Predictive Income – The Dentist Wealth Attraction Formula

One of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes was this: “Some people say they don’t want to have a lot of money…yeah, those people will lie about other things too!”

It’s true, everyone when asked if they would mind having more money, being more profitable, enjoying the fruits of their labor to a greater degree, they would say “yes”.  Who wouldn’t.  And why not?!

I mean, only a fool would invest all of their life into their experience, profession, talents and skills and then apply them in a way that leaves them broke or struggling.

As one of the top Clinicians in the country, you deserve to be paid like one.  Many Dentists leave this part of their practice and life up to chance.

They think they shouldn’t focus on the money.
And well, you shouldn’t if you don’t care how much of it you end up with.

Take the recently concluded World Cup or any other Sport, whatever it is that you enjoy and follow, do they ever seem care-free about the score, the outcome of the game?  Of course not.  What’s the point in playing.

And neither should you.

Every day you step into your office, or someone else steps into it for you, you are working to keep score and by the end of the day your are playing against


That enemy is two fold.


Most Dentists are happy with a full schedule not paying any attention to the quality of the schedule related directly to the Production Value.

Here, let’s play a little game, real quick, it will only take a moment.  Take out a piece of paper and write down the amount of net personal income you want bring home each Year, if you have trouble ask your spouse, they’ll know what it should be.

Now divide that by the number of weeks you actually want to work, I would say most Dentists want to take at least 6 weeks off and of course more is just fine.

Once you have that number, you figure up how much each of your days, assuming 3 or 4 days of working in your practice have to be worth to you and then obviously you figure it out by the hour, or by the chair, or by the associate.

It depends on how many players you have in your office that produce income.  However for the sake of our activity, you want to know exactly how much every chairside hour of your life needs to be worth, to equal your desired income goal.

This is very important because

A)    you will never hit a goal that you do not know
B)    you have to have a target daily in order to track your results and performance

The best part of this is it should immediately help you to focus on your highest and best use of your time and priorities.

Today I have a very special bonus surprise for you, recently I was asked to share my philosophy for making Practices more Prosperous and Profitable at the BioRESEARCH ANNUAL CONFERENCE.

These very specific methods of attracting higher quality patients and increase your wealth are the same principles I have used to guide dentists all over the world to 7-figures of income, or a Million Dollars of Profit in their practice.

Of course that is not for everyone, mostly because you can’t yet imagine it, not because you don’t want it.

Money is a math problem, or rather a Math Challenge, an opportunity, it’s not about how much you make TODAY it’s about how much YOU ARE ABLE TO MAKE – how much are you making compared to what the optimal maximum opportunity available to you within your practice is.

Next week I’m going to share with you very specific Wealth Attraction Strategies for You personally, your family, your staff, your office, You as the Dentist can do to attract more money and opportunity into your life.

You get what you focus on and if you are not a dedicated student to how and why money moves and what attracts it and makes it flourish in your life you are simply missing the most powerful practice building strategies available to you at zero-cost or investment.

Now, your homework is two fold.

First, I am sharing with you my full unedited Audio Presentation to a room full of Dentists from all over the world about Creating Prosperity In Their Practice…there’s a valuable handout that goes along with it.

I invite you to listen to this and open your mind to more possibilities…

Second, tune in next week for the magical wealth attraction formula that will blow your mind and instantly open the flood gates of money into your life and practice.

If you would like to challenge me with a game of income creation, you are welcome to apply for a complementary Strategy Call where we can discuss your practice and income goals specifically and I will personally walk you through the “Keep Score” reverse engineering of your income and show you exactly how to win the game in your office every day.

Every top athlete has a Coach yelling at them or rather encouraging them from the sidelines helping them shot the gaps, score the points, and run the plays to win.

That’s exactly what I’ll be for you on our Strategy Call.

Wealth is attracted to very specific key factors of belief, success, and business structure.  I’d like to share with you some of the most important strategies that the most successful Dentists use to attract wealth, next week, I will do just that.

Right now, listen to my presentation so your mind is open to the ideas I will share with you next week and reserve your Strategy Call time for a private candid conversation to expedite your progress.

After you hear the number that will shock you in the Audio Presentation you will think very seriously about your “every-DAY” results and score and profit.