How to Protect Your Practice (and Your Profits) From Rising Inflation

Since I started my very first business at age 15, I’ve had to learn many lessons the hard way. Fortunately, those lessons still pay dividends today.

One of those lessons is that there will always be problems. You will encounter unexpected challenges and unpredictable difficulties. That is, if you are doing anything of any value, if you are striving to grow a business, or if you are attempting to do anything ambitious, not everything will go smoothly, as planned.

Right now, you are faced with a triple whammy of forces fighting against you and your success; no matter whether you are feeling it directly or in your bank account or it is showing up in your daily life… they are there.

Which is why it is so smart for you to be right here in this place because I’m your teller of truth and protector of prosperity.

I won’t ever tell you to run and hide or wait it out. Quite the opposite. I will always show you how to fight back, to be prepared, and stay ready to capitalize on opportunities – especially when the challenges intensify.

Today, I bring you my solution to that hard-learned lesson. A go-to strategy that will always work, a default position that will always deliver – even in toughest times. That is…

To out earn your problems.

If you agree it’s time to go on the offensive and you are ready to craft an aggressive action plan to create new practice growth opportunities in order to counteract the mounting challenges, I’m presenting a 4-hour Masterclass that is dedicated to Future-Proofing Your Practice.

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Either you leave your future up to chance, still at the mercy of external factors, or you get out ahead by dictating your own terms of operation. The difference is in whether your practice is set up to weather the storms that are a brewing or it isn’t.

I say let’s Engineer a More Profitable and Secure Practice Future…

Now, notice I didn’t say we’ll eliminate every challenge, nor I did promise that it’s going to be easy. I said when the inevitable strikes (and it always does), there is only one way to win: score more points and out earn the problems.

That means you should be focused on creating, cultivating, and capitalizing on every single possible opportunity whether in the form of patients or team members or growth strategies or profitability.

During the chaos is when champions perform their best. It is when breakthroughs happen – because they must.

Most people respond to the inflation problem by focusing on their expenses. It actually seems somewhat obvious… my expenses are going up, so I’ll work on bringing my expenses down. Perhaps that means investing less in patient relationships, cutting hours, doing smaller treatment plans, or even reducing team members.

The reality is: you won’t ever find a problem you can overcome by earning less.

Especially when the problem is rising costs where inflation is attacking your bottom line profitability – you simply can’t retreat and escape its effects.

While you are busy trying to save a dollar here or even a thousand or two – you could have been presenting your next case, seeing another new patient, or focusing on profitability for the week.

There is a big difference in the doctors who get rich and the doctors who get by. What they focus on clinically for sure, which is a topic for another time, but from the business perspective some focus on costs and others on creation, some on pennies and others on profit, some on obstacles and others on opportunities.

If you engineer your practice properly (achieving more from less, optimizing your hourly value, presenting comprehensively, not breaking down treatment plans – all the strategies we talk about here each week), you will predictably, consistently, and sustainably win regardless of the external forces. And when the dust settles, you have a stronger, more resilient practice to show for it.

The idea of waiting until the waters are calm to set sail on your charted course leaves you stranded at the dock forever. There is never a perfect time to grow your practice, there is never an ideal environment to be aggressive, there is never a threat-less phase where the risk is zero. There will be always be challenges to conquer, obstacles to overcome, and problems to solve.

Hiring, taxes, government, inflation, recessions, shortages, competition… the list goes on and on with reasons to sit on the sidelines.

I get it, there will be times when you’ve got to write checks you’d rather not. You can focus on the check going out or the money coming in. Neither makes the check go away but one robs you of peace of mind and destroys your motivation, while the other gives you power, puts you in a position to overcome, fuels your ambition, and leads to greater multipliers of leverage.

Beating inflation in particular is about reserving the impact, being clever, finding leverage to do more than just out pace it, and capitalizing on the opportunities left in its wake from everyone else who does the opposite.

You’ve got to drive more dollars per day, per hour, per patient, and per team member. For every ounce of expense, you gotta have a pound of income.

When they are squeezing you, you can’t further squeeze yourself.

It’s not about spending less or saving further. It’s not about cutting back or presenting less. It’s not about waiting it out or sitting idle.

It’s about increasing the spread, becoming more profitable, creating more upside out of your practice by out earning every opposing force that you are facing so you have more power over it than it has pull over you.

The Practice of Dentistry is all about patients’ health. You get there through personal relationships and through an educational, engaging, interactive experience that elevates the way patients value dentistry.

The Business of Dentistry is about leveraging time, people, space, skills, and resources to elevate your capacity to produce and earn.

Neither component is negated by inflation. In fact, they each become more important than ever. Those who are willing to master their applications are the ones who thrive no matter what.

Even now you can grow your practice from both sides and double up your potential, overcoming any kind of discount that inflation may impose. All while everyone else is doubling down in despair and desperation.

Here’s the deal though – there is no time to wait. These inflationary problems carry losses the further delayed your response. The longer you wait and the more you hesitate, the worse it becomes.

That’s why you want to adopt this as a reflex, an intrinsic belief, a modus operandi. When faced with problems and challenges, you see possibilities and opportunities to create more, go on offense, out earn, and profit more than ever before.

Simply by solving this from the inside of your practice, in your treatment rooms, on your phones, with your patients, and through your team – where your all of your prosperity comes from. It’s not a battle to be won looking at spreadsheets, fighting expenses, and focusing on external variables.

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Now, you’ll be able to rely on the confidence in your dentistry, the belief in your team, the conviction in your practice mission, and the relationship with your patients. Everything that mattered all along. When you have that, you have something that can never be discounted.