“I Ain’t Afraid of No Recession!”

Yes, the long-awaited Halloween Edition of the Weekly Report is here.

It’s more timely than ever because it’s a scary, spooky, strange world out there. The good news for you… your patients come to you. You don’t have to wander out into the unknown to get them.

They’ll willingly walk right in. I said “willingly” which doesn’t mean without caution or skepticism.

And that’s going to be our theme today.

Remember, your patients are coming in from the outside where their lives and minds and worlds are inhabited by ghoulish forces and they are far more susceptible than you are to become a victim to it all.

Everything we’ve talked about recently is about making sure you aren’t hexed and witched by the wicked economic ups-and-downs. Now, let’s help your patients to be prepared, protected, and prosperous with their health too.

So, this Halloween, instead dressing up like Egon and vanquishing ghosts, it’s time to become a Recession-Buster and counteract the curses of rising inflation, decreasing reimbursements, out-of-control interest rates, negative news headlines, and plummeting consumer spending.

Now, there’s no cause for fright. While their effects can harmful to the unsuspecting masses, for those who choose to arm themselves with a more potent book of spells, you’ll be defending your patients from what lies in the murky shadows ahead.

There are four supernatural spells necessary to conjure up your own patient magic, giving you the advantage for the haunted road we are about to trek.

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The first spell to cast is a potion of Motion. Do what you can to be moving forward, aggressively charging ahead, and refusing to sit back and play defense.

If you follow my advice of always going on offense, you should be a master at this. It should be built into your daily routine, your thought process, your diagnostic approach, and in all of your communication, team meetings, and action planning.

Woven through every fiber of your being is about what you can control and create, not what you can’t.

The good news is you can apply the exact same approach regarding your patients who are getting beat up from all sides. This principle still works now and in fact works even better because it is all about reinforcing with patients the four things that drive their positive decisions…

The permission to deserve optimal care.

The cost and consequence of delay.

The wisdom of proactive, preventative health.

And finally, the most powerful concept… doing something positive because so there is so much negative all around them.

Which leads to my second enchanted spell of… Immunity.

Become resistant to the effects of society, politics, media, and everything else. Impervious to the comments and feelings of others that want to drag you down. You can have empathy while retaining your ability to guide and influence your patients. Being immune to the woes of the world enables you to achieve even greater impact and help your patients reach their health goals sooner.

If you let yourself get caught up in it all, you won’t be the voice of reason and positivity your patients need. And believe me, they need you right now. Most won’t be able to withstand the onslaught of pessimism and despair.

Which leads to the next magic spell… Double to Defeat Trouble.

You have to double everything you are doing to get patients involved and engaged in their health. That means twice as much education, twice as many testimonials, twice as many pictures, twice as many questions, and twice as many of everything else.

In order to counter all of the forces stacking up against you, you need more positivity so your patients can be reminded of what’s really at stake.

You have to do more to build better patients by adding more ingredients into the potion. The result will be more patients more invested in your experience and more invested in their health.

The last spell is the spell of… Sell.

What you are selling is a decision about their health, not a decision about the economy. This is the smartest choice they can make right now and the most positive thing they can do for themselves, their health, and with their money.

You sell the health of today instead of the emergency tomorrow. You sell the ‘affordability’ of the money today instead of the rising prices and inflation of tomorrow.

You sell an assured quality of life when everything else is unpredictable and uncertain. Because patients DESERVE to take care of the most important part of your life that determines the quality of it… their health and self.

You sell peace of mind by avoiding pain, loss of teeth or function, or lower self-esteem.

Case building does not change. You are still using all of your skills, tools, technology, and resources, none of that changes.

Primarily, you want to avoid the big mistake that everyone else makes… they try to sell with the recession… lower prices, slower progress, and delayed decisions.

Instead you are selling against the recession.

You have the opportunity (a truly unique opportunity), to help your patients not lose against the recession, not fall victim to self-defeating behavior, and not be overcome with negative thoughts.

You have the responsibility to champion your patients to do something for themselves when everyone else tells them there is no hope and they are stuck where they are. When the world says they can’t, you say “Yes, you can!”

That’s the power you have to help others. And you’ll be even better equipped to do just that with these four spells.

Next week, I’m going to take you back into the Business of Dentistry (and quite frankly EVERY business), and tell you exactly why it is possible to turn the next year of your life into your most profitable year of your career. I’ll break down the formula that beats the recession and puts your in complete.

In the meantime, start practicing your enchanted spells and mixing your magic potions. We’ll be ready whatever comes next. After all… we ain’t afraid of no recession!

Happy Halloween!

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