Celebrating Independence and Your next steps

Many people live in the land of the free and home of the brave and yet are very much handicapped by the life they are trapped within, the profession they serve or the business they have created.

True independence is about more than just freedom from suppression by government although that’s an entirely different topic, it is about liberation from “have-tos” and enjoying a life of autonomy.

Independence is everything from your ability to choose the patients you serve, the fees you charge, the schedule you keep, the staff you employee, the money you make, the vacations you take, and on and on.

To be very blunt, it is sad to see how many Dentists accept less than they deserve and otherwise hinder their own autonomy with lack of proactivity and disciplined approach to business.  I personally do not understand the point of owning a business, building a practice and only making an average professional’s income.

Real Entrepreneurial Doctors make at least two incomes, most 3 or 4, at the very least the income/salary they are paid to perform dentistry and then the profits that the practice makes shifted over into some additional income-producing, wealth-accumulating assets.

There are other “in-office” income streams available and then those who aspire to earn money by sharing their talents and expertise.

At the end of the day, life can be defined by the answer to this question –

“Tell Me About YOUR Bucket List”

Really, show me why you do what you do, what’s the point, everyday, what are you working for that adds value to your life, that enhances the lives of others, what do you have to show for it?

As I say in all of my presentations, if you feel content and happy with your life as it is in this very moment, just asks your spouse, your kids, the closest people around you, ask them their thoughts on whether you are getting all you deserve…?

Every July 4th (if you are celebrating in the US), I think it is important to reflect back on what really motivates you and if you are really embracing and empowering yourself to be the best you can be, through systems, leverage, and structured controlled progress.

You can have forced success.

And why not, life is too short, the TIME is always NOW.

I challenge clients I work with to make a list of everything they want to accomplish in 2-3 years and then create a plan to do it in 12 months, and 12 months in 6 or even 3, I mean why not.

Life is about the experiences you accumulate and the people you touch.  Why would you want to pace yourself – yes – silly when put that way now isn’t it.

Right now, celebrate your independence by ‘doing’ something more, bigger, bolder, faster, different than what you are use to doing.

Challenge yourself.  I challenge you to want more for yourself, for your family, for your practice.  You are in the position of power, choose to do something with it.

I have dedicated my life and professional practice to helping people achieve, enjoy and experience more out of their businesses and life than they think is possible, because that’s the way it’s suppose to be.  That is the point.

I love the movie The Dead Poet’s Society when Robin Williams talks about “carpe diem” and then says, “it’s about grabbing on to life and sucking the marrow out of it.”  You either do that or you squander opportunity, those are your only options.

It would my pleasure to provide you a pat on the back when you do well or a kick in the ass when you get off track.  Everyone needs a coach, a guide, a cheerleader and most importantly a Strategists that sees you and your life for what it is and looks at your business and practice from the outside in order to help you maximize the value you extract from every day that you sacrifice doing what it is you do for so many other people.

Success is created by deliberate, planned, calculated action.

It’s time to solidify your focus, get extreme clarity about what you want and where you are going; to accelerate your results and progress, because you deserve it.

That is my what my Practice Prosperity and Profit Blueprint will do for you, customized to your unique and individual circumstances, situation, and life ambitions.

I believe this is Your next step to truly embracing and experiencing real independence in your life…I take the risk, you reap the reward, it would be an honor to assist you in this, your most worthy life’s mission and purpose.

Request your “Independence Strategy Call” and together we will make it happen.  Prepare your list, the things that really get you juiced up and excited, what really invigorates you.

This is about much more than just your practice, that’s the easy part, it’s about You, that’s the fun part.  Get ready for the time of your life the best is yet to come and it doesn’t have to be far away, it shouldn’t be.