How to Have a BLACK FRIDAY Every Week

Brace yourself. If you follow the advice in this weeks Profit Report you are in for the rush of Profits like a Retailer on Black Friday after Thanksgiving where people line up to throw money at you.

Yes. It’s possible for effortless predictable accelerating profits each and every week in your Practice. I call it HAVING A BLACK FRIDAY.

Isn’t that what you want. Every week looking back and say, wow, I did that, feeling proud, and strolling your way to the bank knowing that you gave the highest quality care, comprehensive treatment, to appreciative an grateful patients all while earning the living and building the wealth you deserve.

Yes. Perfect is possible.

As long as you control the definition of what perfect is to you.

Do you know what I hate about our industry. Yes, I said hate and I mean it. Everyone likes to make generalities about what is STANDARD.

I say, to hell with industry standards. Do you know what matters in your office, not your numbers, no, your quality of patient care, yes, your peace of mind, your ability to enjoy the life you have outside of your practice AND the right to enjoy every single minute you have INSIDE of your practice.

That is what matters.

I get tired of Dental so called experts talking about what your hygiene should be or what your average new patient value is or what your overhead is or your staff expenses or incentives and blah blah blah –

Sure it’s nice to know what others are doing but what matters is – what do You want. That is why I say there is NO COOKIE CUTTER APPROACH there is NO one-size fits all formula to your success.

Your success is yours.

It’s just like Shopping on Black Friday, some people are crazy about one item, others about something else, you have your hobbies, I have mine.

To each their own.

And in Dentistry it is the same thing.

You get to decide what perfect it.

I have sought to help you, to be your guide in this, to ask the right questions and give you clarity about what you want.

You can get this guide complementary my US Thanksgiving gift to you…and my friends in Canada my apologies for a belated present for your Thanksgiving. Some of my most successful clients are in Canada so, trust me, everything I’m saying applies here to you.

If you go to now you can get your hands on this giant package of resources and the guide to your perfect dental practice.

Okay, back to the topic at hand.

Do you know the fastest way to drive yourself crazy, to lose sleep at night, and to otherwise die young from stress and angst – it is spending all of your time, energy, effort, and money trying to hit a target someone else sets for you.

Pfui on that.

Let’s promise each other from this point forward. You get to be the judge of what success is to you, you get to set your own goals for your Black Friday every week.

Now. Don’t get me wrong, I believe after one conversation with me you will realize you are setting your goals too low, you are expecting too little, working way too hard for not enough and for less than you deserve.

Still. After our conversation you get to be the boss. You say what perfect is and then we’ll design exactly that.

Stretch. Open your mind to the possibilities.

As yourself what do you really want.

More patients.
More quality.
More Production.
More time off.
More cases you get juiced up about.


Less patients.
Less headaches.
Less staff.



You see, all of these things mean different ideas, strategies, methods, and they each come with their own set of both opportunities and challenges.

What is best for you?

Right now, do yourself a favor and…

1st) Get my Perfect Dental Practice Resource Package and accept my help and guidance on this question at:

and then…

2nd) Make a list of everything you wish were different in your practice, everything you want to change, everything you would modify if you started all over again, anything that goes on this “wish list” is your action plan…

please bring that list to our Strategy Call and let’s turn your dreams and desires into realities.

Let’s design your Perfect Dental Practice

What does Ideal mean to you? What will your Black Friday’s look like from this point forward? I’m anxious to know and willing to help you figure this out.

It’s the most worthy question and most important consideration you will ever ponder and master about your Practice and the Business of Dentistry that provides your income, life-style, and wealth for your future.

I hope all is well with you and your family always, and that you are enjoying a wonderful Fall Season, Happy Thanksgiving in the US and joyous Holiday Season already so far in Canada.