My Personal Story About Life Changing Dentistry

Happy Friday before Christmas. I hope this week’s Profit Report finds you doing well. I have a gift for you today a little year end present that I’d like to send you, to thank you for your Support and Readership over the past year. I believe it’s important to Practice what you Preach and I want to give back to You.

The good news is, next year is going to be even better.

I’m very fortunate to attract and work personally with Positive People, Dentists of Prosperity Mindset, ones that believe in abundance, and who are committed to NOT just going through the motions but actually making a difference in their Patients’ lives.

If not you, then who, will teach, treat, and take their oral health seriously.

My Grandfather avoided Family Gatherings for more than 10 years because he didn’t want to eat in public, every one thought it was because of his personality, grumpy old man they would say, and it wasn’t until my intimate personal work with one of the worlds leading Dentists that I learned the emotional impact of people who have mouths, teeth, oral issues that destroy their social lives and personal confidence.

My friend, a Dentist, changed his life and gave him back to his family.

I could give you at least a half dozen other stories of personal things in my own life related to the impact of Dentistry and Oral Care.

This happens every day in your office.

Do you remember that? Are you aware?

You see, to many practices, their Teams, and the Dentist, they too often get caught up in “just another visit”, or the cycle of Patients through their office each day.

And they loose the essence of what’s really possible, of just how important, the significance of real-life-changing dentistry.

Please, don’t let the routine and what is monotony for you get in the way of the magic that is meant be created in your four walls for the patients you care for and serve.

I have a philosophy that what is good for You is good for the Patient is good for your Team. Meaning that, if you do what is right, the money will follow, if you are happy, your patients will be happy, if you lead and empower your team they will perform.

You can’t change the pillars of Success, they are what they are.

Your goal is to make each of these very specific to your own personal preferences.

You know the saying, “if Mama ain’t happy ain’t no body happy.”

Well…I got news for you Bubba… You are Mama.

If the Practice isn’t set up to be ideal for you, for your vision, your personality, your preferences, if you aren’t truly, genuinely authentically happy – you got no chance.

And, no one else will be.

Guess what, you won’t find your happiness in a box, in a manual, in some course, or any one else’s cookie-cutter approach to Dentistry.

No. It must be all of your own design.

Which leads me to the questions I would like you to reflect on over the Holidays. And I want you to go to this website, and accept my complimentary Christmas Gift I’m going to send to you in the mail, it’s perfect timing, New Year and all and giving you a chance to review the valuable personal practice design blueprint and resources inside of this.

With gifts, you should do the same thing as you do with compliments, accept them, be grateful, say thank you. Take advantage of and appreciate when the universe and God gives you something of significance and magnitude.

Questions to ask yourself:

What do you really love about Dentistry?

What do you not like so much?

If you could change anything about your Practice what would it be?

What do you do really well, your team, your office?

What are your strengths?

When are you happiest? In the office? In your life? Doing what?

If you had the opportunity to create the Perfect Practice for You, what would be different than what exists today?

That’s a good start. I 100% believe and practice in my life, that LIFE is too short to accept less than IDEAL, ideal for you, why would you do that.

Let’s make 2015 the year we create the perfect dental practice for you. You deserve that and so do your patients and everyone else in your life.

Merry Christmas and until next week…take care and enjoy your family.

Get Santa’s early gift right here: