that help you to create more value in your patients’ minds and in your practice.

For example, far too many offices, doctors, and teams immediately inject money into the every new relationship and automatically bring up insurance before even being asked. Talk about stabbing yourself in the back! This does nothing but DEVALUE everything you can provide to evaluate the patient’s health.

Practices put way too much emphasis on things that patients do not want. Instead, you should be finding out (and focusing on) what they do want.

In general, patients do not want to “buy” what you “do.” They want to buy the outcomes, benefits, and the results of what you do FOR THEM.

It isn’t about the work you do in their mouths or any procedure or appliance. It’s about the vision, feeling, outcome, and result that will occur AFTERWARDS. The biggest breakthrough in any practice is when they stop making it about dentistry and start making it about people and the lives they want to experience.

But here’s where it gets really interesting…

Just as you can’t simply ask a patient—someone who has never thought about their mouths or smiles before or thinks there is nothing “wrong” with it—what it is they want because they either don’t know or they think they already have it.

Likewise, YOU also need to open your mind and expand your perspective. You also need to believe that not only is more possible, but that far more is warranted and deserved by you.

The biggest gap between doctors who are trying to breakthrough to the next level and those stuck in the rut of wherever they are today, comes down to the fact that the thing you should be asking your patients, is exactly what you should be asking yourself… and I am now asking you:

What possibilities are you withholding from yourself?

THIS is the biggest thing holding you back from your next achievement and your truest potential as well. Your belief and acknowledgement that there is MORE possible and you DESERVE it to be your reality.

— Why not help more patients?

— Why not make more money?

— Why not push the limits?

— Why not get paid what you are worth?

— Why not do it all on your own terms?

Why not avoid looking back later in your life and thinking to yourself…

“What if… I had thought bigger and pursued my dreams?”

“What if… I had done more, better, differently?”

“What if… I gave it my all and didn’t hold anything back?”

Building a more valuable practice and patient experience means building a more valuable vision (which entails being crystal clear on what it is and how you define SUCCESS from this moment forward).

Yes, success involves ‘making money’ and ‘doing dentistry.’ We all know that. But it’s also about using your practice to improve the lives of everyone involved…

— Life-changing dentistry for your patients.

— Life-changing income for your team.

— Life-changing wealth for yourself.

All of this produces an entirely different level of accomplishment because every aspect of what you do will at last be in harmony with everything your practice stands for: Your Purpose, Your Passion, Your Profits.

So don’t be afraid to chart a different course than the one prescribed by others.

Consider this your call from that one, lone voice in the crowd looking out for YOUR best interests, hoping to save you from a fate you don’t deserve.

Don’t let this Ides of March pass by without you taking full charge of your practice, your empire, and your life.

It’s Time to Reclaim the Pride, Power, and Prosperity of the Private Practice Dentist…