Do You Know The Answer To This Question?!

There’s something I’ve never told you…and I believe it’s time. Actually I’m asked this question a lot and I always answer it in the same way. But, never here, not publicly to my loyal ambitious minded progressive Dentists who strive, desire, and deserve more in life and from their practice.

So, listen up because what I’m about to say may carry the single biggest lesson of success in Dentistry you’ve ever heard about.

The question I get is – “Why Dentists…Dentistry?”

I guess you’d figure people would ask that. Usually it’s because they, maybe you have genuine intrigue or curiosity and I appreciate that. Others, once in a while ask because of their snooty skepticism and arrogant perception that somehow I, not being a dentist, know less, or have no business helping them. Of course these are always the poorest, the most struggling, and in search of themselves people that I meet, and end the conversation quickly.

Because there is a saying I never forgot early in life is was this –

“No one on the earth has ever erected a statue to a critic…” no one really cares about your negative destructive naysaying attitude because it only hurts you. Positivity sells, like attracts like, your words and feelings and mind-set or mind-shit are all like boomerangs in your life…you choose whether they help you or they hit you smack in the face.

Alright, well, just had to throw that in there.

Back to my question: Why Dentists!?

Lucky you, I’ll tell you exactly why.

There are 3 logical reasons and then something very personal that really might be quite surprising.

1st – Dentistry is the greatest profession…it has to be…don’t you think…of course because there is no other Healthcare Industry, service to patients that is (at least for the time being, a few more years) less regulated than any other. In Dentistry, as I like to say, it is an Ocean of Opportunity. You can choose to do, be, have, act, practice in whatever way you want, you get to decide what Dentistry means to you and ultimately to your Patients, you get to decide what being a Dentist is really going to be about.

I have worked across dozens of healthcare niches and industries and served doctors from all walks of life and I’m here to tell you – YOU MADE A GREAT DECISION.

In fact that’s the single most common answer I get when I ask why did you become a dentist or what interests you, it’s always about independence, less restricted than traditional medical route, more autonomy and control of your life and practice.

Yes, I agree. I chose Dentistry for the same reason you did.

2nd – I LOVE DENTISTS! I know, I’m crazy. Of course, but, you sell yourselves short everyday. You are the most creative and yet thoughtful (usually those don’t go together) people I’ve ever met.

I love the way Dentistry combines so brilliantly the ART and SCIENCE to the human, to the inside and outside of the mouth, face, posture, and all of the other benefits.

Yes, I want to work with people who are open minded, professionals who have vision, who have ambition, who are entrepreneurial. That’s right. Try to fight it, you can’t. You love being your own boss, you love the decisions you get to make, and you love owning your baby, your practice and watching it grow.

I chose Dentists because Dentists are some of the very few people I’ve ever met who can truly engage in an intellectual conversation and without getting so caught up in theory they forget to actually do their jobs.

Sure, you over think things sometimes, we all do, maybe anal-retentive or analytical adjectives come to mind, but all in all, what makes Dentists amazing and life changing healthcare and successful in their lives and practices are the same reasons I love working with them, with you.

3rd – and yes, finally, there is the one that ultimately matters – I’m damn good at what I do – the best in the world, hands down, you don’t have to believe me you can put me to the test or you can just sit there being that critic that no one cares about.

I have been told this by enough Dentists from around the world to know it’s true, there isn’t a person on the planet who can match my insight and orchestration of “practice on your own terms” and creation of success for everyone involved (patients, team, you, community, etc) than myself…because I CHOSE to become a Master at what I do.

The reason I say this is simple. If I’m going to choose to master my craft I want to pick a profession that what I know how to do, where our combined expertise, yours and mine, have the greatest impact possible.

Where we can be successful at the highest level.

I chose to dedicate myself to You because we have the control and power to truly create whatever type of practice you want. I know how to make you earn your highest potential possible from your Practice because you deserve to do that.

Every person who has a commitment to their craft and a devotion to their profession deserves to maximize their income earning potential for their lifetime and to do it in a way that supports and enhances their lifestyle and journey while they are doing it.

I selfishly chose Dentists because if I can make them a lot of money, they will be able to pay me a lot of money, and I always always always believe in 2 things above all else – practicing what I preach and achieving a win/win/win victory for everyone involved.

Dentistry is the profession where the individual practitioner (or practice business owner) has the greatest possibility for growth, prosperity, and autonomy.

We both made a good decision because it’s very easy to win in Dentistry.

There you have it.

3 reasons why, the most uninhibited industry in the world, the most talented and entrepreneurial doctors on earth, and the ability to make whatever we want a success, however much money and in whatever ways we define success it’s possible to achieve that in Dentistry…I chose my patients that I could become the most successful with, do the most service to, and maximize my ability to grow, earn, and prosper, exactly the way I help you grow, earn, and prosper.


There is one more thing I have to tell you, it’s personal, in fact, very personal. Tear jerking personal and with it comes something so intimate so undeniable so powerful that I’m going to devote next week’s entire Profit Report to this one thing.

If it’s not the most provocative and truth-telling thing you’ve ever heard, I’d be shocked.

You’ll have to wait. Right now I want you to focus on what I said today in this important Message.

I chose, and so did you. Everyone does.

We choose…

What profession.

How you practice.

The patients you want.

The way you diagnose.

How you lead your team.

Your income.

Your wealth.

Your current life situation.

What you eat.

What you read.

What you study.

Whether or not you accept help, guidance, advice or support in your life.

Whether or not you are positive or negative, accepting or critical.

As the saying goes, we are where we are right now today based on the sum of our life experiences and decisions leading up to this point.

And the good news is – whether you are exactly where you want to be or not, whether you are completely happy, engaged in your practice, invigorated everyday, and excited about what you are doing, whether you feel fulfilled as a Dentist or a Human Being and what you will do next with your life and career, your practice and your business is entirely up to you.

You get to choose.

As we look at the Month of July, Independence Celebration, I remind you some people are held captive by the past, by their own minds, their limitations, the people around them.

The reality is…the only thing holding you anywhere, into anything is yourself.

One of my favorite sayings that I’ve probably told you before is from the movie Dead Poet’s Society where Robin Williams says “Capre Diem” and he says that means to “suck the marrow out of life.”

I hope you are doing exactly that.

You and I could have done anything and been successful at it, 100% without question, we chose this, what we do, now it’s our responsibility to make the most of it. And make it mean something.

I picked the game I want to play, how I want to play it, the people I want to play with, and that’s why it all works, because it’s in alignment completely with what I want and what I am best at.

I help Dentists do the same thing everyday. You evolve as a person and a dentist daily, certainly yearly and decade to decade, constant evolution and reinvention and growth for you is essential to keep your mind engaged, just never lose sight of who’s driving the car, who gets to decide on the direction, who ultimately holds the paintbrush in their hands and has the independence and prerogative to paint a life and practice exactly as they desire and deserve it to be.

Independence is an tricky thing. Some times you take it for granted and some times you just forget to take it at all.

You are in the greatest profession, I commend you, next week I share, openly why I believe with all of my heart that this is true. This week, you should reflect, figure out what’s next for you and really look back and refocus on why you are where you are right now today, for good or bad, things can always be better or worse, and that’s the exciting part, you get to decide, everyday with every decision and every action thought, and dream you have.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Do you need help, advice, ready for the next big breakthrough in your life and Practice? Sorting through decisions, feeling extra excited about the future or extra lost about the present? Do you want to talk with me? If you believe there would be value in my listening and helping you through some of these things, I’m happy to do it, no obligation, in service to you, I shared a lot more about me today, more to come next week, perhaps, just maybe it’s your turn to share and let our conversation invigorate your soul and make dentistry in your life everything you ever dreamed it could be.

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