The Hidden-In-Plain-Sight Secret to Maximizing Your Practice’s Greatest Asset

It’s there, right before your eyes, but far too many doctors fail to notice or take advantage of the greatest asset they have hiding in plain sight inside their practices.

Maybe you think it’s your patients. Well, they do represent something important, an abundant resource, unlimited in quantity and controllable in quality; accessible and available as long as you are doing what is necessary to attract them.

Note that I use the term “asset” quite specifically and it’s a word chosen with precision as it has connotations that include being a resource you can derive value from both in the short term and throughout the years to come.

Based on those criteria, it’s clear that your best, most important asset is and will always be your Team.

Far too often I see dentists assign more worth to their equipment and technology than they value the people who run that equipment. It’s foolish and short-sighted, because even the most advanced equipment is always replaceable, but the best people are not.

I tell my clients that the greatest breakthroughs you will ever experience in your practice result from the dedication and innovation of the people involved with the day to day operations of your business. Your people will give you more dramatic results and growth opportunities than anything else you can ever buy, invest, try, change, etc.

Aside from the investment you put into yourself to create the very best you that you can be – your team is the secret to accelerated growth in your practice.

The CRITICAL Thing You Must Understand:

Simple Shifts In Leadership Can Produce Outstanding Results.

Providing comprehensive care, inspiring a team, and running a profitable practice is more challenging than ever before. Time, resources, and money are at a premium. Far too many Doctors are working longer hours for less money and their day is filled with constant team frustrations… indeed, this is the single biggest complaint I get from Doctors day in and day out.

But NOT from “my” Doctors, because I’ve fixed all of this for them – I’ve eliminated their frustrations, removed their Team Challenges, and fired up their people like never before to take ownership and action for practice growth.

I want to do the same for you, which is why I’ve created a brand new LIVE 4-Hour Masterclass training taking place Friday, September 29th, that will allow you to unlock breakthrough levels of leadership, achievement, autonomy, independence, and prosperity.

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Over the next several weeks, I’m going to take you through the most advanced approach, perspective, and compilation of strategies to become a better, more effective leader and to set yourself up to have the most dynamic team you could have ever imagined possible.

I’m pulling out the stops to get this information out to you in a number of ways unlike anything I’ve ever done before – because focusing on this strategy could literally transform your practice in an exponential way.

If you choose to take this seriously, you will be in for the ride of your life, the fastest growth of your career, and the most fun you’ve ever had in dentistry. All because your team is driving your practice growth forward, contributing to its profitability, and assisting with the impact you are making on the patients you serve.

When it comes to the people of your practice there are three major mistakes that I see pretty much every single dentist / practice owner make to one degree or another; and it’s why so many people leave and so few team members ever really hit their stride to achieve greatness in everything they do to better serve patients, themselves, and your practice. First off:

1. Team members lack appreciation, gratitude, and validation.

I know, I know, you think this is crazy. Either you are of the mindset that you are paying these people and “Why should I have to pander to them!?” or you are thinking that you already show them great appreciation and you can’t imagine how they could feel like you neglect or ignore or slight them in any way.

No matter what you think, you’d be wrong. You are forgetting the single most important rule of human nature: we ALL want to feel appreciated and validated and have those feelings reinforced continuously.

Each of your team members are most likely not feeling appreciated in other areas and parts of their life. They often turn to what they experience inside of the practice and their job in their longing to receive this level of appreciation.

Again, all too common, they don’t get what they need. But when they do, they thrive and naturally go above and beyond. Ensuring that every day they feel needed and respected will bring out the very best in them.

2. Team members lack clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

I’m not talking merely about conflicting or confused responsibilities, although that can certainly be a huge problem. What I’m referring to is instead something even deeper, down to soul level. It’s that they do not own anything that they can be proud of or held accountable for.

It may seem counter-intuitive and certainly it goes against the grain of what seems to be the prevailing message from our culture, “Just go with the flow, it’s all good.” It’s crap-pop psychology and it totally misses the mark in terms of what people truly desire.

People love accountability. Oh, they may pretend they don’t, and they love to complain about things they have to do that they think they shouldn’t be doing.

But at the end of the day, we all want to feel responsible and a part of something bigger, something that truly matters – a higher calling that consistently drives us on to grow and become more than we ever imagined was possible.

You must tap into that longing and give your team what they want and need in this area. As the old saying goes, Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell Out of the Way. Thus Doctor, it rightly falls on your shoulders alone, no one else’s.

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3 secrets to keeping the right people for life — how to “invest” in your KEY players so they remain with you forever.

The most effective way to delegate — the right way to get critical tasks off your plate without having to waste a moment micro-managing.

The keys to effective leadership without changing who you really are — you won’t have to play pretend to get things done, you can establish authority naturally and with ease.

The importance of having a Champion… your practice is practically rudderless without this key role getting filled by just the right person.

The absolute best way to transform your private practice into a long-term financial asset that generates wealth for you long after your final day at the office.

The fastest ways to overcome the obstacles holding you back from your greatest potential, prosperity, and peace of mind.

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And last, directly related to point #2…

3. Team members lack opportunities for inspirational growth.

The biggest challenge you will face in keeping A+ All-Star Team members is when they feel that they have nowhere to grow, because they get burnt out and bored with the same old thing and status quo operations.

I can always tell someone who has been in a practice for ten or twenty or more years as the practice is stagnant because this person (which can be the doctor) is uninterested, boring in nature, and not striving to take things to the next level.

There is no quality, loyal, talented, ambitious and serious person in Dentistry that doesn’t wish and desire to do better tomorrow than they did today.

If you do not deliberately facilitate that dream, and help them achieve their ambitions by opening doors to new opportunities in skill acquisition, responsibility, and (ultimately) compensation, then you are squandering opportunity and not setting each person up for success.

Now there is a very specific, systematic approach and method to cultivating A-Player Team Members (just like there is with A-Patients), and going through those principles is exactly what we will be revealing over the coming weeks…

In the meantime, I’d like for you to pause and take the collective temperature of your team members inside your practice. What do you really see taking place there? I suggest you ponder this carefully, and even submit to me all the areas of improvement that you would consider a priority for you and your team.

I say it’s time… TIME to Take Back Control Over Your Future and Start Practicing Dentistry on Your Own Terms…

My 4-hour Masterclass will reveal the simple shifts guaranteed to empower your team, accelerate growth, and unleash your practice’s potential for limitless prosperity.

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