How to Turn Your Life Dreams Into Practice Realities

There is, as they say, doctors who love talking about things. They love to set goals and get all warm and fuzzy about stuff but then never really do anything. Then there are other doctors too busy making things happen and achieving goals who don’t have time to talk about them – these are the doctors I’m writing for today.

One of my mentors said, “Ideas will make you feel good but actions will make you money.” And that is why I am about facilitating my doctors’ dreams into realities and putting dentistry in the mouths of patients (not just patients in the chair or busyness in the schedule).

If you are like my best doctors, they would rather invest in their quality of life more than hours in their practice. Which is why I laid the gauntlet down last week and challenged your paradigm and mindset, your expectations and your vision by committing to (not just talking about) achieving greater success in dentistry.

The question is – after all the continuing education, equipment, technology, and constant re-investing into your practice – do you still have gaps in your goals, shortcomings to your dreams, a practice that isn’t where you’d like it to be, and a lifestyle that isn’t as ideal as you truly deserve?

It is directly tied to your own limiting beliefs, quality of mindset, value of time, and consistency in implementation.

The crux of it comes down to the giant divide between self-doubt and self-reflection. You see, most doctors spend their lifetime doubting everything… their fees, their diagnosis, their teams, their leadership, their practice direction.

They are always wondering if they should be doing something different. This comes out as the never-ending and elusive search for greener grass. Well, you can always find greener grass, at least from a distance like a mirage but up close you notice that it wasn’t really what it appeared to be.

That is what success in dentistry is very often like.

Here’s what I can tell you (having met doctors from every walk of life and been intimately involved in every type of Practice), no one will ever be completely happy and totally in harmony in someone else’s practice model. You can always be on the search for the bright shiny object, the easy button, the greener grass, and more fertile pastures but you can know this: nothing is as it appears to be. The only way you can truly arrive at what you want and have the practice that suits you best is to custom build it.

It is easy to think about custom building a physical building (every doctor’s dream), but the real magic happens when you take ownership over custom building a business.

When the practice is organized around your preferences in all aspects then you will not ever feel as though you are enslaved to it and you will be able to achieve a level of significance that goes beyond just financial success. Finally, you will derive joy from your work instead of stress from the drudgery and burden of the responsibilities that come with running your practice.

This is why I create Custom Practice Profit Blueprints for doctors just like you – to help you break free from the things that hold you back with your team, patients, insurance, money, and time in order to use dentistry to create for your dream lifestyle.

For new doctors joining me here, who are ready for the next big leap in your life and practice, you can schedule your Profit Blueprint Strategy Call – if you are ready to step up, discover your greatest potential, create your unique practice growth formula, and reach your state of ideal.

You can have it all if you have a clearly defined vision, path, and plan to make it happen. And that is my invitation to you right now. To achieve true freedom and independence in dentistry.

If you are an ambitious doctor who is looking for something more out of your practice and desires to custom build your business to match your vision, desired income, and lifestyle structure then look no further than this. Open your mind to the possibilities and prepare yourself to discover the real potential that exists within your practice. You can harness the challenges of current circumstances and use them to your advantage that will make all the difference. You can ascend to the pinnacle of your career and realize everything you’ve wanted to see, experience, achieve, and earn.

It is always important to question what is and dream about what is possible but it’s more important to set new ideals, raise your standards, expand your vision, and elevate your goals for the future. That is the only way anything even stands a chance of happening. However, those goals must have purpose, reasons, plans, and ultimately become tangible by being more than just words.

If you can’t move beyond figurative and into the literal translation of how your goals will come to life and what achieving them will be like for you, then you are always going to be disappointed.

Here’s what happens when you decide to buck the trend, when you are determined to go against the grain, when you set out to achieve something more, better, faster, bigger in any way – everything and everyone will attempt to get in your way to stop you – because most prefer the path of least resistance and to do nothing more than what they already are.

In fact, most even prefer to try to find a way to do less.

Sure, I get it if you want to work less and make more, of course, that comes with strategic leverage. I’m talking about other people and forces that work against you – insurance paying you less, corporate clinics suppressing value, or team members requesting fewer hours – these things become like anchors holding you back from accelerating your progress to achieve what you want.

Simply put: if you aren’t clear about the obstacles in your way then you won’t have a realistic plan in place to make your goals possible.

No different than a patient exam, you must look at yourself, your life, and your practice every single year in a comprehensive fashion. This is what I mean by self-reflection.

You aren’t doubting yourself by asking yourself what do you want to be, do, see different with your practice, your team, your dentistry, your schedule, your income, your life, and your routine.

In fact, if you don’t ask yourself these questions every year – what the heck is the point of owning your practice and having a business as your number one most valuable asset.

If your business is not working for you then it’s doing the opposite of what it is precisely intended to do.

I’m challenging you to get more out of your practice as a business than ever before and get more out of your life, out of your team, your patients. and you’d better leave – out of yourself.

What does that look like for you?

How do feel about your place in life right now (financially, with your practice, your clinical career, your team, your quality of life, your health even). Here’s the honest truth: if you want to improve ANY part of your reality then you have to do something differently.

You might even feel like you have exhausted everything or you might feel like you have taken it as far as you can go by yourself.

If either of those describe you then you are in luck because it isn’t rocket science and instead everything I share with you is common sense, applicable, realistic, practical, and useful information turned into implementation that transforms your reality and breaks you through to the next level.

I will ensure you do not get caught up in the trap of confusing activity with accomplishment and I will ensure you have maximum leverage over your time so you don’t have to work so hard for results (which is actually the secret to increased profitability and growth in your net personal income).

Far too many Doctors let others cloud their vision and water down their dreams – I’m here to do the opposite. I don’t know how many years you have left in your career whether by choice or by necessity. What I do know is that every year can and should be better than the last. It won’t improve year after year without deliberate and specific intentions, decisions, and actions. Stop putting off what you really want until tomorrow and letting others’ opinions of your own self doubt hold you back.

Most doctors question themselves in all the wrong ways. Instead of questioning yourself, I’m asking you to question the norm, question the things you wish were different, question the things that you don’t like, question what is truly possible.

I want you to remove the idea of why something may not be possible and instead focus on how something can become reality…

  • Yes, your income can be more.
  • Yes, you can get more referrals.
  • Yes, you can have a more focused team.
  • Yes, you can have more energy.
  • Yes, you can work less.
  • Yes, you can be more profitable.
  • Yes, you can charge premium fees and patients will pay.
  • Yes, you can get more comprehensive case acceptance.

It’s the next part of the question that matters… How?

And if you are willing to embrace, own, tackle the “How” then there is no stopping you from achieving it.

First, you have to be clear on what you want and you have to have honest self-reflection. Ask yourself the important questions and begin shaping your goals for the future so that you can then have a plan to achieve them.

Believe in possibilities and push the limits of your reality and that begins by opening your mind to the future you want to custom build through your own set of Practice Profit Blueprints.

My advice: take control, take advantage, take charge, and make the most of the rest of your career.