How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Success in 2024

Right now, some people are waking up to realize their December actions (or inactions) have given way to their January realities.

Instead of taking responsibility, they are justifying their “start to the year” by blaming the economy or the weather or post-holiday slump or anything (and anyone) else.

The truth is, cause and effect is real. What you choose to prioritize last month is resulting in what you are experiencing this month.

The difference for those doctors who got it right in December, who stay ahead all year long, who are able to achieve the goals they set, who are able to enjoy the reality they intend, who are able to control their outcomes (the effects they want to cause)…is they ensure two things without fail.

1st. They are passionately relentless and stubbornly tenacious with having integrity between their decisions becoming their disciplines.

2nd. They are obsessively ruthless and unbelievably determined to avoid letting themselves become excuse makers, to sabotage their success. They own and take full responsibility over their results.

Oddly, there’s only one thing you have to do in order to achieve these two distinctions: stop tolerating anything other than winning from yourself. If you desire to succeed more than you are willing to settle—you will not fail. You will find a way to win, because the alternative to simply too much to bear.

You can be inspired and driven by any force as motivation but your greatest purpose and reason must come from deep inside; internal motivation not external.

Most everyone gets distracted long before they can realize any of their ambitions. The most sustainably successful individuals find ways to remain in their zone. They do not waver on or lose sight of their ultimate purpose. The refuse to fail at what matters most.

Of course, it’s true that life has unpredictable variables but the one constant is the person living it. How you approach the problem will determine whether you can solve it. As long as you never forget that, you will always have the power to change your future. Surrender this belief and you’ll forever be at the mercy of circumstance.

Today and all throughout all of 2024, I want you to remember this mantra…

“If my goals are worthy, then I will succeed!”

Do you act with urgency? Do you decide with conviction? Do you refuse to tolerate failure?

Or do you compromise your goals in order to provide an easier path? Do you allow excuses to rob you of your potential?

This is entirely up to you. As it should be. No person who desires more out of themselves and their life would want it any other way. Say it aloud…“It’s all up to me.”

In order to bring that to fruition, I’m going to tell you the single more important ‘feeling’ for your life that will make all the difference. You know it if you’ve been here long enough.

It’s Gratitude.

Gratitude for everything, without condition.

That includes being grateful for the price you pay for the life the you want. You must appreciate ‘whatever it takes’ to have, be, do, experience, enjoy, realize, achieve the goals you set and the life you deliberately design.

All too often people are grateful for the life they have but resentful of what is required to have it. This casts them into a vicious cycle of remorse and bitterness as the efforts to sustain where they are prove unrelenting. It results in an emotional roller coaster where they start to question, doubt, judge (the worst sin among them) all of their past decisions. The foundation supporting their life begins to fracture and weaken.

You must resist this temptation. You must remain steadfast in your convictions. You must maintain a level of congruence with your ideals.

Naturally, there will be naysayers and detours. Never be so fickle as to succumb to the whims of others and those who criticize your motivations. And never allow yourself to be deterred regardless of what life throws at you.

Trust yourself, trust your ambition, trust your abilities. You will endure, you will succeed—because it is worth it.

The biggest culprit that sabotages your success is looking for the finish line of life, of dentistry, of wealth, of health, of ANYTHING.

Know that you never truly “arrive;” remember that the price is never fully paid. Your life is earned each and every day, but it is worth every ounce of effort you invest.

Nothing worth pursuing is an actual destination. The highest value and greatest significance in life (all the way back to Maslow) are all continuums.

I want you to think very deeply about this and realize that you haven’t even begun to tap into your most innate power and ability; you are only scratching the surface at your potential. The constant and never-ending improvements in your life and passionate desire for discovery are your greatest sources of everything of significance.

This is also why immunity to criticism is so important. A disregard for the opinions of others.

Recently, at our exclusive gathering of the most successful doctors in the country, I included a saying that is a mandatory belief and required acceptance if you want to breakthrough all of your own self-limiting beliefs and perceived (not real) restrictions you let others put on you…

The saying reads, “Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.”

And I would even say ‘most people’ around you don’t understand you, don’t understand your drive, don’t understand your unwillingness to settle. This is actually one of the most significant reasons to be here, with us and why my private Wealth Groups exist.

You must surround yourself with people that not only understand but actually encourage, enhance, enable, and embolden your own success, discovery and evolution in every way.

This—rather than some arbitrary number, transactional goal, or anything else—should be the point and purpose of your year…of your life.

Because this is the ultimate source and origin of it all. The belief in your inherent right to achieve everything you deem worthy.

To do that you must feed yourself with only that which ignites the fire for your future. To do that you must constantly protect yourself from anything and everything else deters you from your journey.

Especially anything that takes you out of alignment from your own purpose and distracts you (often in the form of criticism), from what really matters to you!

You will constantly hear others say, “you work too much,” or “you work too hard,” or “you are always busy,” or “haven’t you achieved enough already.” What’s most ironic are some of these proclamations come from the very people that enjoy the benefits of your effort and investment.

People want the rewards without the responsibilities.

The wonders without the work.

The beauty without the brunt.

The success without the sacrifice.

After all, it is true, someone does have to do “whatever it takes,” which is why I always say the most important aspect of success is making whatever it takes worth it.

If you have gratitude for how you make the money (not just how you spend it), then maybe you have “arrived.”

This is why being true to yourself is the only way forward on your journey. To avoid mediocrity, you must go against the grain and be willing to do what others won’t so you can have what other don’t.

Next week, I’m going to reveal their greatest illusion and dirties ploy designed to suppress your ambitions and weaken your impact.

Stay tuned. We’ll continue to make 2024 your best year ever—earning it one day at a time.