The 4 Secrets To Increasing Treatment (Case) Acceptance – The Right Way

Did you know…

Anytime I ask a Dentist how many Patients move forward after some Treatment has been presented to them, just about every one says “oh, I’m not certain but it’s pretty good, like most of them do, really.”

That is a typical answer.

And upon further inspection, say, a report drawn from the fancy little software system you chose to use of unscheduled treatments you might be quite surprised as to what that number is…of patients…and quite literally pass out and fall on the floor as to what that number is…in terms of value of production.

Oh, c’mon, you know me by now. I would never bring only bad news to you. Truth, yes, bad news, no way.

I have good news.

There is a big fallacy in our industry that says “treatment acceptance” is nothing more than a patient agreeing to come back in for another visit, what most every Practice tracks as Recall Visits. Active Patients. Things like this.

Those numbers have no relevance on the success of your practice.

I will say that line again.

Those numbers have little to no relevance on the success of your practice.

They can be a factor, sure, of course, but they do not determine it.

What do I mean by success. Well, hold your horses, because your mind probably went immediately to MONEY – why is it when I do that you curl your lip and pound on your most recent Clinical Text Book and say “it’s not all about the money.”

No kidding, you don’t have to tell me that. I create successful lifestyle based practices by focusing on REAL SUCCESS – that of PATIENT OUTCOMES – hence why your number of active patients and recall visits has absolutely nothing to do with that.

Just because you have convinced a Patient to come and visit and get a free tooth brush a few times a year doesn’t make you a good dentist or a successful practice.


Because the real number that matters is – how much treatment is sitting in the mouths of your patients going unnoticed, undiagnosed, uneducated about, unscheduled, and unaccepted.

That number should in fact be un-acceptable to you.

That’s why when I say “success” I am talking about to what extent are you successful as influencing your Patients to say yes to what you recommend.

It is NOT their responsibility to follow through WITHOUT being told, only to make a good decision and be proactive AFTER you and your Team have created an environment and culture of health, a philosophy of possibilities, and a mission of education and influence upon their future oral health and hygiene.

Expecting your Patients to be proactive or waiting for them to decide is like telling your kids that they can live with you as long as they want and live off of your income and eat out of your house…”it’s really a good idea to get a job…pave your own way…pursue your dreams…most people do…but, you don’t have to, it’s not really that big of a deal, whenever you are ready…you go ahead.”

Yeah, I don’t think so.

Your patients have very little dental-ambition otherwise they would be working in your office or have become a Dentist.

I know you may find this harsh. I get that. I am not for the Dentists who want to play both sides of things and let the weather determine whether they have a good month or not.

Let’s commit to doing more to serve your patients and let’s agree that treatment acceptance is the number one indicator to whether or not you are doing a good job.

I didn’t say force yourself on them and sell as big of a case as you possibly can.

I have yet to talk about money or figures or size of case.

What I will talk about is this:

You can grow your practice into a much healthier practice and profitable business by designing a patient experience and path that leads them to success.

The good news I was talking about is…

There are 4 ways you can have a victory here.

1st – you can get MORE patients accepting treatment, plain and simple, any amount, any thing, just literally accepting, scheduling, following through with, and paying for treatment.

2nd – you can influence your patients to accept more COMPLETE treatment, larger cases or procedures, more comprehensive dentistry, however you want to look at it…there is little profit in watered down, breaking apart, piecemeal-ing your recommendations and diagnosis and treatment plans.

3rd – you can achieve FASTER treatment acceptance, in ‘business’ we call that cashflow…if you can turn over your production faster with each individual patient then you accelerate your revenue because they move through your schedule in a more timely and efficient manner and make room for someone new to take their place.

4th – you can educate your patients on WHAT’S NEXT by creating phases of treatment or what I call the continuum of dentistry, you can look at this as an upgrade or an expansion or it really doesn’t matter, it is based entirely on your philosophy and how you look at the mouth and their overall health as to your position and principles and integration of this into your patient flow, experience, interaction and the culture of your practice.

The key to understand here is you can win in four different ways with four different types of patients or you can win in all four ways with every individual patient.

Of course, as I believe with you, same for your patients, every-single-one of them is different and unique and you treat them that way.

For your practice though, when you stimulate and orchestrate these four victories you are making your patients healthier and you are making your practice more success and therefore it will result in a multiplying effect of growth for you.

It’s really magical and it’s admirable, it’s the most worthy objective of all, to actually practice what you preach and put your passion into play in every area of your practice and every point of interaction with your patients.

I hope you’ve found this provocative, thoughtful and inspiring to dissect the way you see your patients and what is truly possible to better serve them and yourself and your team and your practice at the same time.

Life is always better, sweeter, more prosperous and enjoyable when it’s set-up for a win/win/win victory for everyone involved.

It’s also much less stressful –

The ultimate way to achieve financial independence and have the peace of mind you deserve is…to rethink your perception of money and definition of success, align these with your mission, purpose, and passion and challenge yourself to see it differently and WOW, watch out, you’ll be unstoppable and have a whole lot more fun doing what you love.

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