Teaching Your Team to Track Their Numbers

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Last week I conducted the highly anticipated Team Transformation Training Tele-class where I walked through the 5 Key Steps to Transforming your team to achieve their highest potential and create a self-manage practice where everyone takes initiative, performs daily, owns their position, and works in concert with you, the patients, and their team members to make magic happen everyday.

Sound too good to be true, not a believer in the realm of all that’s possible…in my tele-class last week I ended with the very specific 10-step Action Plan to make this happen – it’s sure-fire, can’t-fail, it all depends on whether or not you are up for it.

If you want to know the most important revelation that came out of the Training Class last week (which was my most commonly requested topic and most registered program I’ve ever done), it was this – simple and profound – if the Doctor ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.

You can spend all your time and money shoving CE down your teams throat or your own and continually try to dictate to them how to make things better and push them on a daily basis, at the end of the day if you aren’t living the practice of your dreams, if you aren’t excited, motivated, performing at your own highest levels, they can feel your negligence to your own mission and well-being and they’ll call your bluff by doing just enough to get through the day.

While you most certainly don’t have to change who you are, you do have to be sure you are happy, excited, focused and hungry everyday to win, if you aren’t they won’t be. Yep, it begins with you. Sorry, can’t sugar coat this one.

If you want the plan and if you want to be pushed, if you are giving in to just the status quo of however things have been over the past few weeks, months, or maybe years…you’d be crazy not to study what I had to say last week.

Here’s a copy of the presentation, I’ll send it to you, my compliments…

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Now, one of the fastest ways to elevate the growth of your practice quite literally overnight goes back to a saying – “what you expect you must inspect” and here’s the great news…you don’t have to do all the work, or any at all, you simply need to make sure every one else has the information they need to hold themselves accountable.

1st – make sure everyone knows their numbers, which they don’t, even if you tell them, show them, post it up on the board, they have no idea, they are immune to it.

Start by asking each person do you know how much we produced yesterday?

Do you know how much you produced yesterday?

Do you know how much we are supposed to produce today?

Do you know what our daily goal is – NOT OUR MINIMUM – our actual GOAL – so everyone achieves a victory?

2nd – help them figure it out and close the gap.

Okay…so now that we have established what reality is, we know that today we are suppose to produce $10,000, but we are only scheduled for $7,000, all-in, so what does that mean – other than the obvious we have to achieve $3,000+ in cash, same-day, closed out production dentistry or hygiene production.

You know who your patients are today, who has some ideas on where there might be an opportunity to help a patient get healthier today and expedite or bundle up some of their treatment.

3rd – go around the room, look at the schedule…

Identify ortho starts, implant conversations, identify patients that have multiple appointments schedule or multiple crowns that need to be done, or bundle up some fillings…see what each person can OWN and commit to, be responsible to create, and then wrap up and end with a hands in the middle, 1, 2, 3, go TEAM or whatever it is that you do.

4th – you can also look for opportunities with New Patients, where the obvious larger opportunities exist.

5th – what you don’t want to do is immediate go to gaps in the schedule fill it up with anything and everything, that’s crazy and inefficient.

If you are one of those people trying to ram and cram as much into the schedule as possible instead of actually produce real, comprehensive, quality based dentistry shame on you – your lack of proactivity with schedule and controlling production should not result in diminishing the patient experience by herding people through like cattle.

Here’s the point – your Team doesn’t really know their numbers and they most certainly have not sat down and deliberately created a daily plan to achieve what you expect them to produce.

This must be done. Always, a game plan before the game. You say there is push back, resistance, no one wants to take the extra time to do it – explain the importance of it, incentivize them for their success, and then let them know here, at your Dental Office as a Healthcare Professional we believe our Patients deserve for us to be prepared for them to treat them completely and to be educated on what’s next and what’s best for them in advance of their appointment and to take enough time with the patient to provide the results we expect and must have to accomplish our goals.

Deliberate execution. No “Team” anywhere else in the world goes into Game-Day without a Plan, you just happen to have more games than any other athletes, so you have more chances to win.

Once your Team is used to and understands their numbers that determine their level of performance and they have a plan to exceed the agreed upon goal, now we can go to level 2…stay tuned until next week.

And don’t forget to get your copy of my complete 5 Keys to Team Transformation…complimentary Recording of the Program is right here…

Get the Audio CD: The 5 Keys to Team Transformation >>>