The BIG Movement In Private Practice Today

There’s a bigger movement happening right now than any other time I’ve seen in past twenty years of Dentistry.

Believe it or not, there are doomsdayer’s predicting the death of the independent dentist… that every doctor in the country is going to sell out or give up or be run over by the “competition” – and they would be dead wrong.

In fact, when you look at Corporate Dentistry, DSO, and Insurance, quite the opposite is true. If I were them, I’d be scared.

The movement I’m talking about is how Private Practice Owners are thriving like no time in history. They are serving the patients that value relationships, expect individualized care, and appreciate a slower, more thorough, concierge experience.

Furthermore, as a larger number of owners discover (just like you have) that volume isn’t the answer and you can’t beat ‘em by joining ‘em. Instead it’s far more important to practice as a category of one in your own decided, desired, designed way.

That in pursuit, they realize it’s much easier to win the game when you get to decide how the game is played. The definition of victory, is entirely up to you.

This is why I am here to tell you that in 2023 more Independent Doctor, Private Practice Owners are taking matters into their own hands, setting the terms for how they want to practice, and implementing a practice model that works for their life not just for everyone else’s.

Now, this isn’t to say that it’s not ‘work’ – of course – it will always be work. It’s about making the work both worthy and worth it at the same time.

Your practice is about more than just ‘making money’ – we know that. But it’s also about more than just ‘doing dentistry’ – we know that.

It’s about using your practice to improve the lives of everyone involved…

Life changing dentistry for your patients.

Life changing income for your team.

Life changing business for yourself.

All of this results in a harmony for everything your practice stands for… Your Purpose, Your Passion, Your Profits.

That’s why, today, I’m reminding you of one fundamental undeniable truth that has more to do with your ability to succeed as a Private Practice Owner than anything else and that’s not trying to be someone or something you are not.

No one (and I mean no one), should tell you or force you into a type of practice you don’t want to be in. First of all, it won’t work because your heart won’t be in it. Secondly, even if it did work, you won’t enjoy it, which defeats the purpose.

Not the next seminar, this month’s trade journal, your friends from around the country, the emails in your inbox, the regional DSO or the corporate practice down the street or anything else. Nothing should push you into a direction that you don’t want to go.

I have actually had more doctors reach out to me who are starting practices from scratch in the past six months than any other period before. That’s because entrepreneurship in dentistry is alive and well. It is, you are, still shaping the future of dentistry.

That said, most every doctor I meet knows what they want and they darn sure know what they don’t. They know the type of dentistry they want to do, they know the hours they want to work, they know the headaches they are willing to live.

All of these things matter. Everything from what time you wake up to the time you leave the office to every minute that happens in between.

Each preference has an impact on how you move your practice forward. You can’t just set out to “grow” your practice.

You can grow your team, your patients, your dentistry, your hours, your building, your production, your income. You can growth them all, you can decrease some and grow others. You can do whatever you want to do.

Please do not fall victim to arbitrary growth. And don’t let the charlatans sell you on the flavor of the month and tell you some form of…

“The only way to grow is to sign up for all insurances.”

“The only way to survive is to be open 12 hours a day.”

“The only way to make money is to do every procedure.”

No. No. No. And NO to any other ‘only way’ because it’s just not true! There is no one way that is right for you – there is only your way you make right.

Yes, these are ways to grow… I would argue the worst ways. The most unsophisticated, easiest, volume-based ways that bring along all kinds of unintentional (but very predictable) consequences.

These ‘trends’ are just things people sell. They are not the only way. That’s why it’s important to decide WHAT YOU WANT – WHO YOU ARE – HOW YOU WANT TO WORK.

And once you have all of that figured out, then we can determine how you want to grow and continue to make your practice more valuable.

You can also grow by being more discerning over the patients you take and screen more selectively. You can grow by doing less procedures and focusing on specific niches. You can work on your team’s ability to sell and your ability to treatment plan. The list is nearly endless for how to grow your practice.

So often doctors, when they own their business, forget they can give themselves whatever they want. You can order up any type of practice, lifestyle, income, clinical work, team members, patients that you choose.

Most just don’t stop long enough to take a step back, pause, and ask themselves seven of the most important questions of being a practice owner (important for anybody, but especially you)…

1. What do I want more of?

2. What do I want less of?

3. What do I enjoy most?

4. What do I not enjoy so much?

5. What stresses me out, zaps my energy, leaves me frustrated?

6. What makes me the most fulfilled, successful, proud?

7. How do I define success – today?

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions. Only then can we really create a customized practice growth strategy and plan for you that’s going to deliver the desired result – one that you are going to enjoy and thrive doing.

Once you have that blueprint for success in place, you can commit without second guessing, without doubt, without being misled, without being swayed by other people, without being knocked from your foundation.

Sure, you can and will always continue to evolve. However, when you really find yourself and commit, that’s when you hit your stride and the magic starts to happen easier, more effortless, and more profitably than you ever thought possible.

If any of this sounds appealing, then get ready for next week as I’ll be sharing details for an upcoming live session dedicated to dynamic growth strategies that match your own personal vision, passions, and preferences. Stay tuned.