Discover the Multiplication Factor That Will Transform Your Practice

Today, I’m going to direct your attention and drive your focus to the most leverageable part of your entire practice. In fact, if you did nothing else in your practice (whether you have been practicing a few years or a few decades), there is one thing above all others that you can do to change your reality in an instant.

*In addition to the most important principle I’ve written to you about in a Weekly Report in a long time, I also have a very big and very valuable surprise and introduction at the end of this. Keep reading!

Once you unlock this force and tap into the magic of this you will never again be able to return back to the way you once were. This is the way to remove all self-limiting beliefs and open yourself up to the truest form of creation.

I can easily say in every practice scenario, in every doctor’s life, with all teams, patients and aspects of dentistry – the single switch in their level of success comes from this.

There are many tactics, strategies, and improvements that can be done in every practice. However, most all doctors think in terms of linear growth… Get more new patients. Make the schedule busier. Fill up hygiene. Add more hours. Add more ops with more team members. Raise fees.

Yet, decisions are often made about ‘one thing’ even though they cause implications across many other things as well as – everything is interconnected. The false rationale is adding more of something that is currently working (even if inefficiently and sub-optimally), will result in an increase in income.

Today, let’s take just one simple example…

New Patients.

If you were to ask a doctor, they don’t know how many phone calls they are getting that are being converted to New Patients, nor do they know their actual New Patient Values of those who make it in the door, let alone long term total treatment plan value.

Yet, most doctors would say they need more New Patients.

Usually, that’s not the problem. You have to ask better questions. How many are we converting to appointments and for those who don’t, why?

When’s the next available appointment for New Patients? Are we scheduling out so far out we can’t get people in? Then it’s not a new patient challenge it’s a schedule challenge. Are we burying people in hygiene or other places and missing bigger opportunities?

Liner thinking says in order to grow we need more new patients because Y + X must equal more profit. When it’s the wrong question, the wrong answer, the wrong opportunity, altogether the wrong thinking.

You can take any specialty practice, any procedure, any position, any stream of revenue, any schedule dynamic, or even a single column and apply the exact same wrong thinking exists.

The big switch that you must make (and once you do literally changes everything) is what I call…

Expansionary Thinking

Not linear growth, but expansion by multiplication where everything we do becomes more valuable.

Just one more example to my practice pillars of success and leverage points…

Diagnosis (Size/Value of Opportunity), Case Acceptance (Size/Value of Yes), Pre-Pay (Flow Of Money), Value Based Scheduling (Schedule Control)

In a typical dental practice this is a transactional formula, a linear process, happening one step at a time. It’s an addition math equation.

In our DST Practices, these all become multipliers. Because we apply expansionary thinking to each of them individually with then impacts all of the others.

And that’s why not only does the front end become more valuable, but every stage of the patient experience becomes worth more. You turn an addition equation (Y + X) into a multiplication equation by a factor of X for your practice. Profitability AND patient health soars as a result.

Next week, I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it.

This is true acceleration and expansion without changing any of the constraints of a hours, size, space, capacity.

Great news…

I’ve discovered one of the most cutting-edge, transformative, game-changing expansionary opportunities for your practice. If you keep your head up, mind open, eyes sharply focused on this… you are going to see that the fastest and easiest way to multiply the profitability of your practice… all by using leverage with what already exists without a dollar more in marketing, a minute more in time, a foot more of space.

I have had the privilege (thanks to my good friend Dr. Daniel Klauer), to begin working with someone I consider to be one of the greatest expansionary thinkers in dentistry today. He is bringing you something that is very important for enhancement of health: regenerative medicine to dentistry. It has been blowing up every preconceived idea and destroying the traditional constructs that has kept dentistry in a reactive state in the minds of patients.

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